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Roses Are Better Than Jonquils by hermione_weasley_angel
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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“So what brings yer two ‘ere anyway?” asked Hagrid sitting down after he had served them large cups of tea. “Aren’t yeh supposed be in Hogsmeade?”

“Me and Lily didn’t feel like it” Rose answered before lily opened her mouth.

“Oh I see...I see” said Hagrid sipping his tea. Then Lily asked Hagrid about Grawp and Hagrid told her he was fine. Hagrid continued talking about him whilst Rose was in a different world. She couldn’t take out the scene, which merely happened hours ago, from her head. Why she couldn’t. She didn’t know.

“Rose...Are ya ok? Yer seem...depressed” said Hagrid’s voice breaking Rose from her thoughts.

“Huh...oh...I’m fine Hagrid” she said trying to sound cheerful.

“Are ya sure? Hagrid murmured. Rose nodded slowly. They remained silent and after a few minutes Hagrid blurted out. “Yer know wha’? Yer look exactly like your mother! Same image! Exce’ for yer red hair and blue eyes, inherited from your father. Oh and how could I forget! Your are much taller than Hermione was at fifth year!”

Rose and Lily giggled.

“What!” Hagrid said defensively.

“Hagrid you told her a million times!” Lily snorted.



Hours passed and it was the afternoon already. Rose saw students returning from Hogsmeade. “Umm...Hagrid I think we ought to go” Rose spoke after a very long time. She was silent through the whole conversation between Hagrid and Lily.

“Ah yes I think yer two should go...its goin ter get dark soon” he agreed and opened the door so they could go. They bid him goodbye and he waved at them saying “Come and drop by again! And next time bring Al, Hugo and James with ya! ”

They both nodded and walked back to the castle. Students who went to Hogsmeade were coming from the opposite direction. Rose wanted to hurry before Malfoy or Zabini were here.

Rose took her way to the stairs. “See ya Lily!”

Lily was on her way to the Great Hall and stopped at her tracks. “What! Aren’t you going to eat?”

“Lily you know very well I don’t want to be seen by a certain person at the moment” declared Rose and turned away taking two steps, but Lily ran in front of her.

“Rose you can’t just miss dinner! I thought you told me you didn’t care anymore!” retorted Lily. “Just ignore him Rose!”

Rose stood there for a few seconds staring at Lily. She opened her mouth to say something when two voices called out her name. I was Jasmine and Melissa. “Where were you?” they asked at the same time.

 “Why didn’t you come?” asked Jasmine. “I thought you’d be there before us but-“

“-we looked everywhere and we couldn’t find you!” finished of Melissa.

“Guys calm down...I’m not in a mood of telling you right now” Rose mouthed. “How bout later?”

“So? Are you coming for dinner?” asked Lily. Rose stood there. She didn’t feel like seeing anyone at the moment. But she realised she was very hungry and didn’t want to miss another meal. She agreed to join them.

When they went in the Great Hall Rose started to shake. She took the seat that was farthest away from the slytherin table. Melissa went to join James, Lily went to sit next to her friends, Jasmine and Rose sat next to Al.

“Where were you and Lily?” asked Al just as the food appeared.

“Umm...Al I don’t think now’s the time. I’ll tell you later though.” Answered Rose.

 Every minute or so she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. She lifted her head to see who it was. At seeing who it was she dropped the glass of pumpkin juice she was holding. There in the slytherin table was Scorpius’s grey eyes looking straight her. He turned away just as he noticed she was looking. “Was he looked at me?” she quickly smacked herself at that thought. “What am I saying? Who cares if looked at me! He looked to see how much he’s ruined me! That insufferable bastard!”

“Rose are you well?” Asked Al worriedly. “All of a sudden you dropped your glass and you just smacked yourself hard in the face.”

“Fine...” muttered Rose through gritted teeth. “Real fine”


After dinner, Al and Jasmine joined Rose on her way to the common room. Not many people were in there. She assumed they were all enjoying the lovely decorations for Valentine’s Day in the Great Hall. Rose was grateful that Hugo wasn’t there.

Once they sat on the comfy couches in front of the fireplace Al asked: “So why didn’t you and Lily go to Hogsmeade? I mean who wouldn’t want to go?”

“I thought you had a date with Scorpius?” Jasmine blurted out before Rose opened her mouth.

“She had a date with who?” asked Al not sure if he heard the last word correctly.

“With Scorpius... Scorpius Malfoy!” answered Jasmine.

Both Al and Jasmine turned to Rose. Tears started dropping from her eyes again. Her eyes, she felt were very puffy and swollen.

Al immediately stood up and Jasmine came over next to Rose. “Why are you crying? What happened?” Rose made no answer and continued sobbing. “Please calm down Rose. What happened?”

 Al stood there looking very pale and Jasmine kept on massaging her shoulders. Rose tried to stop her sobbing and after a while told them what had happened. She told them exactly what she told Lily, except for the part that she had fancied him since she didn’t want Al to know. “And then...then...I saw him snogging...Zabini”

Jasmine gasped putting her hands on her mouth and Al’s eyes widened.

 “Rose are you sure you saw him doing this?” Al asked seriously.

“Yea I’m sure Al! I’m positively sure.”

“Hmm...awfully strange. You know I’m a really good friend of his and he practically doesn’t like Zabini at all...” He muttered thoughtfully.

“So you’re basically saying I’m lying Al!” snapped Rose.

“No. What I meant was that this particular behaviour that he devoted earlier today is not the typical...well basically not really...him” Al said quickly not wanting to upset Rose.

Rose didn’t say anything. She had the same feeling. Scorpius was not...Scorpius. But yet again, if he was a nice person he would not have done this to her. “Al...You promise me...well...if you do talk wouldn’t say a word...about him?”

“Well sure Rose...But somebody has to ask him why he did th-”

Rose cut in hastily. “-No Al don’t! Please don’t!”

Al looked her. A shade of sadness covered his face. “But Rose...Ok fine. If that’s what makes you feel better then fine.” He then sat down again looking at the fire, distressed.

“ROSE!” bellowed a voice causing all three of them to jump. It was Hugo. He stood in front of Rose glaring at her. “Where were you? I didn’t see you at Hogsmeade! And remember I saw you this morning going out early! Where did you go?”

“Oh great! Here it goes again! He acts as though he’s older than me!”  Rose thought annoyed. She looked at Hugo and retorted: “I went to Antarctica to visit the penguins. Where do you think I WENT for merlin’s sake?” She got up and walked as fast as she could to the stairs leading to her dormitory. But Hugo was faster, he ran in front of her before she even reached.

“Not this time! There is no escaping me THIS TIME!” He persevered. “What’s gotten into you? You seem odd lately!”

“There is nothing wrong with me! Now would you bugger of Hugo!”


“ME AND LILY DECIDED TO STAY BEHIND AND VISIT HAGRID! THAT’S WHY! HAPPY!” screeched Rose. She ran past Hugo upstairs to the Dormitory, before he could say anything else.

Rose started to have a bad headache. She reached her bed and laid on it. She was very tired from this very long day. She slowly closed her eyes...

A red, curly haired witch stood there in the dark misty night. Everything was pitch black and she just stood there gazing at the black lake, in front of the Hogwarts castle.

“Lumos” said a voice. A shining light appeared from the wand of the disturber, which appeared to be another witch with short brunette hair. “My my well isn’t it Weasley. Come to break the rules I see.”

“Go away Zabini! Leave me alone!” said the red haired witch.

“Oh my. Telling me to go Weasley are you? What a mighty Gryffindor you are.” astounded the brunette witch.

“I said leave me alone!” Rose bellowed.

“Hah! You’re just demolished! Poignant that know will ever set eyes on a filthy, ugly half blood AND blood traitor like you!” Jonquil said moving closer to the red head.”Scorpius will never like you! NEVER!”

“I said go away! GO AWAY!” cried Rose.

“No I’m not going away. I need to teach to stop dreaming that anyone will ever like you! No one will. Scorpius never will! He loves me!”

“ he doesn’t!” said Rose moving back.

The brunette laughed and laughed. “Oh yes he does! He loves me and hates every single bit of you! He hates you from your head to your toes you treacherous thing!”

“No...He...he...doesn’t...he doesn’” sobbed the red head.

“Oh please! He never liked you! He hates you! He hates you Weasley. How do you expect him to like you when your father, mother and uncle are his father’s enemy? ”

“SHUTUP! JUST SHUTUP!” bellowed the red head taking out her wand. “STUPEFY!” A beam of red light shot out and hit the victim, leaving her fly backwards.

After a few seconds, the brunette got up slowly, gazing at her rebel.” So you want to play tough don’t you Weasley! Well let’s see...maybe the cruciatus curse will be fun!”

“No! You can’t do that! It’s illegal! You can’t!” shrieked the horrified red head.

“Oh yea...try me!” she pointed her wand at her opponent and yelled: “CRUCIO!”

Rose Weasley screamed and screamed. She was tortured. She screamed as though a thousand white hot knives were piercing all over her.

“Rose! Rose! Wake up! Rose! Wake up!” trembled a voice.

Rose was lying on the ground. She just realised she was screaming and opened her eyes. There in front of her were two people. She couldn’t see because everything was blurry.

“Where am I?” she said dizzily rubbing her eyes. She now could see well. Those two people were Jasmine and Melissa. Suddenly Rose remembered Zabini. She got up straight away taking her wand out from her pocket. “Where is she? Where is that foul cockroach? I swear I would kill her if I could!”

Melissa looked at Rose disbelievingly. “Rose what are you talking about?”

“Who else am I talking about? Obviously Zabini!” retorted Rose. “She used the cruciatus curse on me!”

Melissa just stared at Rose in a strange manner. “Rose! We are in the Gryffindor girls’ dormitory! How can Zabini possibly come in here?”

“Calm down Mel! She’s obviously had a dream” Jasmine mumbled holding Rose’s hand and leading her to the bed.

 Then it struck her. It was a dream. It wasn’t real. “But it felt so real! It felt as though Zabini did use the cruciatus curse on me!” Rose thought miserably.

“Rose it’s just a dream don’t worry...” comforted Jasmine.

“Yes it is a...dream” Rose told her. “’s just felt so real”

Melissa walked over to them. “Rose...I’m really sorry about’s just you worried me sick about Zabini being in here and using a curse on you.” A tear streamed down Melissa’s face. “Jasmine told me everything Rose...about...about him. But I think you should go back to sleep. It’s three in the morning. And we’re lucky that Finnigan didn’t wake up from your screaming.” She pointed at the snoring Violet at her right. “A sleepy head isn’t she?” Melissa then walked off to her bed.

Jasmine squeezed her hand and got up. “What ever you do...don’t think about that dream. Because whatever it was doesn’t seem good.”

Heyy! Thanx again for reading!! Don't worry...probably by the next chapter more things will happen so stay tuned!! :D
Please review!! :)

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