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Flowers. by toonmili
Chapter 12 : Gentle Jesus
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A/N: you guys were awesome... thanks for all the reviews. I couldn't wait to upload this chapter

CHAPTER: Gentle Jesus

Tonks let the water wash over her hand. It was hot but not too hot. She liked her water that temperature when it was cold out. She stepped in and let the water wash over her. She could only think about what was happening. The fact that he was waiting in the room for her, that Jane was put to the bed, the lights were put out, the locks were checked and everything was quite and still.

It would be the first time she would go to sleep in his arms and wake up next to him. She could smile at the thought but she was too terrified to smile, all she could do was let the water run over her as she watched the steam cloud up the bathroom.

She probably spent too long in there. Her finger tips were getting wrinkled. She turned off the tap and wrapped the towel around her body.


It was a sheer silk nightgown. She bought it the day before. She walked up and down the high street looking for something perfect. She would have been spoiled for choice in London but here she had to spend more than three hours looking for something that she didn’t think she looked perfect in. She settled on something white with red roses on it. Something with a floral pattern was maybe the last thing that she would want to wear in front of Severus but she was hoping he would be distracted by the sheerness of the fabric.

She let her hair cascade perfectly over her shoulders and took one last look in the mirror. She walked in the room where the lights were dimmer. He was sitting up in bed with his face buried in a book. “Was I that long?” she asked.

Severus looked up at her and his eyes surveyed her. His words seemed to have seized. He passed his hand through his hair and cleared his throat. “I forgive you though.” His legs reached the side of the bed.

She smiled and walked slowly over to him. She stood between his legs and looked down at him. Severus placed his hands around her waist and moved her closer to him. She passed her fingers through his hair and he closed his eyes. “It feels better than I imagined.”

“What does,” she whispered.

“When we want the same thing.” He replied. He opened his eyes and met hers. He sent an electric shock through her body. She kissed his head and moved him further up the bed.

And then it came....

A little scream rang through the house and echoed off the walls. The moment they both caught up in was immediately broken. Something was wrong with Jane.


She cried and cried and they couldn’t get her to calm down. Martha offered to sleep with her but she wouldn’t allow it. She was certain than an evil witch would force her to eat poison apples if she went back to sleep in her room. She didn’t want to sleep next to Martha, she only trusted her father.

She crept in the bed and buried herself in between the sheets. She ordered him to stay next to her and looked at Tonks and commanded her to come on her other side...

Tonks wrapped the stain robe around her and crept in the bed next to Jane. She kissed the restless child and buried her in a hug.

“Say Gentle Jesus,” she said with urgency. This was a prayer Martha said to her. Every time she put her to bed she asked her to say it to help stop the monsters. She taught it to Tonks and asked her to repeat it. She stoked her hair and whispered the prayer

“Gentle Jesus meek and mild
Look upon this little child”

The three of them said the rest in it in unison.

“Pity my simplicity
And suffer me to come to Thee”

She calmed down a bit as sleep began to wash over her. She didn’t move away from her embrace, she slept as she was. Tonks kissed her head and looked over at Severus. They planned to spend the night together in stead the ended up with a little child in between them who was having bad dreams. Making plans was always a horrible idea, it was always best to let things happen. She smiled at him.

He wasn’t smiling. He was looking serious and pensive. He reached out his hands and touched her cheeks. “I wish she was yours,” he said.

That was the last thing he said to her before she fell asleep. It wasn’t the night that they planned but there was still something special about it.


By morning she was her usually bright self. She hardly remembered the nightmare she had and was running all around the house with Cinderella as usual.

Every moment she and Severus had alone he took it opportunity to show her some form of affection. If she wasn’t sure about his feelings before she was certain now. He was in love with her and she was in love him... everything was perfect. There would be some things that they would have to work out but they had all the time in the world to do that. There was no rush.


They planed to have lunch at a restaurant in town so there was actually a need for her to go down the hill to collect some clothes. They had decided since she spent most of her time with them anyway it would make more sense of she just moved her things over. She walked down the hill and for the first time she was perfectly happy because she knew she would return to them soon enough.

She walked through the door to find the house looking empty. She forgot that Nathan was still on his honeymoon and Robert, still acting strange, hadn’t been around a while. She called out to Natalie.

“Is that you Molly?” she asked.

She replied that it was her. Natalie came running down the stairs and stopped her when she looked at her. For the first time since she started to get serious with Severus, Natalie acted like she didn’t’ care. “Thanks goodness you’re here.”

Tonks wasn’t expecting such warm of a greeting. “What is it?” she asked.

“Well we have a new tenant coming by for a week. I just finished clearing the room but I forgot that she requested some things... I have to go to town to get them.”

“Oh okay,”

“The thing is, she’ll be by any moment. Can you stay here with her till I get back? I swear I’ll only be about half an hour.”

She absolutely didn’t want to stick around for half an hour. She got the feeling Natalie was doing this on purpose to keep her away from Severus. “Sure,” she said. She had packing to do anyway.

Natalie thanked her and rushed out the door with her hand bag over her shoulder.


More than an hour had gone by and no one came and Natalie hadn’t returned. She had already packed her bags and she was more than ready to leave. She sat on the couch cursing Natalie for leaving her stranded.

She heard the door creek open and she tilted her head hoping that it was Natalie. But it was not Natalie. It was Robert. His blond curly hair seemed to be wind tossed and his blue eyes scanned the room carelessly. “Is Natalie around?” he asked.

It was a far cry from his usual friendly greetings. She excused him since he looked so thoroughly depressed. “No, she went to town; she said she’ll be back soon.”

He frowned and even then his handsome face wasn’t spoilt. “I’ll just go up stairs and collect my things. I heard there’s a new tenant coming by.”

Tonks nodded. “Since half an hour ago.”

Her fake optimisum was lost on him. He shrugged and ran up the stairs to the room.

Tonks sat alone with ther packed bags and sighed to herself. She wanted to be back with Severus again. They were waiting in her. She wanted to get Jane ready, she bought a new dress for her and she wanted to be the one to help her put it on. She felt like slowly she was beginning to see her as daughter. Wasn’t that what Severus said the night before, that he wished she was Jane’s mother... She smiled to herself. Severus wanted nothing but the best for Jane and he wanted her above anyone else.... she knew he thought she was the best.

She smiled to herself and sighed. She didn’t feel so angry anymore. Severus loved her and no matter how long she was away form him it would change.

However, just as she was getting comfortable with the idea of waiting there was a ring on the door bell. She got up and walked to the door and pulled it open.

There she was...

The new Tenant had blond hair that was bone straight and pair of watery grey eyes. She was beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful woman she had seen up close. She pulled the door open and let her in. “You must be the new tenant.”

She had a careless sort of indifference about her. “Are you Natalie?” she asked.

“No, I’m Molly. I stay here as well. Why don’t you have a seat and I’ll go get Robert... he’ll see after you.”

She showed her into the room and she took a seat and turned up her nose at the surroundings.

Tonks very calmly ascended the stairs and walked down the hall until she came at the room with Robert.

“Is Natalie back yet?” he asked.

She closed the door behind her. Took out her wand and cast a silencing charm on the room. She walked over to Robert who was looking at her like she was sporting a clown suit and placed her hands over his mouth. “Robert, it’s very important that you listen to me.”

He nodded.

“There is a woman downstairs right now. If you look at her you’ll find she looks a little familiar. She is actually Jane’s mother.”

You see, I kept my promise...a cliffy... a huge cliffy. I loved writing this chapter so much... I said to myself... Of I feel like torturing my readers today.

I also can't wait to write the next chapter... *excited*

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Flowers.: Gentle Jesus


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