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Harry and Dumbledore went back to the kitchen and found that Mrs Weasley had put some food out on the table. Everyone was eating and talking for the next twenty minutes until Dumbledore got up.

“thank you for the food Molly it was lovely” Dumbledore said “I must go now to arrange the tests for the you five and I have your letter Tonks and I will explain the situation for you”.

“Thank you Sir” Tonks said.

“It is not a problem, I will be back later to tell you when the test will take place” Dumbledore said this and went through the door only to turn around and look at Remus “Remus what we discussed the other night I think Harry could help you out” and Dumbledore turned and left.

Harry turned and looked at Remus “Remus what do you want help with”.

“Can we go talk in the lounge in private” Remus said and got up.

“sure” Harry said following Remus out the room not before giving everyone in the kitchen a look that said “anyone know what this is about” but all he got was shakes of heads and shrugged shoulders from them, so he continued walking towards the lounge with Remus in front. When he got there he sat down opposite Remus and waited for Remus to talk. Remus sat there wondering how he was going to say what he wanted to Harry but his thoughts were stopped by a glass tapping him on the side of the head and Remus noticed it was a glass with fire whiskey in it. He looked over to Harry and noticed he had one and a smile on his face so he smiled back and took a large gulp of the amber liquid and looked at Harry.

“Remus what is it that you got to tell me” Harry said.

“Harry there is something that I need to ask you” Remus said and took another swig of the amber liquid “as you know I go and meet with some of the werewolf population. I have found out that Greyback has taken control of the population and anyone that opposes him are killed. There are two people that don’t want to be involved with Greyback, I know and trust both of them fully but they haven’t got anywhere to go” Remus was stopped by Harry putting his hand up.

“Remus if they could join the order they are welcome to stay here” Harry said “but why not go straight to Dumbledore and ask him he is the head of the order and he knows that I got no problem with order members staying here”.

“Harry I am asking you because Dumbledore is going to be handing over the order to you” Remus said and looked at the shocked face of Harry “he will be telling everyone at the order meeting tonight so we will talk about that later. Harry I want to tell you some stuff about the two people that will be coming. They have been werewolves all their lives, Mary has been one since she was five years old and she is two years younger than me, she never went to any school but her Mother tort her magic until she was sixteen. That’s when she lost everyone in the first war, deatheater’s attacked her house and killed her Family they left her for dead and since then she has been going from place to place and job to job” Remus stopped to take a sip of his drink “I met her eleven years ago and that is when I also met Don he is the other one that will be coming. He’s the same age as you he would have been a year older but with that little trick you done down in the basement you are the same age. He has been a werewolf since he was a baby he’s a muggle his parents were killed by a werewolf that I know quite well”.

“Greyback” Harry said.

“Yes it was Greyback” Remus said “Don would have been killed that night if it wasn’t for the Aura’s that were following up on a lead that they got. He didn’t have any other living relatives so he was taken and put into care with the control of magical creature’s office that is at the Ministry, they raise babies and young children that were bitten. When they turn five years old they are to be given to anyone who will take them, every time it’s someone from the werewolf population, it was Mary who found out about Don and she collected him. It was a year later that I met Mary and Don I was walking through one of the werewolf villages in Wales not fare from your Parent’s house at Godrics Hollow” Remus was stopped again by Harry.

“There are werewolf villages and there is one near my parents place at Godrics Hollow” Harry said then noticed the worried look that Remus was giving him “Remus its not that I’m worried it’s that I never knew”.

“There are nine villages in Britain, three in Wales, three in Scotland, one in England and two in Ireland” Remus said “and when I say near your parents house I mean it’s about two miles away but all this is another story, where was I”.


“Walking through the village” Harry said thinking he would have to sit down with Remus one night and ask him about the werewolf population and Villages.

“That rights” Remus said “well it was the night before the full moon was, I was there picking up some wolfbaine potion and I was heading back to the inn where I had a room when I could hear a growl coming from the side ally next thing I know I’m on my back with this little werewolf on my chest. Before you ask how, young werewolves have trouble with the transformation two days before and after the full moon. So there I was with this little werewolf on my chest looking at me, I could see it was scared because it was trembling. I didn’t know what to do I’ve never seen or been around a young werewolf accept for myself but luckily someone came running down the lane and that’s when I met Mary. We introduced each other and she told me it would be ok to get up but the little fella wouldn’t let go, that were Mary told me to follow her. I followed her to the same inn I was staying in, she was in the room opposite me. When we got in we started talking and getting to know each other that when she told me about Don” Remus stopped to top up his and Harry glass and took a sip “there is one more thing I need to tell you, Don he doesn’t talk no one knows how but his vocal cords are disfigured. Is there anything you want to ask or any Questions Harry”.

“Remus why haven’t they come here sooner” Harry asked.

“Harry they went into hiding when they found out about Voldemort coming back it was something we discussed, because we new that if Voldemort came back he would try and get the werewolves on his side using Greyback” Remus said “I’ve been looking for them for the last year that’s what most of my missions for the order have been looking for them, I found Don first it was a the first week of the summer holidays, he always had a thing about music so I was going to as many concerts and festivals that I could hoping he came out in the open. That’s when I found him he was at a festival, as soon as he seen me he ran up to me and gave me a hug he didn‘t let go of me for five minutes, he took me straight to Mary” Remus chuckled “Mary gave him a huge bollocking for going out into the open then gave him a huge hug for finding me. So she told me where they had been and asked me for help I told them I would. So that’s why I’m here asking you could you help them”.

“Remus you don’t have to ask” Harry said “when Dumbledore comes back get him to write this place down on paper and get them tonight after the meeting”. Remus got up and gave Harry hug.

“Thank you Harry” Remus said pulling away from the hug.

“Remus I got one question” Harry said with a smile spreading across his face “what are your feeling towards Mary and Don” Remus didn’t say anything he looked at the floor “well if your not going to tell me I’m going to take a guess and I bet I get it first go. You love Mary but you don’t know how she feels so you haven’t said anything to her about it and you see Don as your son”.

Still looking at the floor Remus looked up at Harry and new he couldn’t keep it a secret from Harry “you look just like your Dad but when it comes to brains you get that off your Mum. But to answer your question yes I love Mary and yes I haven’t said anything to her and yes I see Don as my son”.

“tell Mary tonight how you feel and then if she feels the same or not, tell Don anyway he may be seventeen but he still needs a father” Harry said “but from what you told me, Mary likes you as much as you like her and Don well I think he sea’s you as his Father anyway. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, you deserve happiness Remus you’re a good man”.

“Thank you for what you’ve done for me Harry” Remus said.

“Don’t worry about it” Harry said “come on let’s finish these drinks and go back down to the kitchen”.

At half six that night the Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Harry and Tonks were sitting in the lounge talking or watching Harry and Ron playing chess with Jessica curled up in one of her fathers arms sleeping. Remus had gone to tell Mary and Don to get their things packed so they would be ready when he came to get them later. Before Remus left he asked Harry to tell the other’s what was happening and to keep everyone in the kitchen after the order meeting so he could get Mary and Don in the lounge then he would come and get him so he could introduce him to them. Members of the order had already started to arrive and they went straight down to the kitchen. Harry didn’t realise there were so many people in the order, he recognised some but the other’s he never seen before.

“I didn’t know there were so many order members” Ginny said.

“It must be something big happening” Tonks said.

“The only things that have happened are what we done in the basement and what happened to Snape” Ron said

Harry sat there looking at the board listening to his friends, he knew that what Ron said was going to be talked about. The main reason why all the order was here tonight was because Albus Dumbledore the head of the order was going to hand over the headship of the order to him. Could he lead the order to fight against Tom and his followers, his thought were stopped when Ron called checkmate to end the game.

“I’m going to put this little madam down” Ron said getting up and heading up to Hermione and his room.

“Don’t forget to put the listening charm on the room” Hermione called up to Ron “when Ron gets back shall we head down to the meeting”.

“Dumbledore wants us to stay here until he come and gets us” Harry said “I don’t think he has arrived yet”.

“I have just arrived” Dumbledore said from the door “I see we are one short”.

“I’m here Sir” Ron said just getting to the bottom of the stairs.

“So you are Mr Weasley” Dumbledore said “just to let you know your test have been arranged, they will be in two days time. Miss Weasley you will need to be there at six in the morning so you can do your O.W.L.S and the rest of you will join her at twelve for your N.E.W.T.S”.

“Thank you Sir” they all replied.

“Miss Tonks” Dumbledore said “Miss Bones told me to tell you congratulations and that she will sadly miss you, but knowing what you six will be doing she wishes you all good luck. Now everyone is down stairs waiting accept for Remus but he shouldn’t be much longer, now if you follow me lets get this meeting under way”. They all got up and followed Dumbledore into the kitchen.

Harry just got to the top of the stairs when he heard the front door open and close. When he looked he saw Remus taking of his jacket “hey Remus you’re just in time, how did it go” Harry said.

“They couldn’t be happier” Remus said “I want to tell you how grateful I am, thank you Harry”.

“It’s not a problem” Harry said “come on we better get down there” so Harry made his way down the stairs with Remus following him. When he opened the door to the kitchen everyone turned to look who came in, he could see all the Weasley‘s, the Granger‘s, Longbottom’s, the Professors, Hagrid, Kingsley, Mad Eye Moody and many he didn’t recognise.

“Sorry I’m late Sir” Remus said.

“No need to apologise Remus we Haven’t started yet, hope everything went well” Dumbledore said and received a nod from Remus “now that we are all here” Dumbledore was stopped here by someone Harry could not see due to the amount of people in the room.

“Snape isn’t here” the voice said.

“You will find out why Snape isn‘t here during this meeting” Dumbledore said and the people in the room could see the anger in his face at the mention of Snape. “Now the first part of the meeting involves five new members, and if anyone wants to argue about these new members joining they are wasting there breathe. The new members are Miss Weasley, Miss Granger, Mr Weasley, Mr Longbottom and Mr Potter. So either myself or Harry will tell you now why they are joining the order but I warn you not to interrupt, would you like to tell them why you five are joining Harry” Dumbledore finished looking Harry straight in the eyes.

Harry was standing behind Tonks who was sitting down looking at everyone in the room. He gave a nod towards Dumbledore and felt Tonks squeeze his hand in support. “Sir would you prefer if I tell them everything including why Snape isn’t here and what happened to you, it would move things along quicker” Harry said.

“If you are up to Harry I have no problem with that” Dumbledore said then looking at everyone in the room “I do not want anyone to interrupt is that understood” everyone in the room all nodded so Dumbledore gave Harry a nod to start.

“Ok well the best place to start is at the beginning, and that started when Tonks sent a letter to me…” So Harry told them about Tonks coming to his place, receiving the letter from Gringotts. He told them every thing including Dumbledore being controlled by Voldemort and Snape being a traitor and being killed by Harry for it. The people in the room could not stop looking back and fore between Dumbledore and Harry with wide mouths and shocked faces but they did not interrupt. Harry continued with what Himself, Tonks, Ron, Ginny, Neville and Hermione had trained and planned in the basement. He told them about Hermione and Ron having a daughter and that he and Tonks were expecting twins. When finished he looked at Dumbledore and it seemed that the headmaster had aged in the time of Harry telling this story. Harry gave a nod to let him know he had finished.

“Thank you Harry” Dumbledore said and looking around at the order “there will be no question or arguments in what they have planned. Now its time to tell you all something. Now that you know what has happened I will be handing the order over to a person I know will take down Voldemort and his followers and I ask that you follow him as you have followed me” at this people started shouting and arguing until there was a loud bang and everyone turned and faced Dumbledore who was just putting his wand away “as my last order in this order. You must follow this person as you have followed me, the new head of the order is Harry” there was absolute silence everyone was looking at Harry, but Harry was looking straight at Dumbledore who gave him a slight nod.

Harry walked up to the side of Dumbledore and people started to talk. Harry raised his hand still looking at Dumbledore and everyone went silent, all disagreements people had with Harry being the head of the order stopped there. Everyone could see that Harry had the power and the right stuff to lead them “I am honoured that you would think I would be a good leader for the order Sir but I must decline. There is one person who started the order and that person will disband the order at the end of this war. This person has given people strength and hope that someday this war will end and these people have believed in him, even when he fell to a greater power his people never gave up because they new what this person stood for. At the end of this war he will still lead these people, he gave hope and strength and then and only then if he still wishes to hand the order over to me then I will accept and lead these people in protecting what is good in this world. Right now there is only one man that can lead us into this war, I am honoured to fight by his side knowing that he fights along side his people” for the first time since walking up to the side of Dumbledore, Harry looked into the faces of the people in the room and he could see tears, pride and strength. Bringing his fist down onto the table and once again looking at every single face in that room he said in the strongest voice anyone had ever heard Harry speak “so I ask you who is the leader of the order”.

“ALBUS DUMBLEDORE” roared the many voices of the order.

With tears in his eye Albus Dumbledore stood and looked at the people in the room, he could see the hope and strength that Harry had mentioned in the face of these people “For the first time in many years I am lost for word, Dobby” the little elf appeared next to him.

“Yes Headmaster Dumblydore” Dobby said.

“Could you get everyone a drink please Dobby” Dumbledore asked and Dobby clicked his fingers and everyone had a drink in their hands “thank you Dobby, don’t forget yourself” Dobby clicked his finger’s again and he had a drink in his hand “So if you would all raise your glasses” glasses were raised around the room Dumbledore looked at Harry “to Friends, Family and Peace”.

“FRIENDS, FAMILY AND PEACE” Everyone shouted.

“now if Harry does not mind us using his large kitchen” Dumbledore said receiving a no from Harry “I think we should all take the night off and have a party” cheers went up throughout the kitchen.

Harry had just picked up another drink when Remus came over “hey Remus”.

“Harry I just wanted to let you know I’m going to get Mary and Don so I should be back in about half hour” Remus said.

“ok well when you get back come and get me” Harry said and took a look around “it looks like most of the order only stayed for one drink, and some are getting ready to leave now. So it should be just the people living here when you get back”.

“in a way I’m glad it gives Mary and Don time to settle” Remus said then looked at Harry then placed his hand on his shoulder “Harry I couldn’t have been more proud of you for what you did tonight, your Parents and Serius would be to. You are truly a great man”.

“I couldn’t agree more” Dumbledore said coming up to them “I want to thank you Harry for what you did for me and the Order tonight”.

“Sir, Remus at the end of the day I did what was right” Harry said “we all stand together and if we don’t then Tom has already won and I am not going to let happen”.

“That is why you are a good man Harry” Dumbledore said then reaching into his robe, he pulled out a quill and gave it to Remus “once you activated it Remus the port key will bring you, Mary and Don straight to the lounge”.

“Thank you Sir” Remus said “well I better be off, will you be here when I get back Sir”.

“No Remus I will meet Mary and Don tomorrow” Dumbledore said “with everything that has gone on today I am in need of my nice soft bed. So I will follow you out Remus, Harry thank you again and good night”.

“Good night Sir” Harry said “I’ll see you when you get back Remus” Harry watch as Remus and Dumbledore left the kitchen then turned around and came face to face with Mad Eye Moody.

“Potter” Moody said with his usual gruff voice “I just wanted to let you know Albus was right you would be a good leader in the fight against the Dark and I would of stood with you as I stand by Albus” Moody put his hand forward and Harry shook it.

“Moody let’s hope there never comes a time that I need to lead the order” Harry said and with a nod of his Head Moody turned. Harry watched him go over to the food table and started to sniff at a chicken leg he picked up, shaking his head at Moody Harry went to look for Tonks.

On the other side of the room Tonks was sitting down with her feet up and a bowl of crisps on her lap talking to Hermione.

“So how’s these little guys been treating you” Hermione said.

“Like their trying to jump out of my belly” Tonks said.

“I remember that with Jessica but she was only one Baby” Hermione said “it wont be much longer now, you are coming up to the expected date”.

“I know its only a couple of days to go now” Tonks said “I’m glad you guys are getting these tests out the way, we can all enjoy the rest of the summer before we go to Hogwarts. I’ve been worried about Harry the last couple of weeks, with me being pregnant and with the amount off work he’s put into the planning to end this war. He hasn’t been sleeping that much and I know that most of the time I’m sleeping he’s working on something, he needs this break”.

“I know” Hermione said “Ron and Nev have been the same, the three of them have been working on something, what I don’t know. Every time I ask Ron he changes the subject, Ron and Nev have taken it upon themselves to watch Harry’s back and Harry has taken everything on his shoulders”.

“What you two talking about” Ginny said sitting on the chair on the other side of Tonks and taking a crisp.

“We are talking about the three idiots we call boyfriends” Tonks said.

“Trying to figure out what their up to as well” Ginny said “well I’ve been trying to find out what but Nev just ignores me when I ask”.

“It’s understandable” Hermione said “they are only trying to protect us, but they forget that we can look after ourselves. With Harry and Ron they want to make sure that there is someone here to look after the children”.

“Me and Neville haven’t got any children” Ginny said.

“That makes no difference, Nev still wants to protect you” Tonks said and gave a little jump as a hand came over her shoulder and took a crisp.

“Sorry Nym” Harry said sticking the crisp in his mouth and giving Tonks a peck on the cheek “how you feeling and how are these two treating you today” Harry started to massage Tonks shoulders.

“I’m ok, these two want to get out” Tonks said placing a hand on her belly.

“It wont be much longer now” Harry said “where’s Ron and Nev I haven’t seen them for a while”.

“They were over by Fred and George about ten minutes ago” Ginny said.

“They have probably gone to talk about what you three are keeping secret” Tonks said.

“I’ll be back in a minute” Harry said giving Tonks a kiss and went looking for Ron and Nev.

“See they ignore or change the subject every time” Hermione said.

Harry looked through the house and finally found Ron and Nev. They were in his and Ron’s old bedroom shaking hands but not with each other but with Mr Weasley and Mr Granger. When they noticed Harry standing by the door Mr Weasley and Mr Granger both gave a nod to Ron and Nev and headed for the door.

“Mr Weasley, Mr Granger” Harry said.

“Harry” they both replied and left the room.

“Was that what I think it was” Harry said receiving nods and smiles from the both of them “well that leaves me, thank Merlin because the girl are getting very suspicious”.

“Everything else is sorted” Ron said “you asked Dumbledore this morning and he’s ok with performing the ceremony”.

“When you done your bit” Neville Said to Harry “we can let the girl’s know what we been doing”.

“Well that can be tomorrow” Harry said “I’m going to see Mr and Mrs Tonks Tomorrow, the only other thing that’s got to get done now is the dresses and our robes”.

“It’s going to be funny to see Tonks Parents Face’s when you explain everything to them” Ron said then got a worried look on his face “we got one more thing to do”.

“No there isn’t we got everything ready except the dresses and robes” Neville said.

“We got to get the rings” Ron said.

“We can meet at eleven in Diagon Alley after I’ve seen Nym’s parents and get them then” Harry said “if we cant find anything there we can check muggle London”.

“That sound a cool idea” Neville said.

“I’m up for that” Ron said.

“Good now lets go back down stairs before they send the search party” Harry said and the three of them made their way down to the kitchen. When they got there Harry noticed it was only the people living Grimmauld place. So he got everyone’s attention and informed everyone about where Remus had gone and who he was bringing back and a little bit about them. “now they should be here in a couple of minutes and I will be bringing Don in the kitchen so Remus can have a chat to Mary about something’s, Don’t surround him I don’t know how he will react to all of us” Harry finished looking around at everyone and receiving nods and okay’s in understanding. Five minutes later they were all sitting around the table talking and laughing when they heard someone coming down the stairs to the kitchen, Remus then appeared at the door with a smile on his face.

“Hello everyone” Remus said.

“Hey Remus” Harry said “did everything go alright”.

“Yes thank Merlin” Remus said “can you come with me a minute Harry”.

“Remus dear” Molly said getting up getting some butterbeer’s and a pot of tea on a tray “take this in with you, almost forgot” and with a wave of her wand a jar of biscuits came from the cupboard and landed on the tray.

“thank you Molly” Remus said taking the tray from her and headed back up the stair’s followed by Harry. When they got to the lounge Mary and Don were sitting down on the settee but got up when they entered. Mary was the same height and build as Hermione’s with long dark blonde hair down to her shoulder’s, slim face with blue eye’s and she was wearing a pair of sandal’s, light blue jeans and a short sleeve shirt and Harry could see they were a bit worn and torn. Don was about two or three inches smaller than Harry his build was like Ron’s and Neville’s, his head was shaven but Harry could tell his hair colour was dark giving Don a tanned look and he eyes were dark brown. His clothes were a pair of black boots, dark blue jean and a black t shirt and like Mary’s they looked warn and torn. Remus put the tray down on the table “well Harry this is Mary”.

“Thank you for letting us stay here” Mary said “and it’s lovely to meet you Harry”.

“No need to say thank you but you are welcome” Harry said shaking Mary’s hand “and it’s nice to meet you to Mary”.

“Harry this is Don” Remus said.

“It’s nice to meet you Don, if there is anything you need let me know and the same for you Mary” Harry said and shook Don’s hand who gave a nod and smiled.

“ok then lets sit down Molly got us some drinks so what would you like” Remus asked, Remus and Mary had tea while Harry and Don had butterbeer “Harry or myself will show you where your going to stay and where the kitchen and bathroom are later. Now is there any questions”. Don got up and went over to his back pack and pulled out something and came back and sat down then gave Remus Something. When Harry looked he noticed it was a portable CD player “Sorry Don it wont work while your in the house” Don looked quite unhappy that he wouldn’t be able to play music.

“Remus let me have a look” Harry said took the CD player off Remus, holding it in both hand said something no one could hear and the CD player gave a sudden blue glow then stopped passing it back to Don “that should work now”.

Don put his earphones on and pressed a button, then looked up at Harry and gave a thumbs up.

“Thank you Harry I don’t know what he would have done without his music” Mary said.

“Its ok” Harry said

“is there any other Questions” Remus.

“Well there is one” Mary said with a slight blush coming to her cheeks “how come your looking so good I.. mean.. well”

Harry chuckled which he hid with a cough and noticed Don roll his eyes. When he looked at Remus he was blushing as well, Remus turned and looked at Harry.

“First of all Remus remember what I said to you earlier, I just want to say I told you so” Harry said which coursed Remus to blush even more “and you can explain why your looking sooooooooooo Well. Don do you fancy coming down to the kitchen and meet the other people staying here, and leave these two alone” Don got up placing his earphone around his neck and followed Harry down to the kitchen. When they got there it was quiet Harry looked around everyone was there. It was when Ginny looked up and put her finger to her lips then pointed to Ron, Harry could see Jessica curled up he understood why it was quiet. When everyone noticed Harry and Don come in they all gave a little wave, Ron put Jessica in her carry cot and put a silencing charm around the cot.

“ok you can talk now” Ron said.

“What’s wrong with her is she ok” Harry said.

“She got that upset stomach again” Hermione said looking over at her daughter.

“She will be fine now” Neville said “with the potion I gave you to put in her milk she will sleep the rest of the night and her upset stomach will be gone”.

“Thanks Nev” Ron and Hermione said together.

“Well as long as Jessica is ok” Harry said “I’ll introduce everyone, Don this Mr and Mrs Weasley”.

“its lovely to meet you dear” Mrs Weasley said Giving Don one of her Famous hugs.

“Don you will get use to Mrs Weasley’s hugs” Harry said coursing everyone to laugh

“Its nice to meet you Don” Mr Weasley said shaking Don’s hand.

“This is Mr and Mrs Granger” Harry said Don shook both the Granger’s hands.

“This is Hermione the Granger’s Daughter, this is Ron the Weasley’s youngest Son and the little one in the cot is Jessica their daughter” Don Shook Hermione and Ron’s hands.

“This is Ginny the youngest and only daughter of the Weasley’s and this is Neville the only one that can keep Ginny here under control” Don shook Ginny’s and Neville’s hands

“This beautiful young lady is Tonks my girlfriend” Harry said “and you will soon meet our children when they decide to arrive”.

“Its nice to meet you Don” Tonks said noticing the earphones “so what music you into then”.

Don looked at Harry and pointed his thumb towards the stairs “you want your backpack” Harry said and got a nod, with a wave of his hand Don’s backpack was in his hands. Don opened the backpack and took out a black leather case, he unzipped it revealing quite a few CD’s and passing it to Tonks.

“Wow this is a pretty cool collection” Tonks said looking at Harry “we got to get a stereo for the house I miss listening to music”.

“I want to know how are you going to make it work” Hermione asked.

“well I got Don’s CD player working, so I should be able to make the stereo work” Harry said.

“Don you Don’t mind showing me how your CD player works do you” Mr Weasley asked.

“Here he goes again” Mrs Weasley said coursing everyone to laugh except Don who didn’t know what Mrs Wesley was on about “he has a thing for Muggle things dear. Now Arthur Don’t break it”.

Don took his earphones off his neck and place them on Mr Weasley’s ears. Mr Weasley looked like Christmas had come early watching Don press a few button. Mr Weasley’s smile got even bigger when he started hearing the music, after a few minutes he took the earphones off “amazing absolutely fantastic what Muggle’s can do”. Don passed the CD player to Mr Weasley and motioned that he could have it “Don thank you but I can not except, I can see that you enjoy the music more than me. I just want to find out how it works, Harry can pick me one up when he goes and picks up one for Tonks But thank you anyway” passing Don his CD player back.

“No Problem Mr Weasley” Harry said then the kitchen door opened. Remus and Mary came in holding hands, everyone in the room didn’t know what to say except for Don who was clapping loudly and giving Remus and Mary a look that said “finally”. Then everyone in the room started clapping and everyone except Harry and Don got introduced to Mary. “So you got the guts to finally tell her how you felt Remus, did you tell her about your new trick” it was Mary who answered.

“Yes he did and Harry I just want to say thank you for what you done to Remus” Mary said Giving him a hug then pulling away and wiping a tear off her cheek. Harry noticed Remus give him a pleading look when Mary gave him a hug and understood what he was asking.

“Mary if you want I can do the same to you and Don” Harry said then noticing the funny look that he was getting off Don he explained what he had done to Remus. “it might be different for you Don but it wont be dangerous, so do the both of you want me to do it”. Harry got the answer off Don straight away because at that moment he felt himself getting lifted off the floor and getting swung around to the point of getting dizzy then put back down on his feet. Then getting a bone crushing hug that could rival Mrs Weasley’s off Mary, when he got released and got his breath back he looked at Mary and Don “all you had to do is shake my hand or say thanks, come on we will do it in the lounge its more comfortable”. So Harry helped Tonks get up and they all went to the lounge, once everyone was sitting down he explained what he needed Mary to do. Five minutes later Mary was sitting there, her body seemed more toned and her hair was still blonde but lighter. “how do you feel”.

“I feel great” Mary said, Harry gave a wave of his hand and the same full body mirror he used with Remus appeared. Mary got up and stood in front of the mirror, once she gave herself the once over she turned and gave Harry a hug “thank you Harry”.

“Don’t thank me yet we got to find out what your wolf looks like” so Harry explained what she needed to do. It was on Mary’s third try when she completed the transformation, she was about six foot six inches and she had pure white all over. “do you want to transform back now” Harry said and seconds later Mary was back looking her usual self.

“now I’m going to say thank you” Mary said and gave Harry another hug.

“It’s no problem” Harry said “but we need to give your wolf a name, Remus is called Moony when he’s a wolf so got any ideas”.

Everyone thought for a name for Mary’s wolf form but coming up with no ideas until Ginny came up with on.

“How about Shine” Everyone looked at Mary to see if she liked the name.

“Shine I like it” Mary said with a smile

“Now lets sort out Don” Harry said turning to Don “now I don’t know what will happen with you but I know its not going to be bad, so do you still want to go ahead with it” Receiving a nod Harry explained what he needed Don to do, there was no problems with changing Don’s essence once completed there was no different’s in Don at all “ok there doesn’t seem to be any change, how do you feel” Don gave a thumbs up “ok well if you feel ok, can you tell if anything has changed” Don pointed at his ear’s, eye’s and nose “your sense’s have increased that’s good that should happen, ok well lets give your transformation a go. Just imagine turning into a wolf, remember you have control now so don’t worry” so everyone around the room watch Don try and transform, after a few minute of nothing Harry was about to check if Don was ok. When all of a sudden there was a brown werewolf the same size as Mary when see transformed but was wider due to the size of his muscles. Don looked around at everyone then went and looked at himself in the mirror everyone in the room heard a tiny growl but Harry he heard something else “Don look at me a minute” Don turned and looked at Harry.

“Harry what’s wrong” Remus said sounding worried.

“Nothing Remus” Harry said then looking back at Don he spoke in wolf “Don don’t say anything just give me a shake or nod of your head, did you just say brilliant” the eyes on the wolf grew huge then nodded his head “ok would you like everyone to know” Don gave a nod, Harry turned to Remus and Mary “Guys transform for me a minute” Remus and Mary gave Harry a funny look then transformed.

“Harry why did you want us to transform” Moony asked but it was not Harry who replied.

“Its because of me” Don said shocking both Remus and Mary.

“How” was all Shine could say before she pulled Don into a hug followed by Moony who hugged both of them easily due to his size.

“I have always wanted to tell you to something” Don said looking at Moony and Shine “I love you so much and thank you for everything you have done for me over the years”.

“We love you to son” Moony said due to the fact that Shine could talk because she was crying.

“Moony do you mean that about the son bit” Don said.

“Yes I do” Moony said “I’ve seen you as my son for a long time and Shine has seen you as her son for a long time to”.

“Does that mean I can call you Mum and Dad” Don said.

“of cause you can sweetheart” Shine said and once again all three wolves were hugging.

Harry could not help it but he was crying as well, he wiped the tears away and turned around to explain what had happened to the other’s in the room. When he finished explaining there wasn’t a single eye in the room that was dry including the men.

“I love you so much” Tonks said giving him a kiss “you are a good man and I couldn’t of picked a better man to be the father of my children”.

“I love you to” Harry said and giving Tonks another kiss. Harry felt a hand on his shoulder and when he turned around Remus was Standing there.

“Harry I don’t know how many times today I’ve said this but thank you” Remus said with tears flowing freely down his face pulled Harry into a hug and this was followed by Mary.

Don came up to Harry and transformed “Harry I want to say thank you for what you have given me, I wish I could return the favour and give your parents”.

“Don although I lost my parents” Harry said looking around “I’ve gained a family with these people in this room and you are part of this family now”

“thank you” Don said and gave Harry a quick hug.

“now we have one last thing to do before we go to bed, because I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m shattered” Harry said to everyone one in the room “we have to give Don’s wolf a name” so once again everyone was thinking for a name.

“How about Coinin” Hermione said.

“It would suit him” Remus smiled

“What’s Coinin mean” Ron said

“It’s old Gaelic” Hermione said “it mean little wolf”.

Everyone looked at Don to see if he liked it and after a few minutes of thinking about it he smiled and gave a nod. So with that sorted everyone got up and went to bed.

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