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Unify by RAB
Chapter 9 : September Meetings
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Chapter 9: September Meetings of Unify (The Untold Story of Isabella Lestrange)

Sirius Black

The September sky was magnificent as a cool breeze lightly blew against the trees, making the leaves flutter. Isabella sat with books in her hand, leaning against one of the great oak trees on the Hogwarts’ grounds. She sighed gently as she worked on her potions homework, due the following day.

“You know,” stated a voice behind her, causing her to jump lightly in shock, “if you had done that homework earlier, you could be enjoying the weather now, instead of doing Slughorn’s essay.” The voice was filled with amusement, but soft and kind, mixing perfectly with the flying winds.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Isabella responded, without turning around and looking at the source of the voice. “I am enjoying the weather, hence why I am outside on this wonderful September afternoon.” Her voiced echoed the first’s amusement, as she continued to work on her essay.

The voice took a seat next to her, as he looked on at her essay. “Well I do suppose this beats the library.”

“Of course it does, Remus. Are you telling me that you already finished this essay?” She finally turned to look at him, as she gestures towards her paper.

“Of course I did,” Remus copies, as Isabella finishes her last inch of parchment.

“Well, so have I!” Isabella declares proudly, as she drops her quill and parchment of the soft, moist grass below her.

Isabella loved these meetings with Remus. He always seemed like the one person who actually understood anything about her. He knew her secret, he knew she wasn’t evil and he knew she didn’t belong in Slytherin. Her brothers rarely noticed that they hung out together and suspected that they were only working on a homework assignment if they were together, though her brothers still were not happy about it.

Suddenly Remus and Isabella heard footsteps racing up behind them and she silently prayed they were not Slytherins. Soon they could hear voices, as the two of them turned around to be greeted by three boys.

“There you are Remus! We’ve been looking all over for you!” the tallest of the three stated, as he ruffled his messy, black hair.

“Let me guess,” Remus replied in a mix between frustration and amusement, “you need help with the potions essay?” He rolled his eyes at his irresponsible friends.

“Well, yeah!” replied the next tallest, Sirius; everyone seemed to be ignoring Isabella’s presence for the moment and she hoped it stayed that way.

“Why are you here?” asked the shortest meanly, as everyone seemed to notice Isabella for the first time. ‘Damn, why did Peter have to notice me?’ thought Isabella as she attempted to give the boys a smile.

“Oh, well actually, she was here first. I had just come over to say ‘hi’ to her,” answered Remus, coming to her defense. Isabella lightly thanked him, by putting a hand on his shoulder for a mere instant.

“Why would you do that?” Sirius asked coldly, glaring at Isabella. “Why would you want to come over and say ‘hi’ to this evil Slytherin? Can’t you see that she is just like the rest of her family; evil, cold-hearted, pureblood-fanatic?” His voice was harsh, like a slap in the face on Isabella’s soft, pale cheek.

She fought back tears, as Remus tried to come to her rescue again. “SIRIUS! What an awful thing to say! You don’t know—”

But Isabella cut him off. In a small, quiet voice that was almost inaudible by the boys around her, Isabella looked straight into Sirius’ eyes and said simply, “I’m not as brave as you.”

“Well of course you aren’t, you weren’t put in Gryffindor for a reason, you know,” James said, almost jokingly as he once again ruffled his own hair.

Sirius, Remus, and Peter stayed silent, just staring at her, surprised by her soft reaction to Sirius’ harsh yelling. Isabella turned to face James and just looked at him for a moment, her face full of emotion, before she turned back to Sirius and continued.

“Sirius,” she tried, unsure if she should call him by his first name. When he didn’t respond, she continued, “I’m not as brave as you. I cannot stand up against my family like you did. I cannot rebel like you did. I can’t do what I know is truly right.” Her voice was still soft, gentle, but afraid; very afraid. A few tears drifted down her cheeks as she looked at the ground in shame.

“Of course you can’t rebel like I did. Why would you want to go against your family and ruin your perfect life?” His voice was still harsh, but not quite as much as before. He watched her as she slowly raised her head and faced him once again.

“You think my life is perfect? You think I like watching my family speak of how ‘dirty’ and ‘low’ half-bloods, muggle-borns, and blood-traitors are? Do you think I like knowing that in a few years my brothers are going to become Death-Eaters and kill and torture innocent people? Do you think I want them to force me to marry some idiot with the same beliefs? Do you honesty think I want any of this?” Her voice was louder, but still soft, her frustration and sadness over taking her as more tears fell down her cheeks.

“Well,” Sirius began, “yeah…”

“Isabella?” A voice called from twenty-five yards away. Isabella looked up to find her brothers and several other Slytherins running towards them. ‘Oh great,’ she thought, as she quickly wiped away the tears on her face.

“Ella,” another voice said, as the group approached them. “What are you doing with these guys?” It was her twin brother.

“I think the better question is, what the hell are you Gryffindorks doing to my sister?” Rodolphus voice was filled with anger as he drew out his wand and pointed it at the group in front of him. The other Slytherins followed suit, drawing out their own wands as well.

Isabella quickly gathered up her books and stuffed it into her bag, before putting it on her shoulder and standing up. She walked over to her brother, Rodolphus, and pulled on the sleeve of his robe. “Please Rod, can we just go? Nothing was going on; they were just helping me with my homework.” She looked into his eyes and he looked back down at her, as if questioning the truth behind her statement.

“Helping you with your homework?” he echoed. “I highly doubt that.”

“Come on, Rodolphus, let’s teach them a lesson,” Lucius stated as he continued to point his wand at James. He smirked as he watched the other group of boys draw out their own wands as well

“Ella, you were crying; I can still see the tears in your eyes. I think we need to teach these jerks a lesson,” Rabastan stated as he held his wand, pointing it at Sirius.

“No, I was just really frustrated over this potions essay. It had nothing to do with them,” Isabella replied, as she once again tugged on Rodolphus’ robes.

“First off, you would never stress over potions—it’s your best subject. Second, why are you defending them, Ella?” Rodolphus asked her, carefully observing her as he towered over her small self.

“Please,” she pleaded and Rodolphus finally nodded his head.

“Okay guys, let’s just go. We will deal with this lot later,” his voice commanded.

“But—” Avery tried, desperate for some fighting.

“Don’t question me, Avery. Let’s go.”

Slowly the group of Slytherins withdrew their wands and they turned around, leaving the Gryffindors behind. Rodolphus and Rabstan stood on either side of Isabella, with the other Slytherins trailing behind them.

“What the hell was that girl talking about?” Sirius asked, looking at his buddies. “What does she mean she doesn’t want ‘any of that’?”

His friends just looked at him, as they two headed up to the castle.

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