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The First Kiss Series: James Potter and Lily Evans by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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           “You know you fancy him, Lily,” Eva Finnigan said, smiling brightly. The two fifth-year roommates sat on their beds, wrapped in their blankets, whispering so as to not wake the other three girls.

            Lily rolled her eyes, “Hardly. James Potter is the last boy I would ever fancy.”

            “So you’re sticking with Severus, then?”

            Lily glared her into silence. “I’m just friends with Sev. He knows that, too.” She glanced quickly at her watch. “You know, it’s not quite midnight…I’m going to the common room.”

            Eva rolled her eyes, “Night….”

            Lily made her way down to the common area in her pyjamas, and only when she was down there did she realize that she forgot her robe. She shivered and decided to curl up in her favorite armchair near the fire. As she sat down, she heard a male voice say in her ear, “I always wondered what I’d have to do to get you on my lap.”

            Lily shrieked and jumped up, spinning around in the process. “James Potter!” she yelled, hands on her hips.

            James appeared, pulling off his invisibility cloak. “Hullo, Miss Evans. How may I be of service to you?”

            Lily rolled her eyes and plopped down on the long couch. “Save it for some other girl, James. I don’t want your charm.” Lily waited until James stopped his devilishly delicious laugh before she said, “What are you doing with that? And where are your partners in crime?”

            James smiled, “It was my dad’s old invisibility cloak. Peter is asleep, Remus is now a prefect, and Sirius is in detention.”

            Lily narrowed her eyes, “I remember that incident with Severus in Potions. Don’t you have detention, too?”

            James grinned, “Tomorrow night. In all his wisdom, the Head didn’t set us the same detention. I have a feeling he knows what we do, though.”

            Lily smirked, “You never told me what you’re doing with that.” She nodded towards the cloak. At the same time, the clock chimed midnight.

            “I’m going to make sure that Sirius’ detention isn’t boring.”

            Lily raised an eyebrow, “How? Doesn’t the Prof usually watch?”

            “Normally,” James told her. “But we lucked out. Slug asked Binns to switch shifts. Binns agreed, and he only checks once an hour.”

            “Is Remus going with you?”

            James laughed, “Now that he’s a prefect, he doesn’t come out with us nearly as much.”

            Before she thought it through, Lily said, “I want to come with you.”

            To her surprise, James stood and nodded. “Quickly, now.”

            They had to press close together under the cloak as they made their way through the portrait hole and down the hallway. They were silent, but just before turning the last corner, they heard the voices of two professors. “In here,” James hissed, pulling her into an empty classroom. Lily tried to keep calm at the feel of her hand in his.

            James closed the door, and they crouched beside it. They were so close that when James turned to look at her, she could feel his warm breath on her cheek. She looked at him, too, and smiled at his wolfish grin, “What?”

            “Lily Evans, rule-breaker?”

            “Just because I’m a good student doesn’t mean I don’t like adventure, James.”

            She watched in silence as his gaze moved to her lips, then back to her eyes. He whispered, “Can I kiss you?”

            For the rest of her life, Lily would wonder why she said, “Yes,” in a breathy whisper.

            James slid his hand to the back of her neck and pulled her forward, closing the two-inch distance. Lily felt as though she had been shocked as their lips met. She closed her eyes as James instinctively deepened the kiss, and all she could concentrate on was the fact that James Potter, her secret, long-time crush and the person she loved to hate, was kissing her as though his life depended on it. For Lily, the kiss ended far too soon.

            “You’re still an arrogant toe-rag,” Lily blurted out afterwards.

James merely laughed, “We should go meet up with Sirius.”

            Lily felt so numb that she was sure she would fall on her face when they started walking. Fortunately, she managed to walk, and they removed the cloak once inside the trophy room. Sirius grinned at James, “It’s about time, mate. I was beginning to worry that I would actually have to polish all of these by hand.”

            James shrugged, “Ran into some profs.”

            Sirius nodded and then turned to Lily, “Well, well…Hello, Lily.”

            Lily smiled, “Hello, Sirius. How’s detention?”

            Sirius grinned, “Pleasant, as always.” He turned back to James. “Care to help?”

            Lily watched as James pulled out his wand and magically cleaned one third of the trophies. “For when Binns comes back…they took Sirius’ wand away.”

            Lily laughed and sat, talking with the two best friends for what felt like years. Binns came back twice – during which times, James and Lily hid under the cloak – and around two-thirty in the morning, Lily was finally feeling tired. James glanced at her while she was yawning, and promptly said, “Lily and I are going back now. I’ll be in the common room.”

            They walked quietly back, slipping through the portrait hole – Grindylow was the current password – and taking off the cloak in the common room.

            Lily turned to face James, “Well, good night.”

            James smiled at her and then bowed his head slightly. “Good night, Lils.”

            Lily looked back once to see him watching her as she climbed the stairs. She smiled once more, and felt in that moment, that on some higher level, her life had changed drastically; And all because she had kissed James Potter.

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The First Kiss Series: James Potter and Lily Evans: The Beginning


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