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More Than Words by juls
Chapter 1 : A Kiss is Just A Kiss
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Molly Prewett stood just outside the portrait to the Gryffindor common room, her red hair standing on end as she ran a hand through it. It wasn't that she forgot the password to enter, oh no.... Molly never forgot such facts like that. She took another deep breath, letting it out slowly in an effort to calm herself. Instead, her face just turned redder as she remembered the encounter in the library.

It was the odious Lucius Malfoy that had her all a tither, and she harrumphed before patting her hair down. It wouldn't ever do for her to enter the common room in such a state. Both her brothers would notice if they happened to be there, and she didn't want to answer the questions they would ask. Her toes kicked at the molding beneath the frame before her foot stamped hard on the hard granite flooring. The portrait's eyes blinked at her, “Kicking me does nothing, password before I report it,” the picture said.

“Fizzle poppers!” Molly uttered, sighing with relief after entering to see the room empty for once. She dropped her books on the table by the long red couch and plopped down on it. Her eyes focused on the fireplace, no flames flickering because it was almost term's end and summer hols.

“Malfoy....” Molly snorted with the name, “One day....” she continued, trying to keep herself from bursting back out and hexing the Slytherin Prince who had just insulted her and her family for being Blood Traitors. Her face lowered to be cradled in her hands, and an angry tear slipped down her cheek.

The door opened again, and she sighed softly. Her hands brushed against the smooth fabric of her robes, and she turned her head to see the smiling face of Arthur Weasley. “Molly!” he called out, his steps carrying towards her. His hand ran through his red hair, and his green eyes showed his worry when he noticed her bowed head.

“Hey there,” Molly said, her disquieting thoughts still showing on her face as she looked back at him. Her hand touched his as he sat beside her, and her face buried into his shoulder. The rough fabric of his robes rasped against her face, but it comforted her as her silent tears wet the black fabric.

“Now now... Molly love,” Arthur ran a hand over her red hair before tucking his hand beneath her chin to lift her head. The tears that clung to her lashes made her eyes sparkle, and he reached up and gently brushed the one that lay on her cheek. “What happened?” he asked her, pulling her close so that her head rested on his shoulder.

“That nasty little rat of a Slytherin....” Molly began, one hand gesturing in the air as she spoke. “Thinking he's such a prince because he's posh,” she continued, her blue eyes blazing with her anger. “Called me a Blood Traitor in front of Amos Diggory and Amelia Bones!”

Arthur sighed, his lips lightly brushing her forehead, “Molly- don't let that little prat bother you so,” His arm tightened around her shoulders. “Bigotry will always be around, love. It's those like us that will have to make the stand, fight it with all we have.”

“But Arthur,” Molly sputtered out, but quieted as his finger lay gently against her lips. Her eyes gazed into his, and her heart began to pound. They had talked before over the future, and their love was open to those around them. They planned on getting married in a few years after Arthur established himself in the Ministry. He already had an opening there in the Muggle Artifacts office as a gopher, and it looked very promising where they were.

“No buts, Molly. Amos and Amelia care not what Malfoy and his ilk think,” he reminded her, his hand caressing her face. “In fact, I'd rather be labeled a Blood Traitor and hated then be one of them!” His eyes narrowed as he spoke, and he felt Molly's finger touch his lips this time.

“You've just reminded me of why I love you so much,” Molly's finger rubbed against his bottom lip as she spoke, “That we're in this together, and that no matter what the future brings we can hold our heads high because we followed our convictions.”

Arthur grinned beneath the light touch of her finger, and nodded. “Molly, it's your fire that keeps us going,” he whispered in her ear, moving so that he could hold her close. The feel of her in his arms made his smile grow wider, and his eyes half closed.

Slowly his lips descended to hers, forgetting for a moment where they were. His gently caressed hers, and felt hers press closer. The kiss deepened passionately. The pounding of her heart matched his in a perfect rhythm of togetherness, and his hands cupped her face.

The sound of the common room door opening, had them breaking apart. “Ickle kissing!” Fabian Prewett said with a laugh to his brother Gideon.

“Wonder what she'll bake us so we won't tell mum?” Gideon replied, his own laughter mingling with his brother's.

Molly's cheeks turned red, and Arthur's eyebrows raised at the two Prewett brothers before he too chuckled.

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