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Final Chance by HermyBug12
Chapter 3 : last first night
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As soon as they got into the great hall and everyone had been sorted (17 new slytherins, 9 new gryffindors, 11 new hufflepuffs, and 13 new ravenclaws) Dumbledore started with his usual speech only putting hermione and draco's names in for the heads, that year.. "Welcome back students to another year at Hogwarts, and those who are new, welcome, I’m sure you find the castle is very interesting. First years please note that the forbidden forest, is, well...forbidden. Mr. Filch would also like me to remind you that all Weasly Wizard Weezes products are banned and that the use of magic in the corridors is against school rules. Now please join me in honoring our new head boy and girl. Draco Malfoy and Hermione Zabini both from slytherin. Now let the feast begin" all the gryffindors Jumped up and screamed "what!?" all except Harry, Ron, and Ginny that is.

The first years were amazed at how the food had just appeared on the table, most of them, being muggleborn of growing up muggle. Everyone else however was use to it and didn't find it fascinating they just decided to start eating. Pansy decided it would be fun to terrorize the "new" girl. Not knowing who she really was.

"Hey you! Yeah you. How dare you try to steal my drakie from me!" she said with a high pitched voice as she wrapped her arms around draco.

*Merlin i hate this girl!* draco though

"Pug faced parkinson didn’t think I would see you here this year! let alone still hanging over draco, since he just asked me to be his girlfriend" Mia retorted, a look of pain struck pansy in this face as if she had been hit with a full body bind curse. Only she could move... couldn’t she?

"ga-ga-Granger? Is that really you?"

"No pansy is Merlin himself! Yes its me you idiot. And its zabini now"

"But, but how is that possible?" she asked a little bewildered and not yet understanding it.

"Well... do i have to tell her the whole story dragon?" she asked him with a slight frown on her face. he though then nodded yes

"It's the only way she'll understand it."

"Blaisey?" she questioned

"No mia, you don’t have to tell her anything" she looked happy that her brother had once again come to her rescue, even though she did not need to be rescued.

"You see pansy, long story short: mia was adopted, she finds out, dumbledore resorts her into slytherin, draco asks her out, she says yes, and I protect my twin sister from anything you try to do to her and here we are now" he looked bothered by having to tell her.

Pansy ran off crying because she had lost her draco to the "new" girl as she insisted on calling her and she was humiliated. Draco and Mia went to their room, not even bothering to look around and just went to bed. they would bring blaise up tomorrow and look. But it was their last first night.

A/N    R&R!!!

"welcome to another year of po- Mr Potter, Mr Weasley, i see you two have chosen to be 8.2 seconds late. 10 points from gryffindor"

"but thats unfair" Ron said a little louder than expected as they were now in the nagative point range

"each" snape added.

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Final Chance: last first night


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