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Nobody said anything about love by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 12 : Shes dead!
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As they ascended the stairs; barely making a sound the came to the door where the screaming.

A shiver ran through Draco's body and he closed his eyes for a few moments trying to imagine a happy picture with Hermione but nothing came; knowing that she was in there with his father made his insides double over with pain.

Harry placed a strong hand on Draco's shoulder, hoping that he would feel more reassured than he himself felt. Draco turned to Harry and nodded before turning to Ron who also nodded briefly; he still couldn't get over the fact that he was working with Malfoy.

Draco then looked towards the door that was slightly ajar. Here, behind this door was his beloved and his most hated enemy in the world.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed the door open and stood in the doorway, looking proud and brave (much more than he felt).

His father stood over Hermione like a deathly shadow that intended to cause grief and death to its prey. Draco pointed his wand at Hermione and performed a protecting spell so that Lucius wouldn't be able to touch her.

Harry and Ron shouted 'stupefy' at Lucius who had fallen to the ground by the sudden force of the spells. They started to bind him invisible rope while Draco rushed to Hermione's side.

"Hermione! Are you ok?! Has he hurt you?! If he has-"


Hermione's voice was faint and painful, it made Draco want to cry but he stayed strong for Hermione's sake.

"What is it sweetheart?"

Hermione breathed slowly and looked intently in Draco's eyes.


Draco looked shocked but happy; he was going to be a father, then it hit him, his father had been torturing Hermione to get to him and now knowing that she was pregnant meant that she was even more vulnerable.

"Don't worry love, I'll protect you-"

"Malfoy! quick come help us he's breaking free!"

Draco turned round to see Harry and Ron struggling to hold his father captive.

Shouting 'accio Hermione's wand' which flew from his fathers hand, he gave it to Hermione concern and protection flashing in his eyes.

"Hermione I want you to protect yourself as much as you can, I no your weak sweetheart but I'm not sure that I will be able to keep him away from you every minute so be prepared!"

All she could do was nod and he rushed towards the other two.

Draco arrived just as Lucius got free from the last band.

"You will die Draco! You made your blood dirty but going out with that MUDBLOOD AND YOU HAVE NOW DISGRACED YOUR FAMILY!"


Draco shouted back, anger rising up and up in his throat that it made him sick.

Lucius smiled maliciously and spoke in a voice that was soaked in evil.

"Shall we duel son? See who really is the loser?"

Draco grinned evilly.

"Of course."

His whole body was telling him no don't do it but he couldn't help it. Lucius had tortured him and his mother all the years and now he was doing it to Hermione.

And he couldn't have that.

They bowed and pointed their wands at each other if they silver bladed swords.

Harry and Ron stood to one side of the room while Hermione was on the other. Her face strained with shock and scared.

She made eye contact with Ron and Harry and she saw the same anticipation that she had reflected in their eyes.

It was as if had triggered Lucius. Just as Hermione looked away he shouted out the killing curse.

"Avra Kedavara!"

Hermione's head snapped round and fear scattered on her face. Draco wasn't going to get out of the way in time.


Hermione jumped in front of him and was hit.

Draco caught her and everything went in slow motion. Harry and Ron advanced on Lucius and killed him; both angry and upset knowing that Hermione; their sister was dead.

But Draco didn't notice. All he had eyes for was Hermione who was smiling at him.

What she whispered next broke his heart.

"I love you. Be happy."

Draco cried as he watched his beloved die. Hermione's honey brown eyes turned cold and he knew that she was dead. No more life would show through them pretty eyes.

Her skin would no longer feel warm and tender underneath his touch, her lips would never brush upon his again.

He would never see his unborn child either.

"No Hermione, no please stay here, with me, I need you....please wake up! PLEASE!"

Draco started to cry uncontrollably and he didn't feel the two pairs of hands that were placed on his shoulder. All he could do was look at Hermione who was now at peace.

A/N: Omg how sad i was nearly crying writing this part! My heart was breaking just as Draco's was. Anyway the story ain't finished yet one more chapter which is the funeral I don't know if it will be posted before the queue closes but make sure you wait for it some of Hermione's words and the title of the story will be made clear in that chapter.

Please read and review I want to know how you feel.

lots of love

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