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Pirates by singerhotti24
Chapter 6 : To Fight a Pansy
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Disclaimer: Sadly, all I own is this crazy plot, and the OC's. Everything else is JK Rowling's.


Hermione smiled as she watched the sun peek over the edge of the sea, winking at her as it hovered over the water. Blaise came up to stand beside her, his hands clasped behind his back.

The two had become closer over the time that had elapsed, always spending time together, him taking over the helm as Hermione went to sleep. She didn’t trust him with everything, but she knew she could trust him with her ship. They plotted together, and tried to figure out the clues together. He was ridiculously smart, and had a lot of common sense. His ability to detach from logic and think creatively astounded her. Almost everything they did was hand in hand. Sure, he was his annoying Slytherin self most of the time, but he always surprised Hermione with what he had to say. They were almost on first name basis.

“Beautiful morning, is it not?” he said, nonchalantly.

“It is.” Hermione said, truthfully, inwardly thinking, what do you want?, as she glanced to the ebony skinned boy beside her. “What is it Blaise?”

He looked at her and grimaced. “I can’t get this one move right, the Crescent Sun drill. I swing my sword the right way, but I cant do the twist motion after it. I practiced with Thad, but I cant do it.” he said, fingering his black steel cutlass in its sash.

Hermione stood away from the wheel of the ship and smiled, pulling out her own. She always wanted to help. So that was what she did. “Do it slowly.” Hermione said, beginning the drill.

Blaise and Hermione went through the steps, one by one, Hermione placing his hands in the right spots as needed. “You’re a little low on your placement here.” she said, as she turned around and flicked his hand with her cutlass, the sun glinting off the gold blade. Blaise hissed as a small cut blossomed on his hand. “This way you’ll remember.” Hermione said fiercely. Blaise opened his eyes in shock.

“I’m sorry, but it had to be done.” she stepped gracefully and slowly into the next move, her sword hitting hilts with his. She turned her sword so she could show him an identical cut that she had, but hers was now scared. “I did the same thing, and Fred taught me like this. He had one too.” she said almost apologetically. “Now this is the important step,” she said as she turned her sword, and he did likewise. “Good. That’s it Blaise.” she said lightly as she twirled through the next few steps of the drill and waved hello to Thaddius who came up from below decks.

“Hi, Captain Hell. What’s up?” he grinned cheekily at her and pulled out his own cutlass and laced it with hers. Hermione smiled as the began fencing with each other. It was a game, keeping them in shape. None of them could afford to be slackers!

“Nothing really, you?” she said as she sidestepped a blow and attacked lightly. The surprising fact was that Hermione seemed to move instinctively. Instead of focusing on the moves, she focused on the conversation. She was a natural. 

“Just trying to figure out why Blaise keeps messing up his move. I don’t understand….” Thaddius said as he quickly fended off a blow aimed at his stomach. “Why he can’t avoid stuff like that.”

Hermione smiled as she whirled around, flicking Thaddius’s sword from his hands.

She whirled around and met blades with Blaise, her sword slashing so they were hilt to hilt. Her face mere milli-meters from his. “You just try to stick them before they stick you. The only rule is,” she said breathlessly as she whirled away from him and curled his sword from his hand and let it fly ,”That you don’t get so close that they can kiss you,” the cutlass stabbed into the deck, point down, with a thunk. Hermione smiled and sheathed her sword.

She held out a hand to help him up.

Blaise grinned mischievously and said, “Not unless they’re gorgeous, like yourself.”

Hermione had no time to blush for she had gasped as he pulled her down on to the ground, grappling with her. She grinned as she hit the ground harshly, pushing and prodding his weak spots.

“You can’t beat me Blaise.” she gritted, the curve of her lips faltering as she broke his hold and maneuvered herself atop him, “So stop trying.”

He scissored his legs and began to pull himself atop her. On his way up he brushed his lips across her cheek, inconspicuously, no one else had seen. It was light as a feather, almost not there, but he let his lips linger just enough, so that he knew that she felt it. Blaise felt the heat rush to her cheeks. “You’re loosing, Captain.. I just got close enough, and I kissed you.” he whispered in her ear,.

Hermione’s eyes spaced open as his lips brushed her cheek. It was an odd feeling, something that could have been a mere play between friends, but as she looked into his dark eyes, she knew this was above and beyond that, and she didn’t like it. But, being the famous Hermione Granger, she regained her composure and smirked. He had left one of her hands free. Now if I could just--
She reached up and yanked him by his hair and pulled his head towards her. “Not that this isn’t fun,” she said, stressing the last word, “But I have work to do.” She yanked his torso and rammed it to the ground, positioning her self in a crouch multi-threat position. “Match.” she said, letting go of his hair sharply.

He winced and called back after her. “You can’t just run away from it, Granger. You feel it too.”

Hermione’s head whipped around, “Aye, but I can leave it for later.” she met his dark eyes once more and went to her quarters and brought out the map of clues, and the ship-ish marauders map. “ALL HANDS AT THE HELM!” she called out loudly.  She didn't want to think about what just happened. She needed to get active, so she could forget.

The sounds of scuffling and running reached her ears-ropes being pulled and put in their correct places- it was as if they had been doing this their whole lives. Hermione waited patiently as the crew gathered around her.

Thaddius grinned at her. “What we doin’ Cap’n Hell?”

Hermione raised an eyebrow. “I thought that it was time that we went and plundered a ship.” she opened the Ship-ish map and waited a moment so that everyone could see where the other ships were. The left side of her mouth quirked up. She pointed to a ship not very far from them. “How about this one?”

Harry tossed and turned in his over comfortable bed. He just couldn’t sleep. For the past two weeks he had been going to banquets, blessing the children born to extras in the game. Extras were people, not from Hogwarts, that were placed in the game by the Headmistress. And Ron. Ron was just infuriating. Why you might ask?


Hermione, Hermione, Hermione. That’s all he talks about anymore! Harry thought irritably. In fact, she was the reason he was tossing in his bed. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Whenever he closed his eyes he was thinking, Is she ok? Is she still alive? or something along those very lines.

He closed his eyes and her face filled the empty space behind them. He groaned as he felt a rush of something he couldn’t name tingle throughout his whole body. He got up out of bed and reached out to the bell that hung by his bed that would have a servant come and assist him. Then he thought better of himself. If I ask someone to do this, word could get out, and if word gets out, my crown could be taken away, if my crown gets taken away, then she wont be safe, and if she isn’t safe, then she’ll probably “die”, and if she probably dies, I wont know where she is!

Not that I know where she is anyways
. He groaned as he realized she had come up in his thoughts again. That nasty little bugger… 
He went over to his nightstand, footfalls falling softy on the fur rug covering the floor. He opened the bottom drawer, removed the wand, his snitch, and his book of the history of Fliadopia, and finally removed the bottom of the draw to reveal a hidden space.

Harry pulled out a very dear friend of his. I have got to do this my way. I can’t be a spoiled king, that’s Malfoys job. 
The invisibility cloak rippled gently under his inquisitive fingertips. Here we go again. He took the cloak and set it on the chair, folding it to make sure he wouldn’t forget where it was. He walked over the desk by the window and lit his wand with a nonverbal spell (Lumos) and set it in the wand holder, so it acted like a light. 

He picked up a quill and a piece of parchment and began writing a letter. As soon as he was done he slipped the letter in an envelope and then proceeded to seal it with wax and his own engraving- the snitch. He rolled the tiny gold ball over the wax then slipped it into his robe pocket and pulled over the cloak, making him completely invisible. He had thrown it in his pack at the last moment before entering the portal. He knew that it would come in handy. In that moment, Harry Potter disappeared from view.

A door opened and closed on it’s own…….

He was out of the room and headed down the hallway. Harry was going to the nantchuketery. He pulled of his cloak once he was in the tower and walked over to the nearest nantchuket. 

It was an odd creature, a sea-horse that lived in the air and had fairy wings,, horse legs, and deep inquisitive eyes. about the size of an owl. Of course, theses were miniatures, larger ones were fit to ride. These were considered by wizards and witches in the area, anyone from Hogwarts really, to be the owls of Fliadopia. They came in a variety of colors, ranging from teal, to bright orange. Any color of the rainbow, really. They could also understand anything that anyone of any race (animals, humans…anything)- even thought they couldn’t talk back..

He went to the one in the corner, the one all by itself. Harry gently stroked the black one’s back, and whispered softly, “Care to do me a favor?”

The little black nantchuket looked at him with deep blue eyes and nodded anxiously. Harry grinned, his white teeth flashing in the moonlight room and rolled the letter into a scroll shape. He grabbed a small wing-pack from the wall and fastened it to the back of the small nantchuket and placed the letter inside. “Do you have a name?” he asked.

The nantchuket shook its head slowly. Harry thought for a moment. “I name you Darkness. So don’t fail me.” the creature nodded, its eyes lighting up with the news of its name. A blinding flash of light filled the room, blinding the young king for a moment. Harry opened his eyes again, trying to adjust to the blackness.

He glanced at the little creature and saw the name he had given it blazed on the place where its “mane” would be. Harry shook his head with amusement and said, “I need you to get this to Captain Hermione Granger- Pirate Captain. She is in the sea somewhere. I’m sure you know where to go.” the little thing nodded, eyes alight with adventure. “Now off with you! And good luck!” he said, picking up the creature in his hands and letting it fly into the night. The seekers eyes watched it leave, the nantchuket’s silhouette disappearing quickly against the starry sky. He smiled wistfully as he watched it fly. “Good luck.”

Pansy Parkinson. A name not only to invest fear into the eyes of one who is scared of breaking a nail on the rigging, but also to make any real pirate scoff in absurdness. She may have been good with the sword, but she was downright ridiculous! At the moment, she and her crew were anchored…as they have been for the past week.

“Captain, Can’t we please go somewhere?” Terry Boot whined.

Pansy rolled her eyes. “No.” she didn’t even bother changing the intonation. That question has been asked over 100 times already today! she fumed inwardly, munching on a piece of salted meat. Ugh. This stuff must have so many calories. She grimaced.

Pansy wasn’t really the pug faced girl that everyone depicts her to be. She really was a beautiful girl- her expression just messed it up a little. OK, so it messed it up a lot. If she didn’t look like she was constipated all the time, she’d be decent. Her black hair swung evenly into her eyes in a jagged cut that swept across her forehead- her green eyes roamed leisurely across the deck of the ship. Once she had figured out that there was no one really good looking on her ship, she changed into a dress worthy of a queen and lounged about in her cabin most of the time. 

But today was different. She knew it; felt it somehow. She had changed into a pair of breeches and a tight white shirt, her sword attached to her side. She may seem like a new recruit, no tatters in her clothes to show character…but she wielded her sword well. Very well in fact. She was as fast as a cobra, her aim as deadly as a precision knife.

She put her hand on her hip , “Raise the anchor!” she yelled up to her mates. “We’re getting out of here!” she cried…then resumed eating her snack as the rest of the crew weighed anchor and made ready to sail.

“Captain!” came a cry from the crow’s nest.

“What is it Hannah?” Pansy asked irritably, shielding her eyes from the sun as she looked up at the girl above.

“It’s Pirates! The Lioness by the looks of it!” she yelled.

Pansy’s eyes narrowed. “Mudblood Granger.” She pulled out her spyglass and raised it to the horizon. “So it is,” she muttered to herself. “Everyone get ready for battle! Places, like Crawford taught us.” she yelled across the deck and positioned herself at the helm.

Crawford was the last name of the Arithmacy and Ancient Runes teacher at Hogwarts. He was cunning and brilliant. And his lessons that he had given them on how to fight were going to help them win today.

Bring it on you filthy little Mudblood. I’m waiting. 

“Steady as she lay!” Hermione shouted, “Man your head braces, your halyards! Keep those ropes tight, Thadds!” She directed to her crew as she stood at the helm, sailing towards the ship, which wasn’t moving. Surprise, Surprise. Thought Hermione. Wonder why the Pansy wont run.

She knew that Pansy was a fierce fighter, in Fliadopia, A History, they often referred to her as “The Snake” because of her quick sword usage and agility. It had a story about her childhood, how she became to be a pirate, and her fierce skills. Hermione could only hope that Pansy hadn’t tapped into them as well as she should have.

“Keep her close to the wind mates! We want to catch her on the side!” Hermione pulled out her spyglass and peered at the ship.

Blaise walked up behind Hermione. “I’ve got your back.” he said, putting his hand on her back, his fingers splayed wide.

Hermione didn’t take her eyes from the spyglass. “You don’t have to. Just make sure you come out of this ali--”

Blaise jerked her towards him, capturing his mouth with hers.

Hermione was lost in several sensations. It was, for want of a better word, pleasant. nothing more. Then she came to the conclusion, I don’t want this. She pushed him back, looking into his eyes. He smiled slightly. “Close but no cigar, eh?”

Hermione smiled. “Guess not.”

Blaise frowned as he let her go. “Thought it’d be different. I’ll still be waiting if you want to try again.”

Hermione laughed. “Not likely Blaise. Friends?”

The grin faded off his face. “I love you. I’m not sure that qualifies me as a friend.”

Hermione opened her mouth to speak, but he was already gone. What in Merlin’s Name? Love? She frowned slightly, trying to digest the words that he had spoken, and put the spyglass to her eyes once more. He’s a Slytherin. They don’t know how to love. She didn’t know what to think. This was so out of character for him. It raised her hackles immediately. He was after something. She didn’t like the thought of that.

Pansy, waiting in her breeches and girly shirt was standing there, smirking at them, hair blowing dramatically in the wind. Hermione rolled her eyes as she touched her own hair. The curls were slightly tamed, thanks to the wand that she kept strapped in her boot. They were still doing their best to jump out of the ribbon that confined her hair. Hermione stretched her back, feeling the dagger fastened between her shoulder blades scratch against her skin.

Hermione grinned. I’m going to win today, I can feel it. Nothing could possibly go wrong. She glanced back through the spyglass and pulled out her wand, getting down to the floor. She aimed through a well cut hole, and glued all of the cannon ports from The Black Plague shut. Some would call it cheating, Hermione would call it using all of her resources. Soon, due to her crew’s amazing mastery of the ropes and runs of the ship, they were alongside the Black Plague. Hermione stepped from the helm of her ship and walked over to the side.

“Oi, PAAARRKKKINSSSONNN!” she called out. “I’d love a word!”

Pansy walked from the helm gracefully, green eyes smirking at Hermione. “Why isn’t it the little Mudblood. How thrilling. Might I ask why you’re here?” she asked, crossing her arms as if she hadn’t a care in the world.

Hermione simply rolled her eyes. “Now, now, Parkinson. It’s alright to be afraid. Why don’t you just hand over your loot, and my crew and I will leave peacefully.” she offered smartly, hand twittling over her sword.

Pansy laughed, a harsh, brutal sound that startled several of the people in each crew. “Me? Scared? Don’t be foolish Granger. What do you think I am, a Mudblood? Why would I ever pass up a chance to fight the dreaded Lioness? Hmmm? This would be your first battle, yes?” 

Hermione narrowed her eyes, then opened them slightly, looking completely normal. “The weather is very good today.” Pansy looked at her as if she was mad. Her green eyes quickly assed Hermione’s face. She looked innocent. Too innocent. 

Hermione looked and saw movement in her peripheral vision, Sylvester’s gold hair, glinting in the sunlight. “I do hope it continues.” Pansy looked even more bewildered, her crew confused as mess. Hermione refused to grin in satisfaction as the board under her foot moved, signaling another movement. She looked Pansy in the eyes and said the dreaded words…

“You should eat more bananas, Parkinson.”

Pansy looked at Hermione as if she were a retard. “Why would I want to do that?”

Hermione smirked. “Cause they’re good for you. NOW MATES!” she yelled, pointing her cutlass to the sky. There was a great roar of response as they swung from ropes to the Black Plague, half staying on the ship, half attacking. Hermione grabbed a rope and launched herself onto the other ship, aiming for Pansy. 

She landed neatly in front of the girl, her hair finally breaking free of it’s cord. “Oranges are good too, but bananas are better.” Hermione said, lunging at Pansy skillfully. Pansy cut her back, forcing her to retreat.

“I never much liked oranges, or bananas.” Pansy replied casually, as she moved in a circle, Hermione moving in a stance on the other side. She drove in, her sword flashing and cutting Hermione’s shirt. Hermione looked aghast. Pansy simply smirked. “I never much liked Mudbloods, either.” She cut in, watching as a weak trail of blood blossomed on Hermione’s shirt. Hermione though, refused to loose her cool.

“Well I never much liked pampered prissies who whine and bitch, when they never get their way.” Hermione said, lunging in, her gold cutlass clashing with Pansy’s bronze one. “What a pity, you’re not getting your way this time either.”

Then she drove in relentlessly, her sword never stopping, searching for an opening….

Thaddius was fighting fiercely, roaring in the face of a younger Slytherin…..Roars and shouts of pain filled the air, fierce battle cries and curses shot from the ships like fireworks, the cannons sitting in silence, for everyone needed to be up on the decks, fighting for possession….

Several minutes passed of sword metal hitting metal, clashing together in a deadly dance of steel.

“You good for nothing Mudblood whore!” Pansy shouted at Hermione, flashing in defense mode, keeping Hermione at bay, their swords letting of sparks.

Hermione stayed quiet, still searching for the opening, not responding to the 7th insult that Pansy had yelled at her. Let the snake waste her breath. She’s getting tired, I can feel it. Hermione whirled around, her back touching Pansy’s for a split moment, and they sprung apart again, their cutlasses dancing the dance of death.

They were very much alike. Neither was beautiful, both were fantastic swordswomen, and they could focus on the conversation, rather than on their swords. Maybe this could be the reason why they hated each other so much. Nah. Pansy’s too much of a blockhead. Hermione mused.

Pansy felt a coolness hit her back and sprung around to fend off a cleverly aimed slash. She was unnerved by her opponents’ silence. The black haired girl kept fending off blows from the bushy headed one, sweat forming over her perfectly manicured brow as she moved from one defense position to the next. “Snake got your tongue Granger? Or are you just too much of a coward,” she twirled and slahed Hermione’s sword again, “to talk back?” she panted.

Hermione smiled inwardly. Yes, she’s getting tired…Should have eaten a banana this morning…

She kept her sword cutting, weaving, drilling, clashing with Pansy’s brass cutlass, seeking, searching for that one small opening. But Pansy’s skill was superb, leaving no room for mistakes. Hermione was just about to give up searching when she saw it….

Pansy had tripped on a nail, a small nail in the plank of her ship. She felt it right under her heel as she stumbled. Her sword went up a fraction of an inch, and she prayed that Hermione hadn’t seen it. But by the time she had recovered, Hermione’s sword had filled the fraction of space and whipped her sword out of her hands. Hermione caught it with her free hand, a small smirk making its home on her lips.

Pansies eyes opened in shock, then she remembered the dagger she had, hidden between her shoulder blades. She reached back quickly only to find empty air. 

“Looking for this?” Hermione asked, a silver dagger lying in her palm. She had sheathed her sword in it’s rightful place, so she could have a free hand to hold the intricately carved dagger. Pansy’s narrowed eyes told her all that she needed to know. Hermione touched the sword to the girl’s throat. “Yield.”

Pansy’s eyes fluttered down. “I’m going to get you for this, Granger. Just you wait.” her eyes shot back to clash with the honey brown ones.

The brown ones were merciless. “I said, yield.” Hermione demanded, pricking Pansy‘s throat with the sword, causing a bead of blood to form at the tip. 

She left no choice but for Pansy to answer, “I yield! I yield! Stop! You’re going to scar my neck!” She threw her hands up in surrender, palms up.

Never underestimate the vanity of your opponent. Hermione looked at Pansy’s hand, which was held up in the air. She grasped the hand, still pointing her sword at the owner. It looked like an intricate bite on the side. Actually, it looks like a snake bite! she thought quickly. She looked closer. And she’s been bitten several times! she thought, judging my the marks on her palm.

Hermione narrowed her eyes as she lifted her sword, but only a fraction. She tilted Pansy’s head up, and with that motion, made Pansy hesitantly raise herself from the ground. Hermione looked at her. “Now, call of your men.” It wasn’t a request. It was demand. Turns out that Hermione Granger, is a control-freak. Who’d’ve guessed it?

Pansy glared at her. Hermione stood her ground. “Now. Or I’ll slit your throat.” she said, pleasantly, but her eyes were not joking at all. Pansy could tell by the seriousness that was flooding her expression.

Pansy gulped. “I…I…Oh, fine! CREW! STOP FIGHTING AT ONCE, ENTER FULL SURRENDER MODE!” she looked at Hermione. “Happy now?”

Hermione raised a brow. “Not nearly. Now tell them to circle around the center mast and let my mates tie them to it with the ropes. We’ll set them free before we leave. We can’t be too careful with vipers, can we, Captain Parkinson?” she asked, over sweetly.

Pansy snarled and did as she ordered. Hermione smirked. “You see, we would ransom you all off, but seeing as there’s no one who would pay even half a cent to have you…I guess we can’t,” she said, ignoring the Black Plague crew’s shouts of protests. “ Now, you and I are going below along with my very good friends Thaddius and Blaise.” she said as she motioned for the two boys to come forward. They grasped each of the defeated captain’s arms, Hermione looked her in the eye, daring her to move. “And you’re going to give me your treasure map.”

Pansy opened a mouth to protest, Hermione pressed her sword to the protesting voice box a little more. “You were just going to tell me where the treasure was, weren’t you, Captain?” Captain Hell asked snidely.

“It’s in the hold behind the barrels of meats.” Pansy said, shoulders dropping in defeat, knowing there was no way out. She glanced a Blaise, her own fellow Slytherin, but he shook his head in disgust. Her last chance had failed her. He had to die. Because of him, they were defeated, this was it. “I guess I should give you that map now, shouldn’t I?”

Hermione smiled in victory. “I guess you should.”

Pansy went submissively to her cabin, Blaise walking in with her, Thaddius watching the door.

Hermione turned to Pansy. “I want your signet.”

Pansy blanched, “But…But you can’t have that.”

Hermione pulled out her cutlass one more time and brandished it at her throat. “Give it to me.”

The color faded from Pansy’s face. “ I need my hands to take it off,” she said.

Hermione nodded deftly to Blaise, who promptly let her go. Pansy reached behind her neck to unclasp a silver chain that ran to hide behind her blouse. She pulled it out and handed it to Hermione who pocketed it quickly in a pouch that hung from her belt. “The map now, if you please.”

Blaise grabbed Pansy again. “Its over in the top drawer of the desk.” she said.

Hermione walked over and pulled out the map, one that had a completely different clue on the back. She also put this in the pouch. “My mates have already gotten the treasure chest on our ship, thank you for being so kind.” she said to Pansy, who merely sneered.

Hermione rolled her eyes as she motioned for them to leave the room. Hermione took one more glance around and left the cabin.

She turned and smiled after they tied Pansy to the mast. An odd sound was coming from her left; Blaise’s breath hitching in painful gasps… Hermione didn‘t acknowledge it. He was Blaise Zabini. Surely, it wasn‘t bad enough to kill him.

“ Thank you all for your time, we really appreciate it. Bon Voyage!” she yelled, swinging back to her boat. “Don’t forget to eat those bananas!”

She stepped onto the deck of her own ship, patting her side where pansy‘s map and signet were. A treasure chest stood by the center mast. “Make sail, mates! Lets go and we’ll celebrate our victory elsewhere!” Her crew roared in response and led the ship a bit away from the other. Hermione turned back as she heard laughter from her crew. “What is it?”

Thaddius grinned. “Looks like we forgot to untie the bastards. Pity.”

Hermione smiled as she heard Pansy screaming obscure words at their ship; Screeches that faded into nothing as the Black Plague became nothing but a mere dot on the horizon. Hermione relaxed against the helm, the cut on her stomach burning slightly. My first scar, and I got it talking about blasted bananas. She rolled her eyes and looked at her working crew. “Victory is ours mates, Victory is ours.”

Silvester looked down at her from the crows nest. “Captain Hell?”

And her victory went down to scrub poop deck. “What is it now?” she asked, slightly irritated.

“Stop using ‘mates.’ You’re not Australian.”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “Aye, but we’re pirates. And that’s what we pirates do. We act Australian when we’re really British.” she smiled. “Who wants to get the rum, and we’ll have a celebration?”

Thaddius grinned. “That’s the first logical thing I’ve heard you say all day.” and rushed below decks.

Hermione grinned at Blaise who was sitting in the corner on a barrel, looking pained. Her grin faded away. “Blaise…are you ok?” she asked, stepping closer to him, and putting her hand on his forehead. Merlin! He‘s burning up!
“No.” He moved his hand that was clutching his waist, and pulled up his shirt, just so his wound was revealed.. Hermione gasped.

Blood poured from dagger incision in his side. It was deep, and long.

“Pansy,” he rasped, his face pale and drawn. Suddenly, as if all the fight had gone out of him, his eyes rolled up into his head. He fell to the planks, his head cracking on the deck, and then, everything went black. 

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