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What If... by Irisheyes
Chapter 7 : VII
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Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

~Alexander Solzhenitsyn


A tall man dressed in all black entered the cold stone study of Lucius Malfoy.


“I expect you have a report on my son,” He demanded coolly.


“Yes Sir,” the masked individual said with a nod.


“I do not have all day,’ Lucius said impatiently.


“I lost him when he entered the boundaries of Hogwarts,” the man said.


“Granger,” Lucius asked? When he spoke her name the disgust for her rolled off his tongue in a cankerous tone.


“She arrived at Hogwarts exactly one hour before Draco,” the man answered.


“Bloody hell,” Lucius bellowed as he smashed his cane into his desk. “I should have known my son was too weak. I should have killed that wench when I had the chance.”


“That can be arranged,” the cloaked man suggested. Lucius played with the thought wickedly in his mind for a brief second.


“No, not just yet; she may just be of some use to me.” He said with a sinister smile.


“On your order My Lord,” the man said with a bow.


“Potter, he would come for her if she was to turn up missing. And then I could kill two birds with one stone,” he said with a sneer.


“And Draco?” the man asked.


“I will deal with my son,” he spat, “and if he gets in my way then I will just have to kill three birds.”


“Shall I capture Granger this evening?” the man asked awaiting Lucius order.


“Yes, but first make her suffer. Attack the Weasley’s. I am sure her fiancé would not be missed much from this earth,” Lucius ordered.


The man nodded, bowed and with a crack was gone.


“What have you done?” Draco asked with hatred in his voice towards his father. Lucius turned and gave him an insane smile.


“I am merely cleaning up your mess, something I should have done years ago.” He answered.


“If you harm one hair on her head, I will kill you myself,” Draco threatened his father, something he had never done.


“Do not waste my time with empty threats,” Lucius laughed.


“What is it father,” Draco asked raisin his wand, “I can see the hatred in your eyes for me; I have seen it ever since I was young. You could kill me right now, how come you haven’t?”


But before he could answer Narcissa did it for him, she had been standing in the threshold of the door.


“Because you are the chosen one,” she said. Draco never took his eyes off Lucius.


“What are you talking about,” Draco asked.


“He is not your father, Voldemort was.” She admitted.


“WHAT!” Draco shouted in shock, turning now to look at his mother.


“He can not kill you and he can not kill me. That was the only promise the Dark Lord ever made to me. If I carried his seed and bore his heir; my life and the life of my son would be spared.”


“But,” Draco tried to understand but the truth was coming from her to fast.


“You possess powers you do not even know of yet,” she said. “The mark on your back was given to you the day you were born. It is not like that of the death eaters, it is the mark of succession.”


“Why the bloody hell have I never been told this,” he demanded already feeling the power over both of them.


“To protect the heir,” Lucius answered with hate in his voice.


“What if I don’t want to be this heir,” Draco asked?


“You have no choice, it will change you,” Narcissa started to explain. “The mark I am sure you have noticed has become clearer over the last few years. On your twenty-fifth birthday you will become the next Dark Lord,” she said with a bow.


“That is in like three days mother,” he said at the harsh realization.


“In three days you will start the last of the transformation, and you will be able to use all of your powers. You my darling son are even more powerful then he was,” she said in adoration of him.


Draco could not process it all; this was all too shocking for him. And then she came into his mind.


“Hermione,” he said barely above a whisper, realizing his fate.


“Hermione,” he repeated her name louder this time remembering she was in grave danger; as was the ones she loved. Without giving it a second thought with a CRACK he was gone. He had to find her, warn her and break her heart all over again. He would not allow her to love him knowing the monster he could possibly become in three days. He only hoped he wasn’t too late. 


A/N: Hope you like this chapter! My boyfriend will be in town visiting me for my birthday starting Saturday for the whole week. So I won’t be able to update for a few days! But don’t worry I will have chapters ready for ya on the 31st, if the site is accepting submission’s by then. If not – well then lots when they start up again! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!!!!

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What If...: VII


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