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Lies Told To Me by CrystalRain11
Chapter 14 : Lie Number Two: Death, Sides And Ronald
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Sorrry for the long delay but it's up. YAY! Enjoy reading.

She shivered in the cold of the dark room. She sat upon a hard stone bench. Somehow this was less terrifying than last time but it effected her more. The darkness of the room didn’t bother her but the lack of a wand did. The cold bothered her but Draco’s arm around her waist made her feel safe. The cold of a small metal sword rested just above her heart. She knew the truth lay with her but it was still frightening to be submerged into the sea of lies.

The clock ticked away beside the bench. It was one of those old grandfather clocks that told time by the swinging pendulum below it. She was surprised to see such a muggle invention in such a magical place. Until she realized that clock face was not even a clock but instead a real face. Then she scooted closer to Draco. He held her wand safe in his back pocket. He wouldn’t say why just that it was a good idea. Time slipped by and she began to realize that she hated waiting.

Finally the door at the end of the hall clicked open. She stood and walked to the door. Draco remained seated as she knew he would. As she walked toward the glowing black hole, two figures walked from it. Both were cloaked and hooded. Neither talked once they had seen her but they both nodded toward Draco. He nodded back with a devilish expression. She thought she saw one the figure’s wands flash by but she couldn’t be sure with the dark. She kept walking trying to push the figures out of her head.

The first time she walked down this hallway, there had been no choice. Now she did have a choice but she kept walking. She could feel the cold sink into her soul as she walked closer and closer toward the man she had hated. She didn’t hate him now. Like was a hard word for her to use toward the man however. She did not like him either. Indifferent perhaps but not like.

The door closing caused the stone to melt away into the gold and red of Gryffindor hall. Hard chairs turned into elegant and soft armchairs. Emerald flames sparked into ruby ones. Hermione walked across the floor with hard cold steps. Then she sat upon the chair and faced the hard cold face. It wasn’t hard and cold at all, but smiling and young. Tom Riddle smiled at her hoping to gather the same confidence he had last time. Last time she wasn’t prepared but this time she was and she wasn’t going to fall for it.

“Sir,” she said staring straight into Tom’s face. “I would prefer not to be deceived today. I would rather realize the place I am then feel safe.” Tom’s smile turned dreadful, however she forced herself to hold her head high stay staring. He nodded sullenly and smirked at her.

The features of the room quickly melted away. The carpet beneath her feel turned to stone. The wood walls turned to moldy dungeon stone. Everything thing turned hard and cold as stone. Hermione continue to stare up at his face as it quickly faded into something less comforting. The eyes grew black, black holes the suck her soul inside. She was pulled into those eyes and lost with in them. They were telling her to listen with out reason. Somehow she couldn’t look away. Forced to look, she was captured by the weak spell they cast.

“I offer you a proposition Virginia,” his voice resembled the snake that sat by his feet. Within the black holes which entrapped her, she watched the snake raise itself. Silvery fangs were bared and they slipped ever slowly down. Then they collided with her robes, ripped through them. Quickly and swiftly the fangs cut skin. The blood oozed out as poison oozed in. Like oil and water try to mix, they just don’t. She felt the fangs on her as if it were really. She felt her heart race. Dimming was how her own sight was going. Slower than a burnt out light bulb but faster than the sunset, her vision swirled Eyes shot closed and fast. It felt so real. She felt as if she had died.

But it hadn’t really happened. As her eyes opened again to look into those black holes of Lord Voldemort. Everything was fine. Her heart beat safe, her skin solid and the snake sleeping peacefully at his feet. Voldemort’s face told her what she feared. He’d meant for her to see it, implanting it into her brain for the exact reason that she would know the consequences of a wrong step. There wasn’t much room on the narrow mountain trail.

“I have no intentions of harming you Virginia. You are a talented witch. I would hate for the world to loose such talent there fore here is my promise to you. As long as you do not,” she couldn’t watch him or the snake. She looked away and quickly. “Get in my way, I promise no harm will come to you. However, if you do interfere with my plans with reason and purpose to do so… then I will personally kill you.” He hissed out the word kill as if it wasn’t what he meant; as if killing was the furthest thing in his mind. As if he wouldn’t make it quick. “But I ask one thing in return for this generous offer.”

“Yes sir?” Hermione dared to ask as she felt the cold of the dungeon sinking in on her. She thought she was ready for this but she knew she wasn’t. No one could be ready to face a real threat no matter how much they had mentally prepared. Not a threat like Lord Voldemort imposed on her.

“I ask that you consider, seriously consider, my invitation. Prove to me you’ve thought about it when you give your answer. Virginia, the world is a book to be read and we’re learning new things everyday. Better magic, cures to illness, ways to fight, everything. Join us and you’ll go down in history. All I ask is that you consider it.” Hermione started at the sparkling fire.

“Is that all you wanted sir?” she asked it carefully, trying not to step off the edge.

“Yes, this was all I wanted. Will you accept my deal?” Hermione nodded as she stood up.

“Yes sir. I will consider everything you have said in exchange for being overlooked by your bounty hunters.”

“Is it a deal?” At the words the light flashed from her neck. It blinded her and when it faded she saw the sword of truth resting upon the neck of Lord Voldemort. Its point was almost lazily sitting upon his jugular. With out being told they both knew what it was doing.

“It is a deal to me,” Hermione whispered and Lord Voldemort repeated the words. The sword glowed purple for a long minute and then another flash of light.

It was like it had never happened. The sword said not a word to explain what it had done.

“That’s a trusty sword to have. However I would not be so trusting of its binding contract with me. I can not die.”

“I understand,” she whispered and adjusted herself in her seat. “I had a question for you, sir. It’s about what you said last time I was here.” Her leg muscles convulsed under her skin with her nervousness. Her heart fluttered with her fear. The pounding in her ears was only in her ears.

“Yes, Virginia?” Lord Voldemort asked her sending shivers through her body.

“It’s about Ron did-“

“I will not answer any questions about him.” The Dark Lord interrupted her so suddenly and so fiercely, she almost fell of her chair. She stood and nodded to him.

Hermione walked outside of the room without another word. She knew it was time to leave. The grandfather clock has just chimed twelve for midnight. Her head spinning didn’t help with the way time had just melted away. Melted into the black hole she still felt she was a part of. The door closed behind her with a click and she almost thought she heard the laughing of Lord Voldemort. Binding Contract…what’s this about Mr. Sword of Truth? Hermione thought to the sword. However in reply the sword only hummed dully. She let her mind wander from it as she walked down the long hallway back towards Draco.

However, as she looked up, a knot grew in her stomach. Two figures stood talking to Draco and something was oddly wrong. As she grew nearer she heard the heated discussion.

“No we can’t. Malfoy you don’t-“

“Shut up! I know perfectly well what-“

“Both of you call down, let’s….oh…” The third figure had spotted her and closed his mouth silently quieting the others as well. As Hermione got even closer she suddenly had the desire to know who, exactly, these people were. Draco looked up and his storm cloud eyes meet with hers. His hand lifted to the hood of one figure and pulled it down hard and sharp.

Silence echoed through the room, hard than before. Hermione’s eyes were locked with Draco. The still hooded figure turned to face her, the face hidden by the hood. The silence was sharp and it caught in the air breaking her ears. They were all frozen there, her, Draco, the hooded man, and now unmasked man. Frozen like ice; the only problem was it wouldn’t stay ice. Things were due to heat up. The hood down, she could see the figure clearly. Hermione thought she would faint. Standing there in the robes of a Death Eater was a red haired man.

A red-haired man named Ronald Weasley.

They stared at each other, eyes locked. She couldn’t believe her eyes and the worst part was his face. Blank, cleaner than the parchment that used to hold his homework. Two slow short steps with clucking angry shoes and then a sprint closer.

“Draco,” her voice was not the voice of Hermione, it was cold, angry and murderous. She held out her hand for her wand. Ron’s eyebrow twitched as the wand passed hands. The third figure simply stared there. Hermione stuck the wand in her pocket. She glared at Ron just a inches away from him. A hand meet the side of his cheek and it echoed through the room. The red mark was there before the hand had left. Draco smirked and chuckled.

“Nice one Vir-“ His sentence was cut of as the hand swept across to meet his cheek as well rendering his words useless.

“Ronald!” Hermione screamed. “I hope he kills you.” Then she turned to Draco. She didn’t say a word but just shook her head.

“You broke your promise.” Hermione whispered after what seemed like hours. Then she was gone, Apparated away.

Silence echoed through the room for a good long second. Then the third figure pulled down his hood. Harry Potter looked at the two Death Eaters next to him.

“Who wants to try to explain this to her first?” he asked with a concerned look.

Yes that is were it ends. I know I know I'm evil and the worst part is....wel you'll have to read the next chapter to find that out. Well I got this out before the quere closer. I have a week to write so I should be able to get a few more ready so that I can just dish out the story after the quere opens again, hopefully.

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