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What If... by Irisheyes
Chapter 5 : V
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“Promise is most given when the least is said.”

~George Chapman


          Hermione bolted upright from her sleep. She quickly looked over her shoulder; no one else was in bed with her. She pulled the covers down and looked at her left hand, no wedding band; just the engagement ring. She breathed a sigh of relief; it had only been a dream. She was happy about that and yet sad at the same time. Happy because she realized she needed more time before walking down the isle with Ron and sad because that meant Draco’s presence was merely her imagination. So many years she had waited to see him, she yearned for him; but only in her sleep did he seem to visit. She replayed the dream over and over again in her mind. She tried to focus on the image Draco had sent her in the garden when he touched her arm. She was at this point foolish enough to convince herself that maybe if she could find that place, she just might get to glance at him and for once not in a sleeping state.


          She threw the covers off and ran into her den. She was searching for something she had not looked for in years, but remembering where she stored it away could take forever. For some reason she felt like she didn’t have forever. She pulled out drawers, papers flying here and there, and then half shoved them back in their home when they did not posses what she was looking for.


“Think, think, think,” she said to herself. She paused and surveyed the room again. She knew it was in here, but where. And then she remembered she moved it, somewhere closer to her. She bolted back to the bedroom and flung open her closet doors. Harshly she threw some shoes and jeans in unknown directions until at last she had laid eyes on what she needed. A solid merlot colored wooden chest with a heavy lock on it. She mumbled the spell to open the lock and tossed it aside as soon as it unlatched. She flung open the top of the chest and started throwing its contents all over until at last she found it.


          It seemed like yesterday they had taken the picture, but it was years ago. She stared down at the smiling couple in her hands. The picture was slightly faded now, due to improper storage she was sure, but it still left the memory of that day blissfully in her mind. She had drug Draco ice skating, he had never tried it and she was convinced he would love it. For hours she glided across the ice rink, and for an equal amount of hours he fell over and over on his bum. But they had not had that much fun in along time, and later that night their mouths were still sore from laughing so hard. Hermione stared harder at the picture. Behind them, and the rink, off in the distance was a pub. She vaguely remembered going there afterwards for a quick drink before they went home. It was that exact pub she seen flash in her mind during her dream. She had to give it a try, something insider her was compelling her into this crazy idea.


          She looked at the clock, one a.m. in the morning, she had one hour before the place closed. She threw on a sweater and jeans, put her tousled hair up in a pony tail and quickly brushed her teeth. She ran into the kitchen to grab her money and id, picked up her wand and with a CRACK was on her way. She landed in a garden area near where the rink would be in the winter time. It was less covered with foot traffic so some one seeing her just appear there out of no where was not likely. She stepped out from behind a few trees and had the pub in her view. Her heart was pounding so fast she thought it would burst right out of her chest. This was it, he had to be there. She had convinced herself this was going to work, that the image in her dream was some sort of sign. But deep down somewhere the truth was trying to hide from her, and not remind her it was merely wishful thinking.


          She slowly approached the pub. It didn’t seem too crowded from the outside window looking in. She took a deep breath and pulled on the handle. She scanned the room, but no Draco. She looked over in the direction of the bar with hope in her eyes, but still no sign of him. Who was she kidding; she knew he wouldn’t be there. And here she was engaged to be married to another man, looking for her ex. She shook her head and the thought from her mind, turned around and walked out of the pub. She turned back around though, to take one more glance through the window to see if maybe now he would be there; trying to convince her mind that if she looked hard enough he would just magically appear. She closed her eyes in disappointment and pulled her jacket closer around her. She opened her eyes and looked at all the happy people in the pub with longing.


“We used to be like them,” a deep voice said from behind her. She spun around and gasped in disbelief.


“Long time no see, beautiful,” he greeted her with a smile.


“How,” she tried to ask but her voice failed her. She was to in shock at the sight of him to even finish the sentence.


“I come here a lot,” he answered without the question.


          Without thinking she bolted to him, throwing her arms around him in a tight hug. He was caught off guard and did not return the embrace at first, but unable to fight the urge he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her even closer into him. He laid his cheek on her head, breathing in the scent of her lavender smelling shampoo. He smiled at knowing she still used the same brand, it was so practical of her. Hermione breathed in his cologne, it was the same and she was overwhelmed with memories from it. They stayed that way for awhile, neither wanting to let go in fear they may never get this kind of chance again.


“I have missed you,” he whispered holding back tears.


“Not as much as I have missed you,” she said, not holding back hers.


“You can’t be seen with me, we have to figure out a place to meet, somewhere safe” he warned.


She thought for a moment and then it came to her, “Hogwarts,” she said.


“Not my ideal place to see you after all these years, but I see your point.” He agreed. Hogwarts after all was one of the most protected places from any dark magic.


“When,” she eagerly asked?


“Later tonight, the room of requirement,” he answered. He pulled away from her, hard as it was to do so and looked deeply in her eyes.

“You promise to be there?” she asked in an unsure voice.


“Nine o’clock,” he answered with a silent promise in his eyes. And just as fast as he had appeared, he was gone.

A/N: Sorry for the delay in an update - had to work the last few days! Hope you like the new Chapter!!

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