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We're All Victims of Love. by Dementally Demented Dementor
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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+// I do Not in any way own Harry Potter. The only thing I own is this stupid computer I am typing this story on and the following characters: Victoria DeLorme, Renee Carver, Jasper Belov, and Marcus Salvatore.


Chapter One.


If my life was a movie, it would be a black and white silent movie.  If I was a color I would a green, stuck in the black and white movie. I didn’t fit in. I didn’t care. Life never gave me a chance to do anything about it….till now. All my life I had been a studious girl, getting perfect grades, never failing to turn in an assignment. This year would be different; this year I could be who ever I wanted. This year I was transferring.

            I was a Beauxbaton beauty. I had the brains and bronze.  I just didn’t have the personality. If people saw me they wouldn’t think that I was the type of girl that sat in corners ostracizing myself from the rest of the world. My classmates say that I don’t deserve my attributes. I am referred to as revoltingly gorgeous but rotting on the inside.

I was sick of it. They didn’t even know me who were they to judge me?

            Six years wasted at Beauxbaton Academy as the school loser. One more year left, one more chance. I was on my way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The three schools of The Triwizard Tournament were now starting a transfer program. I was one of the gerbils they were using to see how it would work out. Two students from the three schools were switching. Two students from Beauxbaton and Durmstrang were going to Hogwarts. It was the only way it could work. Beauxbaton was an all girl school and Durmstrang all boys, so there was no way that we could switch with one another.

The two students from Beauxbaton were none other than I, Victoria De Lorme, and another girl whom I heard of but never spoken to, Renée something.

            Within a week I was packed, new books, robes, and a new image. I walked to Platform Nine and Three- Quarters, my head held high with confidence. The moment I saw all the unfamiliar faces, my head fell, and the confidence was replaced with the feeling of anxiety. Students upon students were greeting one another, and here I was not recognizing anyone. I sighed sharply. What in the world was I thinking?

            “Honey, Victoria, It will be alright.” My mother kissed my cheek. I stared at her straight in the eyes. It was scary how alike we both looked. We both shared the same long ink black hair, and glassy green eyes. The only difference was her skin tone was tan. I looked over at my dad who was taking the liberty of pushing the gargantuan trolley for me. From him I got the slender athletic body, all due to making me play Quidditch with him for rigorous hours. Also, we shared the same fair ivory skin and salmon colored lips. It seemed that we matched today, how embarrassing. Both of us were wearing a maroon sweater, jeans, and sneakers. His honey blonde hair glistened in the sunlight as he walked.

            “Bloody busy isn’t it?” He asked shaking his head. He turned to me and kissed my forehead. “Be safe; don’t use your wand unless it’s necessary.” He warned, as he looked around. “So many young gentlemen here…. behave your self. I give you full permission to jinx any boys that come near you. There is a reason I sent you to an all girl school.”

            I rolled my eyes. “Sure, sure,”

            Dad mumbled something, but he nodded letting me know that he heard me.

            Mum gave me one last hug and dad gently patted my back. I climbed onto the train, waving to them one last time. “See you guys during the Holidays.”

            “DON’T FORGET THE WAND!!!” My father shouted, cupping his hands over his mouth. I watched them getting smaller and smaller until I couldn’t see them any longer.

            I smiled weakly; I pulled my trunk behind me as I searched for any empty compartment, with my luck there wouldn’t be any. I felt all queasy. If I didn’t find a compartment soon, I’d trip and fall and embarrass my self before the school year even started.

            I gulped and reached for the nearest compartment door. I closed my eyes and jerked it open. One eye opened slowly to reveal two boys sitting beside one another and a girl sitting across from them.

The girls face I recognized immediately.” Renee?” I whispered, relieved.

            All three of their heads snapped up at once. The two boys immediately started gawking. I blushed. I giggled at the thought of me jinxing them with my wand. One boy was extremely attractive. He was in an expensive looking sports jacket; he had chocolate brown shaggy hair, his bangs, creating shadows around his crystal blue eyes. He was well toned, his sculpted chest, was visible underneath the somewhat tight brown t-shirt. Dimples appeared as he smiled.

            Whoa, baby. I grabbed the door handle for support. The other boy, who was fairly attractive, took my trunk and put it in the over head shelf. He had dirty blonde that was cut short but he had superb sideburns. His well chiseled arms flexed, underneath his black shirt, as he shoved my trunk into place. Both of them shared tan skin, maybe from all the sunlight. I was not used to speaking to boys, seeing two insanely attractive ones made it even worse. I did not want to embarrass myself so I looked down and smiled to the floor, tinkering with my hair tie.

            Renee pulled me down beside her and smiled widely, resembling those of the boys that sat across from me. Her mahogany hair bounced as she began talking, her almond hazel eyes twinkling, they really stuck out on her olive colored skin.

            “Vicky? Vicky De Lorme, you seriously changed. You look stunning.” She complimented. Was it me, or did I sense a hint of envy?

            “Victoria, not Vicky,” I corrected, my voice almost inaudible. All I did was put on some faint eyeliner and let my usual tied hair loose, and even that seemed drastic. I didn’t look that different did I?

            “The names Jasper Belov,” It was the dark haired boy. He extended his hand out for me to shake. I looked down at his hand, it looked so smooth, and his long fingers engulfed mine as I shook it.

            He smiled, releasing my hand, with a gentle squeeze. Another blush let loose. Jasper nudged his friend who was still gawking at me. He blinked and smiled. “Marcus Salvatore.” He nodded.

            I nodded, “You two go to Hogwarts?” I asked. Wow, this was more conversation than I ever had.

            Everyone started laughing. They were most definitely were not laughing with me, seeing that I wasn’t laughing, so they must have been laughing at me. What did I say that was so tremendously hilarious?

            “Do we look like we come from Hogwarts?” Marcus snorted. “No, we are from Durmstrang. We transfers have to stick together you know.”

            Jasper rolled his eyes. “You don’t have to say it like that. It’s not like we are any better than they are. If you don’t remember, it was their champion that won the Triwizard Cup.”         

            Leaning back in his chair, Marcus crossed his arms. “That’s cause Krum’s a ignorant piss off who thinks that he is better than everyone else. If his ego was a tint smaller, it might have stopped him from winning”

             “Just shut up, you are just jealous you can’t catch a snitch as fast as he can.” Renee stuck out her tongue like a four year old.

            “Did you just stick your tongue out?” Marcus raised an eyebrow.

            Jasper stood up and stretched his arms and yawned. “I’m getting tired of sitting with you, Renee switch with me, will you?”

            Marcus’s eyes opened in mock horror, “Leave me with her and I’ll die.”

            “Not if I kill you first, now shove over and let her sit.”

            Jasper waited till Renee reluctantly switched over. He sat beside me, a little closer than necessary. “I hope you don’t mind.” He whispered.

            I shook my head a little too vigorously. “No, of course not,”

            He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the window. He pulled his feet onto the seat and crossed them; his knee bumping into mine every once in a while. I began wondering how he could possibly sleep with Renee and Marcus’s constant bickering.

I could not stop myself from staring at him. For I don’t know how long, I watched him. Taking in the way that is bangs always went the right, how the ends of his hair curled out. I noticed that he had dark long eyelashes. His cheekbones were perfect, long and the right amount of narrowness. His lips looked soft, parting as he whispered a song to himself. I wanted to reach out and touch them. I shook my head and looked down trying to rid myself of these thoughts. His legs were long. If I was correct he would be somewhere around six feet. I watched his smooth, flat, chiseled stomach go up and down as he breathed. My eyes went back up to his face. As if sensing my lingering gaze he opened his eyes and smiled impishly. “Caught you….”

From tomato red my cheeks went to beet red. He sat up straight. All the sudden it seemed too quite. Renee and Marcus had fallen asleep. I found it quite ironic that they seemed to highly dislike each other and here they were; Marcus with his arm around Renee, and Renee curled up at his side. I looked for something to distract myself with.

“You aren’t much of a talker are you?”

My head snapped up and looked at him; he was leaning very close to me, his eyes smothering me. He pulled back and the corner of his mouth pulled into smile.

“Are all Beauxbaton ladies as pretty as you?” he bent over and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. I must be hallucinating, no guy, let alone a handsome guy, ever flirted with me; I wasn’t around enough of them to know how to do it back.

I stammered. “W-well I wouldn’t know, I’ve never…” I rephrased, “I mean to say that they are lovely, though I don’t think I find them attractive in the way you might.”

He considered my answer. He looked back at me. “Do you find me attractive in any way?”

I was caught completely off guard. What should I tell him, that yes, I found him to be extremely attractive? No, I’d make a complete idiot out of myself. I tapped my fingers on my knee.  What the hell do I say?

“I’m guessing that your silence is implying that I am not?” He shook his head in silent laughter.

            I broke out in a soft laugh, not wanting to wake the sleeping duo. Jaspers face became abruptly calm. “You didn’t answer my question. “He closed his eyes and went back to his former position of lying against the window. “It’s alright, I’ll get my answer soon enough.”

            He was as confusing as a million piece puzzle. I nodded a little dumbfounded by his statement. I leaned against my seat, just as I was about to close my eyes, I noticed him staring at me.


            “Do you believe in love at first sight?

            Once again I was dumbfounded, what was he trying to say? “Am I supposed to?

            He shook his head and went back to closing his eyes. “I don’t know about you, but I never believed it me self. But now – “one eye opened winking back to a close. “I think I just might.”


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We're All Victims of Love.: Chapter One


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