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Lord Voldemort's Downfall by loony86
Chapter 9 : The Easter Bunny and the Death Star Bunny
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A/N: For juls, who requested a second Easter story for this collection. Have fun! =)

Once upon a time there was a pair of brothers. One was a white bunny, and the other was black. Hardly could they have been any more different:

For the white bunny was the Easter Bunny, gentle and sweet, beloved by all children. Each year in spring he would happily hop through gardens large and small and hide eggs and little treats, thus spreading happiness all over the world.

His brother, on the other hand, was as evil as the Easter Bunny was kind. He spent most of his time in a galaxy far, far away. The black bunny was the Death Star Bunny. He was the one who secretly ran the Empire’s operations, Lord Vader and the Emperor being mere puppets of his will. Few people knew that he was pulling the strings because the Death Star Bunny feared that they wouldn’t take him seriously. He did, after all, look quite cute too.

Surprisingly the two bunny brothers weren’t enemies at all. Actually they got along rather well when they met, because despite their ideological differences, they were the only super intelligent magical bunnies in the known universe, and that served to create a certain bond between them.

One year in spring they met because the Death Star Bunny was curious to see what his brother was doing as the Easter Bunny. When he arrived, his brother was painting eggs, but he was looking rather unhappy.

“What’s wrong, brother?” the Death Star Bunny asked, hopping closer. “I thought making children smile made you happy too? I should’ve known it doesn’t…”

“Oh no, that’s not the point,” the Easter Bunny replied. “I love the little ones, really… Someone else is making them unhappy, and that hurts me too.” He gave a little stifled sniff and continued painting a blue and red flower onto a yellow egg with shaking paws.

“Who is it?” the black bunny asked.

“An evil and powerful Dark Lord,” the Easter Bunny said.

“There’s no such thing. There’s only me controlling the Empire, and I’ve got better things to do than making those children unhappy! That’s a task unworthy of the Death Star Bunny.”

“No, no, I’m talking about Lord Voldemort,” his white brother sobbed.

“Lord who? What kind of a pathetic name is that? And I thought ‘Vader’ sounded silly…”

The Easter Bunny put his painting brush down. “You don’t know Voldemort?”

His dark brother answered, “Of course not! Who does, seriously? Never heard of the guy.”

“Around here, everyone knows him. Well, the witches and wizards and the magical creatures do, at least. He wants to be all-powerful and immortal and terrorizes the Muggles too. And scares the children.”

The Death Star Bunny was silent for a moment, then asked, “And do you think he could be dangerous for me too?”

“Maybe… I mean, he’s certainly got ambition…” his brother answered.

“We should do something about him then. I’ve got an idea already. We bring him a poisoned Easter egg.”

“But…” the Easter Bunny hesitated. “That’s not the spirit of Easter. No harm should ever come of these eggs, only cheerfulness…”

His brother grew a little impatient now. “Yes, yes of course, and won’t it cheer everyone up to be rid of him?”

“Hm, if you see it like that… But how do we get the egg to him?”

“Easy,” the Death Star Bunny decided. “We do to him and give it to him.”

Once they had agreed on their plan, the two bunnies took one of the eggs and painted it most beautifully in green and silver, the Dark Lord’s old House colours. The Death Star Bunny contributed some poison from his personal stock, and together they hopped to the Dark Lord’s house.

How they got inside remains their secret, but quite naturally, super bunnies must have some kind of super power.

Lord Voldemort was relaxing in front of the fireplace after a long working day when he heard a small cough from behind his armchair. He got up and drew his wand, then stepped around the armchair to see what was wrong. To his utter surprise he found himself facing two insufferably cuddly bunnies, one white, the other black.

“Who are you, and what do you want?” he hissed. “I sense magic in you! Are you Animagi?”

“Yes, the Force is strong within you too,” the black bunny answered. “Put that stick away, please.”

Of course Lord Voldemort didn’t lay his wand aside, but the two bunnies didn’t seem to mind much.

At length, the white bunny spoke. “I am the Easter Bunny, and I’ve got an Easter egg for you.” It was only now that Voldemort noticed the green and silver egg in the bunny’s paws.

“An Easter egg? Are you crazy?” he asked.

“That too,” the bunny admitted, “but that’s none of your concerns. Eat it.” He held the egg out to Voldemort.

“I’m not going to eat any Easter eggs! And I’m not afraid of two Easter Bunnies. Now get out of here before I have to kill you,” Voldemort answered.

“But I’m no Easter Bunny,” the black bunny said. “I’m the Death Star Bunny from a galaxy far, far away. And you will eat the egg.”

“Of course I won’t!” Voldemort shouted angrily.

“Yes, you will,” the black bunny said and moved his paw in a strange pattern. His brother smiled encouragingly at Voldemort and hopped a little closer to him, still offering the egg.

“Yes, I will,” Voldermort said tonelessly, dropped his wand and slowly reached for the egg.

When the next morning dawned over Great Britain, millions of children went outside to look for their Easter eggs. Some of them even saw a happy white bunny.

It has been reported that the Death Star Bunny dropped his job only shortly after this incident and that the two brothers painted and hid eggs together happily ever after.

~*~ THE END ~*~

A/N: Happy Easter Holidays to all of you! =)

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Lord Voldemort's Downfall: The Easter Bunny and the Death Star Bunny


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