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These Words... (originally The Rain in My Heart...) by American Ginny
Chapter 1 : The rain in my heart...
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At Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, no student (or staff) would be seen outside on the grounds. The rain pound so hard down to the earth, that one would think that there was a battle of hate between the rain and earth. The wind blew with all its might against the school and the trees.

 Night soon came, and the rain and wind continued their fight with the earth. No lights showed from the school, leaving the full moon the only source of light. The only movement being the trees and grass and the only sound was the howl of the wind’s sorrow.


When the moon was in the middle of the sky, a shadowy figure walked slowly across the grounds toward the lake. The figure stood by the lake with their right hand clenched tightly around a crunched piece of paper. They knew the rain was falling hard, but they couldn’t feel it. It was as if their body had died, but their soul still lived in it.


What is going on? Why is my world falling apart? Nothing seems to matter anymore. The world seems to be moving, but I just feel like I am frozen. The rain beats upon my back, and yet I don’t feel a thing. The wind howls, but I hear it not for my hearts cry is much louder than its. What is wrong with me? I know things around me are real, but they just seem like a dream to me. No one cares about me anymore.


That is a lie. What about Harry? He still cares!


Why don’t I just end my life right now? No one would miss me!


He would! Harry would miss you! It would kill him to have both his best friends gone.


Life seems to be going by me, and it doesn’t even bother waiting. I am not ready to move on so why not just let my life end, and let it be only a faded memory.


What are you thinking?! Ginny is still here for you. She still cares. Harry, too. He was the real one to surrender to friendship with you. Are you just going to forget that? If you are I really don’t know who you have become because I know the real Hermione wouldn’t allow that to happen. Nothing could take  the real Hermione down especially a broken heart. Nothing could hurt her. She knew every way of protection, but maybe she didn’t if she let a little break up and death becomes the only things to ever be worth dieing for. I guess if that happened, then she was just a weak, scared little girl.


I am not WEAK!


Really? Than why are you thinking about killing yourself?


Because what else is there left to live for? NOTHING! Nothing at all!






Ok well make the mistake of your life.


How?! By saving my pain and ending it all now?






The voice had finally stopped antagonizing her. She didn’t understand how she was making a big mistake in her life, but what other choice did she have? Nothing was worth living for.


Hermione took a step towards the lake. She was going to make it the only “accidental” way she could. She took another step towards the lake, but something grabbed her arm and restrained her. She looked behind her to see what was restraining her.




“What do you think you are doing Hermione?”




“It would be easier to kill yourself with a wand, but it would just be easier to live.”


“But there is no reason to live.”


“Is there not?”


“I messed it up with him and then I can’t even fix it.”


“Either way Ron wouldn’t want to see you kill yourself over it.” 


“I don’t have a choice. This stupid poem is all I have left of him that plays in my mind.”


Harry lifted her hand from her side. He gently opened it up and removed the waded up piece of paper. He quickly read it:


Oh, How I Regret…


Oh, how I regret,


Destroying your love for me.

 Oh, how I regret,


Fearing the love I used to see.




It scared me.


I didn’t know what to do.


I didn’t believe it to be.


So I broke it off with you.




But how it is all a regret.


A wish to change my past.


A memory caught in my net,


But a wish that is more of a task.




Oh, how I regret,


Destroying your love for me.


Oh, how I regret,


Fearing the love I used to see.



Oh, how I regret everything…


He looked up from the paper and at Hermione. She had tears streaming down her face. Hermione couldn’t bear to look at him. Harry looked at her with a hurt heart for he had loved her for the longest time, but he always pushed it back so that she could be with Ron, her love.


His hair and clothes were soaked. He didn’t care though. He had to help his friend and stop her from making the mistake of her life. Harry put his hand under her chin and lifted her head so that she was looking him in the eyes.


“Hermione, Ron would want you to move on.”


“But how can I when I feel like no one even cares about me.”


“Ron wasn’t the only one to have fallen in love with you.”


Harry put his hand on her face and wiped the tears away with his thumb.


“Let me help you. Let me wipe the sorrow away. Let me wipe your tears dry. Let me be there for you when ever you need me.”


Harry slowly leaned in towards her but hesitated when he was half way there, but it didn’t matter because she leaned in and met him there. He could taste the salt from her tears and the fresh rain mixing on her lips. He wrapped his arms around her waste pulling her closer.


After a few moments, they broke apart. They stared into each others eyes. Harry looked at her with a deep care and said, “Don’t remember Ron with the sorrow you feel. Remember him in all your happy memories with him.”


She put her head against his chest and cried out all her sorrows. Harry wrapped his arms around her and put his chin on top of her head. He lifted the poem to his eyes and dropped it while saying, “Let me heal your pain…”

A/N: ok please don't take offense to this story because i made Ron seem like a bad person in away, but i have always thought hermione and harry should be a couple so yea. Please don't judge me on my one shots because i like my novel much better. So if you rather a Hr/R story read that one. Please leave a Review. Thanx.


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