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Helping A Runaway by gemdragonfly
Chapter 1 : Fool's Gold
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from the Harry Potter franchise, so the rights are reserved to those who do. Everything that is original, however, is copyrighted to myself. This is my reply to Rinni's Black Family Tree challenge.

Fool's Gold.

No matter who you spoke with, no one would ever say that Alphard Black was going to go far in life or that he was going to succeed past everyone else. To the people you would be speaking with, he would be considered a letdown to their kind. From just what his last name tells about him, what would be expected of him is completely different from what he actually is. A power hungry man who would do absolutely anything to get where he wanted to go.

His parents were always ashamed at the way that their son presented himself. He acted kindly towards others, which usually would not have presented a problem with them, but because he did not also present himself as if he had a hidden agenda towards them or a few tricks hidden up his sleeves just in case he would need them. Alphard wasn't like that, though he always did keep a few tricks just in case he would need them. His mother had always said that it was his kindness that would be what got him into trouble when he grew up.

Just like every other Black though, Alphard came with loopholes to the rules and regulations of being a person. But unlike the others, he usually never used them. That is, unless the outcome was something too grand for him to just pass up.

Following in the ways of his father, Alphard never acquired himself an actual nine-to-five job. Instead, he made investments with the gold his parents have him on wizarding stocks, items and even people. That was how he created his own personal wealth. It was one of the few things in his life that he believed his father would be proud of. Alphard was not married and he did not act as if he was a true breed Black. Even if it was the only thing about him that Pollox Black actually cared about when it came to his son. There is supposed to be no such thing as a poor Black.

Alphard has always known what it feels like to have a parent or two who did not favor him over his siblings. He was one of the children his parents didn't favor, his youngest sibling being their favorite on every level possible. So, when he saw that happening before his eyes to his young nephew, Alphard tried to change that as much as he could possibly do. Since the boy was not his parents' favorite son, Alphard decided that he would play into the barbaric actions of favoritism and choose his oldest nephew over his youngest one. It wasn't hard for him to do, either. Alphard and Sirius were naturally close to one another because of their differences from the rest of their family.

"Walburga, sit, please," The middle aged man stated to the women a few years younger than him stepping out of his fireplace. They both were dressed in their night clothing. His younger sister had fire called him in the middle of the night claiming his nephew, Sirius, was gone and that she needed to speak with him immediately. Because Alphard cared for the boy, he of coursed allowed his distraught (or so he thought) sister to come over to his home for them to speak to one another about the issue at hand with her eldest son.

As she sat down at his dinning room table, Walburga wiped soot off of her night gown. "You need to find Sirius before he has it in his head that what he did was okay and that his father and I will stand for it," She told him, her tone demanding.

It was like Walburga to try and get Alphard to do this for her. She was often coming to him for his help on a task she wanted done. It was the way she was raised by their parents. Why do something for yourself when someone else can do it just as good for you? Alphard knew this trait about her because he was there every step of the way as their parents drilled it into her.

Through their talk, over the fire call and also in person, all Alphard had been able to come up with was that his nephew, Sirius, did something, yet again, that his mother does not approve of. Over the years Alphard has grown accustomed to how his nephew behaves and to how his younger sister comes to him to speak about it with him because he is the only Black able to actually have a real conversation with him that does not end with fighting or shouting from either parties.

"What did the boy do this time, Walburga?" Alphard inquired. He was bored with having to ask that question to her and it showed in his tone. She was not happy about his lack of enthusiasm when it came to talking about her son, even if she did now consider him to be a blood traitor for his associations with the muggleborn girl and his muggle loving pure blooded friends.

"He ran away, as if you didn't already know. And to that muggle lover of a boy, Potter, too," Walburga snapped, her voice almost shrieking out her answer.

"Just because we talk does not mean we talk about everything. Now Walburga, you know that had I known that he was even fathoming these kinds of ideas that I would have let you known as soon as I became aware of them." He replied.

"You are the one he will actually listen to, so you deal with it," Walburga stated, standing up. "And I want him home by tomorrow afternoon to his father and me. That should give you enough time for you to use your magic on him."

With that, the women strode over to the fireplace and with a flash of green and quick wording of where her home resides, she was gone. Leaving Alphard to deal with yet another one of her problems that she created.

Alphard woke up early the next morning to get ready for the long day that he was going to have ahead of him. By the time he was bathed and done with all of the errands he already had for the day before he had to go and try to retrieve his nephew, the morning was already gone and the afternoon was coming upon him.

Walking along a short hallway leading from the front door, Alphard was escorted through the Potter home to the den where his nephew and his best friend were playing a game of cards. Mrs. Potter notified them of who the guest was and asked for her son to help her out in the kitchen to give the Blacks a little privacy. She knew that once the man left that James would know all of the details, but she still wanted to give them a little bit of discretion, in case they did want to use it.

Settling himself on the ground next to the teenage boy, Alphard crossed his arms over his chest. "Undoubtedly you know as to why I am here," He stated, starting their conversation off with what he was there for. Alphard didn't want to waste his own time talking about things he wouldn't remember in a week. There was no point to it.

Nodding, "Yeah, and no matter what you say, you are not going to find me agree to go along with you home," Sirius replied back to his uncle. There was, however another side to that story. Sirius knew fully well that if his uncle wanted to, he could use magic on him to make him go home to his parents. Alphard would never do that, to Sirius at least, so the teenage boy didn't bring it up.

Alphard frowned at his reply. He knew exactly what would happen if Sirius never went back to his parents. His name would be removed from the Black family tree. He would turn into a memory of his family that they never bring up, and when the name Sirius is uttered, everyone would assume it was being said to state a Sirius from before their time. When referencing this Sirius Black, their family would say "Sirius who?" and both men knew it.

"I'm not here to haul you back to your manor, nor am I here to lecture you on how what you did is wrong, even if that is what your mother is leading herself to believe." Alphard replied. "But are you sure this is truly what you want? It isn't too late for you to go home and have your parents pretend as if this little incident never happened. And it's just the breaks to where you would have to put up with their antics. You're about to start your sixth year. That's one summer vacation, two winter breaks and two spring breaks."

Now it was Sirius' turn to frown. He thought his uncle knew him enough by now to know that he never wanted to have to live with his parents again, even if it was just for a few short breaks scattered over a time of two years. It was more then he was willing to do. "Trust me, Uncle Alphard, I've thought about this a lot and I have already made my mind on it. I'm not going home even if that means I'll be taken off of the bloody tapestry."

Even with the boy being a Gryffindor and not upholding many of the usual Black traits, there was one thing however that Alphard was positive about when it came to his nephew in relations of how he did fit into their family. He and all of the other Blacks, and even most of the people married to them, were as stubborn as one could get.

"How are you going to get by? The Potters can't pay for everything with you, you know," Alphard asked.

Sirius shrugged. "I don't know. I'll get a job or something, I guess."

With a shake of his head, Alphard pulled open his cloak to retrieve a pouch he kept hidden within in. Sirius had been expecting to see the man pull out his usual navy dragon hide case, but instead he pulled out a smaller bag, of regular leather, and tossed it to him. "I figured you hadn't thought ahead that far and that you could use it until you do get that job your said you'd be getting," he stated. In the pouch was enough gold for a person to life off of for a long while. Alphard filled it to the top with galleons.

Sirius didn't say anything for a few seconds, knowing that his uncle would prefer it if he did not make a show of his generosity to him. "Thanks," he then said quietly, smiling faintly.

Alphard did what he came to do. He gave his nephew some gold to tide him over until he was mature enough to do it on his own. "You're welcome," he replied, standing up to leave then.

"And Sirius," the boy looked to him, "If you do speak with your mother, -"

"-You tried as hard as you could and you even pulled your wand out at me to try and get me to come home," Sirius said, finishing his uncle's sentence. "I know."

They both nodded to one another for a few brief moments. Both having come to yet another agreement on how they were going to pretend that Alphard acted with him. Just because Sirius was okay with being disowned and taken down from their family tree, didn't mean that Alphard was.

Alphard didn't know that his younger sister would eb getting into contact with the Potters, especially with how she usually spoke of them of being dirty and of a low class, to discuss Sirius. In the process of speaking of the boy, Alphard was brought up in the conversation and his act of kindness towards the runaway Black was brought to light.

With burning Sirius' name off of the Black family tree, Walburga also went ahead and burnt her older brother's name off of it also. What he did was enough for any member of the Black family to agree upon his removal and disownment from their family too.

His mother, Irma, has always said it was going to be Alphard's kindness that would be the end of him and in a way, she was right.

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