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Seven Deadly Sins by petitesorciere
Chapter 3 : Gluttony and Temperance
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Hermione resisted the urge to drag her feet sullenly over the floor of the library. A pile of potions textbooks weighed heavily in her arms. Her plan was to swamp Malfoy with so much information that he wouldn’t have the time to make the snide comments that she was sure he had been planning since that fateful potions class. Hopefully, if she could rise above all his barbs then he would realise that his entire ploy had been a complete waste of time and would give up. In her heart of hearts though, she knew that there was no way Draco would give up that easily. Seeing a flash of blonde hair, and with a sinking heart, she made her way over to the table that Draco had chosen at the back of the library.

Draco lounged back in his seat, a smirk primed and ready to roll over his lips. Granger glared at him, the ferocity in her eyes leaving him in no doubt as to her true intentions, as she dropped the pile of books onto the desk, the slam echoing through the dusty shelves. Sliding into the seat opposite him, she didn’t even bother to greet him, just opened the first tome and began flicking through to the relevant chapter.

‘’Seeing as you’ve been having difficulty with this potion, we’ll go back through the theory and identify exactly what is causing problems.’’

Draco wondered idly whether she was actually going to look up at any point and acknowledge that he was there.

‘’So if we start with…For Merlin’s sake, you can at least pay attention!’’ She became conscious that she had raised her voice more than was necessary and lowered it to an irritable hiss. ‘’You asked for this session, it’s up to you to make the most of it.’’

‘’I’m making the most of it in my own special way.’’

‘’Well, that’s not good enough! I’ve had to give up my time for this…’’ Hermione trailed off, wondering why he was looking at her like that. Had she actually managed to make him realise how much he had irritated her?

The next words that came out of his mouth left her in no doubt that she had been completely misguided. ‘’Shut up for Granger, for pity’s sake.’’

Hermione glowered at him. Turning back to the book, she spun it around to face him, and pointed to a passage. ‘’Copy that, it’ll remind you of what the purposes of these potions are.’’

‘’And who are you to give me orders?’’

Hermione stood up, taking advantage of the superiority implicit in the fact that she was standing above him. ‘’I am your tutor, you arrogant, self-obsessed idiot! I have been told that I have to give up my time for you, so I have! I am doing this because you said that you needed a tutor, and you asked for me specifically! So don’t you dare try and spend this time bossing me around and trying to make me feel like crap, because it isn’t going to work! You will do what I tell you to do and if you don’t do it with good grace, fine, but you are going to do it!’’ Hermione looked towards the front of the library, but Madam Pince didn’t seem to have heard anything; Draco had picked a table so far into the library that any noise they made would be muffled.

Draco watched Hermione drop back into her seat and pick up another book. He had to admit, he was shocked. Who would have known Granger would speak to anyone like that? She clearly wasn’t going to be the kind of girl that he could bully into having feelings for him (which made sense given the way that she had reacted to him in the corridor). So how was he supposed to intoxicate her? She obviously wouldn’t respond to what he had planned to do; cunningly blindside her with a show of alpha-male dominance.

He was watching her appraisingly, mulling the problem over, when he saw a flash of red hair, and noticed Ron walking determinedly towards their table. He rolled his eyes: what was it with Gryffindors and being unable to leave each other alone? They were far too over-protective.

Ron dropped his hand on Hermione’s shoulder and she jumped, looking up from her book in shock. But as soon as she saw Ron’s face, her eyes lit up. Draco lounged back in his seat and observed.

Ron smiled at her. ‘’You ok?’’

‘’Fine.’’ She looked at him, hoping she didn’t look at all out of the ordinary. The last thing that was needed was yet another scene. ‘’Hopefully we’ll be done soon.’’

‘’Well, done for today,’’ Draco interjected. ‘’I’m sure I’m going to need a lot more help.’’

It had been worth it simply for the look of rage crossing Ron’s face. Draco wondered exactly what it was about Weasley that made him want to score points over him. Maybe it was because it was so easy. Or because Weasley had some bizarre idea that it was ok to try and get whatever he wanted. Draco curled his lip. Blood traitors didn’t have that privilege, and it just added to Draco’s desire to take away what Ron wanted. Hermione stared furiously at Draco, wondering what on earth he had been playing at. How dare he create so many problems?

‘’Ron.’’ She called his name softly and watched him jerk back from the murderous fantasies that she was sure he had been having. ‘’Are you ok?’’

‘’Yeah, I just wanted to check you were ok.’’

‘’I’m fine. Thank you so much for making sure.’’ Hermione smiled sweetly, and Draco wondered how Ron managed to have such an effect with such simple words.

‘’I would do anything for you.’’ Ron said the words, then seemed to realise what he had said. His cheeks stained bright red, and with a final glare at Draco, he left, with a hopeful glance back at Hermione.

She turned back to the desk in front of her, her cheeks flushed. Draco raised his eyebrows incredulously. It was that simple? She went for ‘sweet’ boys? Dipping his quill in ink, he supposed that there weren’t any boys other than ‘sweet’ boys in Gryffindor. She must be defensive because she didn’t know how to act around him. He completely dismissed the idea that she could hate him. Girls didn’t hate Draco Malfoy, they just pretended to so that they would get his intention.

In that case, he reflected, he might need a slightly different approach to what he had initially planned. Something more casual. Something more boyish. Something that would relax Hermione. He had an idea that if he could make her laugh, he would be on better footing with her. And even a friendship with her would unsettle Weasley so much, that it would be a definite victory for Draco. And when he manage to make her fall for him, the look on Weasley’s face would be so perfect. And then when he dropped her, it would be even better: all their little day-dreams ruined for the sake of a one-week dalliance.

Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a handful of Chocolate Frogs. Hermione looked up when she heard the rustling of the packaging, glared scornfully at him and turned back to the book. She jumped as she heard a sharp snap and looked up to see that Draco was placing one of the frog’s limbs into his mouth. ‘’I didn’t realise that you were cruel to everything that came near you.’’

Draco looked at her, and Hermione had to inhale sharply. She had been prepared for his derision, had expected a disdainful comment, but instead those steely grey eyes just met hers. There didn’t appear to be any hatred in them. They were still calculating, obviously, and cold, but still unbelievably…different. She was being sucked into twin grey pools, forgetting exactly whose eyes they were. All she could see was a smokey grey mixing with a far darker grey. Absentmindedly, unable to tear her eyes away, she thought that they were such lovely eyes. They didn’t have the vibrancy of Harry’s emerald-green eyes, and they weren’t as soft as Ron’s, but they were clear and interesting and had depth to them…

She was yanked back unceremoniously from her reverie by another sharp snap. Draco was holding another chocolate leg in pale fingers. She shook her head, as if to clear it. What had she been thinking? Draco might have nice eyes, but that certainly did not make him an interesting person, and he most certainly did not have hidden depths. She looked back to the page in front of her, only to be distracted yet again by a soft cough from Draco.

Looking up, she saw that he was offering her the chocolate. Looking to the desk, she saw the frog twitching miserably: the charm that let it move was obviously no longer working properly. ‘’I’m fine, thank you,’’ she said stiffly, but Draco wasn’t prepared to let the issue drop.

‘’A bit of chocolate isn’t going to kill you Granger.’’

‘’I’m going to be having lunch in about fifteen minutes, I think I can survive. Also, what you’ve done to that frog is just malicious. I don’t want any part in that.’’

‘’Live a little Granger. Life doesn’t have to be so boring all the time.’’

‘’My life isn’t boring! And eating part of a mutilated Chocolate Frog is hardly an enormous thrill.’’ Hermione felt a shiver run through her even as she said the words: Draco’s eyes had a gleam in them. A slow smile ran across his lips, and he placed the chocolate in his mouth.

‘’Clearly you haven’t been eating chocolate in the right way Granger.’’

Hermione clenched her legs together, determined to ignore the warm flush that was creeping through her, and refusing to give in to the smile that was tugging at the corners of her mouth. Malfoy would not make her feel that way. And she would not play his game. Lowering her head, she looked at her book again, watching from under lowered eyelashes as Draco finished the Frog, only to bring out yet another one. For some reason, it irritated her more than was feasibly possible. ‘’Do you have to eat all of those?’’

‘’One of those simple pleasures in life Granger.’’

‘’You don’t need to eat them.’’

‘’And yet I will eat them. Sure I can’t tempt you?’’

Hermione looked coldly at him. ‘’I doubt very much that you could offer anything which would tempt me.’’

Draco shrugged, wondering when she would loosen up. As he ripped the packet open, the Frog (perhaps aware of the fate which would befall it) leapt out of his hand, and onto the desk, scattering sheets of Hermione’s parchment and his quill onto the floor. It made to leap away yet further, but instinctively, Hermione’s hand shot out and grabbed it. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she knelt down on the floor and began gathering up her parchment.

Draco knelt down as well, and picked up his quill. Hermione had all her parchment, and looked in puzzlement at the frog in her hand, almost as though she had forgotten how it had gotten there.

Draco looked towards the front of the library. There was a stream of students leaving, clearly lunch was ready. He turned back to Hermione and gently extended a hand, taking hold of the hand which was holding the twitching Frog, which no longer seemed so concerned to escape. ‘’You have something that I want Granger.’’

Hermione’s amber eyes met his, and she uncurled her fingers. Draco took the Frog back and then looked at her soft, small hand. There was a smear of chocolate resting on her palm. ‘’You still have something I want.’’ Before she could protest, he had raised her palm to his mouth.

She could feel his tongue, gently cleaning away the chocolate. There was none of the brusque, aggressive attitude that he had displayed when trying to kiss her in the corridor. Instead, the warmth of his tongue was sending shivers through her whole body, making her desire to twitch almost unbearable. She knew that she ought to pull her hand away but the idea of stopping that teasing tongue was inconceivable.

Draco lowered her hand, and then folded each of her fingers carefully back over the palm. He watched as her tongue flickered over her plump lower lip, knowing in smug satisfaction that he had probably made her mouth dry. And yet, he knew he was not in control as he needed to be. The look on her face was enough to make him forget his ulterior motives, and that was not what he needed.

Breaking a part off the melting chocolate, he extended it forward, and gently placed it between her slightly open lips. Taken by surprise, Hermione felt the sweetness race across her taste buds, the creaminess of the chocolate spreading through her mouth. Swallowing, she thought that it had been unbearably pleasant. But before she could even explore why a simple piece of chocolate had provoked such a reaction in her, Draco’s lips were on hers. She could taste more chocolate on his lips, probably from the Frog he had eaten before. It crossed into her mouth, and she felt that shiver run through her again. His lips were soft against hers. He wasn’t plundering her mouth as he had before. He wasn’t tentative though. He was still taking what he wanted, gorging on it, just doing it more slowly so as to disarm her.

She felt his hand stroke her cheek tenderly and knew that he was tricking her. The kiss, so wonderful, so sensual, was a betrayal of what a kiss should be. Pulling back sharply, she watched the eyelids open, exposing shocked smokey eyes. Hoping that her eyes weren’t as hazy as his were, that her cheeks and lips weren’t as flushed with desire, she stood up. Snatching the Frog out of his hand, she hissed ‘’You’re too greedy Malfoy. Learn some self-control’’

AN: Did we enjoy? Hopefully so! Please do leave me a review! Love, petitesorciere xxx


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Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony and Temperance


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