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Flowers. by toonmili
Chapter 13 : The Bystander
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A/N: Thanks guys for the reviews that chapter was a bunch of fun to write. I wish I didn’t have to rush this chapter so much I could have made it really sad.

Disclaimer: I did not write the song.... the song's writer is unknown.

CHAPTER: The Bystander.

She walked over to Robert who was looking at her like she was sporting a clown suit and placed her hands over his mouth. “Robert, it’s very important that you listen to me.”

He nodded.

“There is a woman downstairs right now. If you look at her you’ll find she looks a little familiar. She is actually Jane’s mother.”

His eyes opened wide.

“Yes, she’s alive…” she said. She sighed and took her hand off his mouth. “Now…Robert I have to go and warn him that she is here… can I trust you to make sure she doesn’t leave this house?” she asked.

“Ah sure.” He said

“But Robert… If she doesn’t know where he is don’t tell her… and Robert be very careful around her… she has… she has abilities.”

“Abilities?” he repeated.

She nodded. And she pushed him towards the door. “Go… I’ll be back in a moment.”

“Aren’t you coming down now?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about me… go.” and she watched him go down the stairs. She closed the door and disapparated.

She came to the front door and pulled it open. Since it wasn’t possible to apparate directly in his house that was the best she could do. She ran to the living room where he was standing, looking out the window, perhaps for her. “Severus,” she called.

He turned around and the look on his face made her feel absolutely horrible about having to disturb his peaceful condition. “You’re back, took you long enough.”

“She’s here,” she heard herself shout at him.

“Who?” he asked and his mind was clearly not on Tabitha.

She swallowed. “Jane’s mother… she’s in the house down the hill,” she explained.

He looked at her like he thought she must have been joking. “Nymphadora, it’s not a good idea to tease me like that.”

She shifted from one foot to the next and shook her head. “I’m not,” she said. And she looked at him and he stood there looking at her with stone cold eyes… demanding her to take it back. She couldn’t take it back and she knew it was breaking his heart because it was breaking hers as well. “I’m not,” she repeated and she felt a tear run down her face.

He swore under his breath and for a moment stood there as if trying to decide what to do. He looked at her and then turned around and looked down the corridor and swore again to himself… louder this time. “Are you sure it’s her?” he asked again.

She nodded. She thought that he was not going to accept it, that he was going to act like she didn’t tell him anything significant. But he stood there and called out to Martha. She came wondering in the room and looked at the pair of them… her with tears in her eyes and him looking crazed. “Prepare the bags… they found us.”

“Are you sure?” she asked and she had her hand pressed over her heart.

He nodded.

She took off.

She took his hand. “What are we going to do?” she asked him. “Are you leaving?”

“What can I do but?” he asked.

“You can stay and fight?”

He laughed dismissively at her and walked off in the direction of his room. “Do you have any idea how many brothers she has Nymphadora?”

“You never told me.”

“She has four brothers… and obsessed father and a crazy uncle and an even crazier sister. She is actually the sane one in the family.”

“Well it was just her.”

He walked in his room and took up his wand. He began performing silent spells on the walls of the house. “It’s never just her… the last time they found us I remember feeling like I was begin followed and sometimes it would be by the most unsuspecting people. You don’t seem to understand that there is a price tag on my head.”

“But what about…”

He turned and looked at her. “What… us? What do you want me to say… that I’ll move back to England with you and live happily ever after?” he asked bitterly. “For some of us there are no happily-ever-afters. That’s what you don’t understand about me… It doesn’t matter how much I love someone or how much I want to do right by them, it just always turns out this way.”

“So it doesn’t matter that I love you… and I am willing to fight for you?” she asked.

He closed his eyes at her words. “I’m not worth it,” he said.

She shook her head and tears were streaming down her cheeks now. She felt like she couldn’t breathe. She grabbed his hand and he stopped his movements and he cupped her cheeks in his hand. “Don’t cry… please… it’s impossible enough.” He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. “We are living on borrowed time Nymphadora… surly you know by now that forever does not exist. So what can we do when time robs us of our joy… what can we do to stop one the most powerful forces in the world?” She pressed the open palm of her hand against her chest. She could feel the vibrations against her skin. She was not the only one suffering. He was in just as much pain as her but he was fighting through it. He was being strong. She looked up at pressed her lips against his. “Remember,” she said… “We’ll have to remember.”

“And I can never forget you…Nymphadora,” he said and his grasp around her tightened and he took a deep breath. He kissed her again before he forced himself to pull away.

Suddenly she knew what she had to do. She couldn’t stand there in his way. She had to help him. She trusted him. If he believed there was no defeating them then there was no way she could do it. He loved her enough. If there was a way they could do it together then she knew he would have taken it. “What do you want me to do?” she said.

“Jane, can you bring her to me… Martha is packing. I have to keep an eye on her”

She nodded and went to find Jane. Jane was on her bed watching Martha throw things into a bag. She looked at the older woman confused. A smile appeared on her face when she spotted Tonks. She ran up to her and wrapped her arms around her. “Are you going to help me put on my dress now.”

She took the girl up in her arms and hugged her tightly. She walked with her to Severus room and sat her on the bed. She looked at her father moving in the same frantic way that Martha was moving and she looked at Tonks. “Molly, what’s wrong?” she asked when she spotted her crying. She took her little hand and whipped away the tears from her cheeks.

“I’m just a little sad,” she replied.

“Do you want me to sing you a song… a song always makes me happy?”

She nodded and she wrapped her arms around her neck and began to sing her a song.

May all your dreams bloom like daisies in the sun
May you always have stars in your eyes
May you not stop running on until your race is won
May you always have blue skies.

Tonks kissed her head and began to hum the tune with her.

A dream is something all your own to keep within your heart
To build on when you're glad or when your world's been torn apart
A dream is something all your own that no one else can steal
A dream is something you can make come real.

She knew she shouldn’t cry but she couldn’t stop. The tears were flowing freely down her cheeks and Jane sensing that her song wasn’t working stopped singing. “You don’t like to sing, Molly?” she asked.

She nodded. “It’s a beautiful song,” she said.

She looked at her like she didn’t entirely trust her. She turned and she looked at her father, who was watching and had the same dying expression on her face and her eyes began to well up in tears. “Oh Jane please don’t cry.” But it was too late, she was already crying. “Why are crying love?”

“Pa is going away?” she said. She always knew she was smart but there was something abnormally intuitive about Jane. Tonks wiped her tears. “Your Pa is going on a little trip and you are going with him.”

“I’m going too?” she asked.

She nodded. “Wouldn’t it be fun?” she asked.

She shrugged. “Are you coming too?” she asked. Tonks shook her head. “Please,” she begged. But Tonks was forced to shake her head again. She begged again and when she was forced to deny her she turned to her father. “Pa, make Molly come with us.”

Severus stopped and looked at Jane. He shook his head.

And she understood. She understood that they were never going to return to this place again and she would never see her new friend again and they will never have any time together again. She sat quietly for a while… showing abnormal maturity for her age. Tonks knew she would miss her… she loved Jane… she loved her like a daughter. Jane sat there crying silently and Tonks decided to finish the song for her.

Now you can share a laugh with any stranger on the street
And you can share your money with a beggar on the street
But you can only share your dream when love has set it free
So please, won't you share yours with me?

May all your dreams bloom like daisies in the sun
May you always have stars in your eyes
May you not stop running on until your race is won
May you always have blue skies.

The bags were packed and the house was as good as empty. Tonks never noticed that Severus was always ready to leave, that there was always a plan to put into action if they had to make a quick escape. Severus was a meticulous planner and he planned everything but he never planned for leaving her. They both never planned it. It was such a painful thought that they decided that it would be best not to think about it. Perhaps if they were willing to face the reality of their situation they would have been able to find a way. Now there was no way. They were leaving… and she had no idea where they were going and if they would be safe there. She just had to stand by and accept it.

She released Jane and she took her father’s hand. Everything for five years of their life had been reduced to one carrying bag. He took her hand and kissed it. “Before I leave promise me… promise me you won’t try to fight her.”

She shook her head. “I won’t.”

“I’m serious,” he said… “Don’t give her an opportunity to hurt you. Just leave this place at once, warn your friends but you must leave now.”

She nodded and kissed him one last kiss on his cheek and kissed her forehead and stepped away from her. “Don’t forget,” he said.

And that was the last thing he said to her and just like he out her life… just like that her dreams had been crushed… silenced. She felt like the world was ending… but it wasn’t it was still spinning and there were still people living in the world. She still had a family, she still friends… friends. She heart dropped. She forgot that she left Robert alone with Tabitha.

She didn’t stop to think, she apparated outside the house and immediately she knew something was wrong. The door was ajar and all she could hear was a bone chilling shriek. She took out her wand and walked through the hall following the sound of the cries.

She saw the blood before she saw the source. It was everywhere, on the walls, on the sofa and on the floor. Her heart began to beat so loudly she felt like she was would sick. Whoever it came from couldn’t be alive. She walked through the living room following the trail of blood to the kitchen.

Natalie hung over him with piles of Kitchen Towels… soaking up the blood. She looked at Tonks as she walked in. “He won’t stop bleeding,” she said with a dazed look in her eyes.

Robert lay on the floor and the only thing she could spot was a blond lock of curly hair… other than that it could have been anyone. His face was completely covered in blood. There was a gush… a deep horrible gush that ran down his neck and tore his shirt. His arms were positioned in the most awkward manner, like a contortionist.

There was a bone sticking out his ankle… broken.

A/N: Not so bad…right. At least it’s not Severus or Jane. So I kept my promise I updated before the queue closure.

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