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The Wand of Lord Voldemort by Gords7015
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: The Watcher in Little Hangleton Meets his New Master
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Chapter Three:  The Watcher in Little Hangleton Meets his New Master

In the midst of the night, a loud pop could be heard upon the hill where the old Riddle House sat.  With a start, the watching Death Eater who was seated in a dusty chair in an upper room in the disgusting muggle dwelling was jerked from his slumber.  He quickly checked his sensory spells to see if there was a wizard near and scanned the area.  However, nothing was registering.  “Hmmm, must have been one of those old muggle contraptions or something,” said the man with disgust.

Now that he was awake, the man readjusted his Death Eater’s mask and decided that he ought to continue his rounds.  He was a loyal Death Eater, and had been ordered by his Lord to come to this place for some reason and make sure that no matter what, nothing was to happen to the place.  He knew that he’d failed his master in the past, and therefore was determined that he’d succeed here.  Thus far, the protections that his lord has put in place had been sufficient to drive away any curious muggles, yet the arrival of those two wizards earlier that day was deeply troubling.  Clearly, someone suspected that something was going on at this house, and he needed to make the place ready.

As he set about casting protective spells, the man considered his position.  This man had been in this ancient old house for years.  His master had arranged for him to have food and other goods, and had told him that the punishment would be severe if he abandoned his post.  Besides, the house possessed many goods that kept him entertained.  There were countless rats which allowed him to practice his spell casting as he particularly enjoyed torturing them.  There were books on the dark arts, which he’d read through so many times that he felt sure that his skills must have grown from where they’d been when he’d last faced the Dark Lord, and he knew that now he’d be a powerful servant for the Dark Lord.

Therefore, when he’d felt the burning of his dark mark on his arm in the past, he’d ignored it as he’d been ordered and kept the watch and practiced.  However, it was hard to ignore the fact that the mark had faded to nothing one evening and had not returned.  Despite his efforts to not think these thoughts, he believed that something must have happened to his master.  Yet still, he feared his master’s return would allow him to see these disloyal thoughts, so he forced them to the back of his mind as he continued to do his duty.

As he was working, a pair of dark eyes watched him in a detached sort of manner.  Finally seeing that this foolish old wizard was still guarding something of immense power, yet had not yet taken it for himself, the owner of the eyes called out, “Thorfinn Rowle, you are careless and useless to allow me to get this far into your defenses.”

Startled, the older wizard turned suddenly to see the cloaked figure of a young woman whose black bangs and slightly hard-shaped face was visible despite the hood she wore over her it.  He went to draw his wand, but saw that the young woman already had her own pointed directly at his heart.

The woman said, “Come now Rowle, do you really think that someone who wasn’t loyal to the Dark Lord would have been able to make it this far?  I am skilled at the dark arts, and surely can kill you now if I so wish.”

Rowle didn’t know what to think.  He was in what had become his home, despite the old trappings, and knew that it was full of all sorts of protections that would alert him to an outsider, yet here stood this woman, or was she a girl, demanding things of him.  She looked too young to have been a Death Eater, yet she knew all the protections that had guarded this place, as there were spells here that even a Gringotts curse-breaker would find difficult if set off.  Therefore, he said, “Fine then missy, you know you have the upper-hand, so what do you want?”

The woman smiled and said, “Wise decision Rowle, you’ll live longer with me on your side.  What do I want, you ask?  Well, I want to restore the ideals of the fallen Dark Lord.  As you obviously don’t know given your moldy clothing, the Death Eaters are no more.  The Dark Lord was killed several years ago at Hogwarts by “the chosen one” Harry Potter.  I was there that night, searching for someone, and I saw his body.  You’ve been serving a dead master for years now.”

Rowle felt his stomach drop and automatically said, “Liar!” but in his heart he knew that she spoke the truth.  He knew that something had happened, yet had hoped that by staying faithful, he could regain honor in the eyes of his master.  “I don’t believe he’s gone!  He disappeared before, and returned again!  I should follow his orders so that when he comes back, I’ll be known by all as his most loyal, most faithful servant!”

The young woman scoffed at him, saying, “If you want to keep sitting around this dreary old house, waiting for the aurors to come and investigate the incidents that have occurred here, and then spend the rest of your pathetic life in Azkaban, then be my guest.  But like I said, I’m going to rebuilt the world in the Dark Lord’s image.  Soon, muggles and mudbloods will fear us and serve all true pureblood wizards, and I have a plan to achieve this that no one, not even Potter can stop, and I need your help Rowle.”

For Rowle, this was almost too much information to handle.  He been alone with his rats for so long that to hear that his whole world was gone was a blow, but then again this woman obviously knew what she was doing, and he knew that by joining her, he could too gain power.  

“Fine, I’ll help you, but before I do, I want to know your plan, and I want to know who you are.”

The hooded woman smiled and said, “You should not question your new leader so easily Rowle, but I understand that after being alone for so long, you must have forgotten your manners.  Very well, I am known to you through my father, who recruited you to serve the Dark Lord.”

Rowle looked at the hair and the face, and connected them to his recruiter, and remembered meeting a young girl, ready for her first year of schooling at Hogwarts as he’d be relaxing in her father’s manor, and swallowed a grimace to be taking orders from one as young as her.

The young woman, who had watched the internal struggle play across Rowle’s face, smiled slightly that he was restraining himself, and then said with a slightly girlish giggle, “Good, I can see your manners are returning already.  So, the reason that I need you is that as useless as you were in the olden days, you’ve been placed in a position of value that you probably don’t even know.  This location was where your master stored some of his most valuable magical artifacts, including his wand.”

With that said, Rowle looked up sharply and said, “What, how is his wand here?  Didn’t he have it with him when he fought Potter?”

With an exasperated sigh that she had to fill him in, the woman explained what she had managed to deduce based upon public record and by bribing those in the know to find out how the Dark Lord had found a new wand, and then had used it to try and defeat Potter because of the shared core of his own wand.  As she was finishing her story, she said, “And there’s more.  The Dark Lord knew more magic than any wizard alive, and a slight memory of all of that magic is stored in his wand.  If we can find it, I believe I can study it to see how he performed some of his most amazing spellwork and we will be able to use it to channel his power from beyond the grave to help us destroy his enemies!”

At this point, Rowle was totally mesmerized by his new master (for even he knew a leader when he saw one), and clearly was impressed by her talents at deduction and her forward planning.  The pair began to make plans for an examination of the house, although firstly Rowle insisted that since he now was free to leave, that he be allowed to return to his own home.  The Rowle home was itself hidden, but even still he wanted to check on the building which had been vacant but for several house elves for many years, and have a fully restful evening with his elfish servants removing the strain of all those years in the dreary home in Little Hangleton.  As the sun was rising and his master needed to return to London for some reason she did not disclose, it was agreed that they’d meet again in several days to search the Riddle House for the wand and any other magical artifacts which might exist.

Rowle hurriedly left first, intent upon returning to his lonely house in the north, pleased that he’d have servants of his own to cook decent meals for him for at least the moment, and hoping that the aurors had stopped searching for him or his home at this point.  Once he had vanished with a pop outside, the young woman smiled a satisfied smile that her plan was progressing and turned to leave herself.  As Pansy Parkinson walked out the front door, she knew that the first thing she needed to do to shape the world to her own vision was complete, and that she would have her vengeance for losing her place in society…

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