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Ginevra Weasley's Jealousy by 2gether4ever
Chapter 1 : Stupid Mudblood
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a/n: I hope you guys like this new story! it doesn't show Ginny in a good are warned....disclaimer goes for every chapter: i OWN HARRY POTTER!! YEA THAT'S RIGHT!! *big scary lawyer chases after me* okay! i take it back!! i don't own Harry Potter!!! plz review!! o, yea, it'll change pov's but i'll let u kno who's ur reading from! (^_^)


I stormed up to my dorm and slammed the door behind me. I groaned and threw some books across the room! How could he!? He's my boyfriend! Yet, he's comforting HER! My brother died! Not her's! Charlie was my older brother. Yet, MY boyfriend was down in the Common Room comforting my BROTHER Ron's ex-girlfriend. I threw my pillow angrily at the wall. He should be comforting me! ME! His GIRLFRIEND, not his best friend.

Everything is so messed up! It's her fault. That stupid mudblood! She's trying to take Harry away from me. She won't win though. I'll make sure of it. I'll make sure that Harry never wants anything to do with her again. I rushed down the stairs, passed Harry and Hermione in the Common Room, and out into the corridors. I smirked as I went to the library and asked for a favor from Madame Pince. She gladly accepted. I grinned widly as I headed towards an unused lavatory with Moste Potite Potions in my hands.


I couldn't stop crying. I was closer to Charlie than the other Weasley guys. He truly was like my brother. Harry knew this. He saw how close Charlie and I had gotten. He saw how Charlie was the only Weasley that truly stuck by me after the break-up. The news of Charlie's death hit me hard. I could tell that Ginny was pissed that Harry chose to stay and comfort me instead of going for a walk around the lake with her. I knew Ginny hated the fact that I was so close to Harry; but, Harry's been my friend for 8 years. I'm not going to stop being his friend just because his girfriend doesn't realize that our affections towards each other are platonic.

I wish she would though. I hate feeling guilty about spending time with Harry. I don't know why she's so worked up over our friendship. I mean, it's a platonic relationship. Completely platonic....

Truly. That's all it is....                                     Then why does his arm around my shoulder feel better than when Ron did it? Then how come only Harry's been able to make me feel better? How come I want nothing more than to spend all my time with him?                                How come I can't let myself be happy about the fact he's with Ginny?

*~Ginny's POV~*

DAMN IT! A month! It'll take a month! Oh well, it's worth the wait. In one month, Harry won't want anything to do with that stupid mudblood. In one month, Harry will be completely mine. In one month, I'll never have to worry about her trying to steal my hero.

With a smile I began the potion. I knew just how I'd get Harry to hate Hermione. She won't know what hit her.

a/n: that's it! well, for ya'll enjoyed....

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Ginevra Weasley's Jealousy: Stupid Mudblood


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