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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 14 : First Dates and Chocolate Obsessions
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First Dates and Chocolate Obsessions

Lilly stood in front of the talking mirror, fidgeting with her outfit. “Hot stuff, baby! Babe, you look perfect!” the mirror told her, its voice honest and sassy. “If I had legs like yours, I’d wear those sexy boots any day!” Lilly laughed as she glanced down at the small feet on the bottom of the mirror. “I’m not kidding.” The mirror was as honest as a flask of Veritserum. It always told the truth, even if it did make the receiver feel a bit awkward.

“Babes, what would I do without you?” Lilly asked, patting the mirror on its frame.

The mirror clicked its nonexistent tongue. “I don’t know, you didn’t even bother bewitching me until that Wood boy showed up.” The mirror retorted, it's tone slightly annoyed.

Lilly sighed, even though she knew it was the perfect truth. “Babes, his name is Oliver. And, I didn’t care about how I looked then. And I don’t really now. But I mean, where would you be without me?”

The mirror clicked its nonexistent tongue again. “You got me.” It was true though. Without Lilly there, that mirror would be as mute as a dead person.

“You know it.” Lilly smiled at the mirror, even though it was actually inanimate. Its sass and attitude made it Lilly’s best friend whenever she had to get ready nowadays. She didn’t even bother with asking Alicia, Angelina or Eliza since they told her that she looked perfect in anything. Which so wasn’t true. They told her she looked perfect that day she decided to wear the Christmas sweater with the cargo pants. Now that was a mistake. But today, she wore a cute grayscale outfit with a black turtleneck, a slate gray pencil skirt and grey knee high boots. It made it seem like she could show skin, but she wasn’t. Sexy, yet sophisticated. Sassy but smart. Showoff but secretive. Lilly rolled her eyes at all the alliterations that ran through her mind.

It was at these times that she regretted paying so much attention during grammar classes.

Lilly spun around one more time for the mirror to give its last possible snide comment. With a smile on her face, she confidently snatched her black clutch off her bed and walked downstairs to meet Wood.

Wood kept his promise to Lilly. He didn’t keep her waiting. Actually, she had kept him waiting. “Sorry Wood. How long were you here?” Lilly apologized as soon as she saw him. Her cheeks were rosy from the brisk steps she took to get to the gate at 10:30 sharp. She wasn’t short of breath and she had quidditch to thank for that. Lilly was just worried that she had kept him waiting. Wood didn’t say anything. His eyes were wide as she surveyed her, up and down. Then down and up. “Oliver, are you listening?” Lilly snapped.

“Oh!” Wood said, sent flying out of the daydreams in his head. “Sorry, I got here like a minute ago.” Actually, Wood had been there since 10, making sure that he was early in case she decided to get there early as well. He knew that even if he did get there at 10:30 and she was already there, she’d flip out on him. And he did not want Lilly pissed off on their first date at Hogsmeade. Even if he did sort of trick her into it. “Anyways, ready to go?” he asked, chivalrously offering his arm to her.

To his surprise, and happiness, she took it. “Oh, I can’t wait.” And she didn’t sound sarcastic at all.

“Anyways, where did you want to go first?” Oliver asked, turning his head to Lilly. “We got the next four hours to do whatever you want to do.” He told her chivalrously. He was being painstakingly sweet, tending to her every need. But it wasn’t like she had many. Lilly Dillamond didn’t depend on anyone really. She fixed her the buckle on her boots when Oliver pointed them out. She buttoned her own coat when it got a little cold. She even opened the door of the carriage. And held it open for Oliver. Oliver felt like she was the man and he was the one being tended to. She was just so independent! But then, he noticed that her scarf was a bit crooked. “Do you mind if I fix that?” he asked, pointing at her neck. He didn’t even give her the opportunity to do it herself that time. Lilly looked down and shook her head. Oliver reached over and fixed her scarf. “Better?”

“Very. Thank you.” Lilly answered with a smile. And honestly, she did feel better. And it wasn’t because of the scarf. She reached up to move the knot of her scarf over a bit more and accidentally touched hands with Oliver. Her hand immediately retaliated, with a small “Oh!” slipping from her mouth. To her surprise though, Oliver’s hand just remained there, his fingers softly tickling at her overly sensitive neck. Lilly didn’t know what to say, which was a major first. “Oh, but I have no problems on whatever you preplanned, right?” Lilly looked up at Oliver, who was still bent over her his fingers still lingering on her scarf. When she got a glimpse of his bewildered look, she laughed. Nothing better than a joke to relieve the mood. “I tease. Whatever we feel like, right?” Oliver’s face relaxed when she said that, totally relieved that she actually wasn’t expecting him to plan something. “But first, tell me what you’re in the mood for.”

Some loving, were the words that were on the tip of Oliver’s tongue. But he didn’t want to crack out any bad pick up lines on his first date with Lilly. That would just ruin everything that had fallen into place for him. And seriously, it was just because he screwed up so much that everything finally fell into place like this. “What do you want to do?”

“Oh, I so asked you first!” Lilly retorted childishly, sticking her tongue out. Oliver just thought it was the cutest thing in the world.

“Are you seriously going to do that?” Oliver asked, rolling his eyes jokingly.

“Only if you make me!” was her response. “Just tell me what you want to eat or something!”

Oliver pondered a bit. He remembered how Eliza was telling him about how much Lilly had a sweet tooth. He also remembered how she always had a butter scotch in her pocket. “I’m in the mood for chocolate!”

Her mouth absolutely fell open. “I love chocolate!” Lilly slipped her hand into Oliver’s quickly. “Come on, let’s go to Honeydukes!” She was so excited, she didn’t even notice his grip growing slowly tighter, as if he never wanted to let go.

Angelina and George sat on the bench outside of Honeydukes, hands intertwined. “Oh, hey there Oliver!” George greeted, waving with his free hand. George’s eyes wandered down to where Oliver was clutching Lilly’s tightly. “Oh! And hello to you too Lilly!”

Lilly’s smile widened. “Hello there George!” She mimicked him and let her eyes wander to where his hand held Angelina’s. “Oh! And hello to you too Angelina!”

Angelina giggled. “Well Oliver, you’ve sure shown us up.” She said, referring to how far Oliver had gotten with Lilly, despite his past mess ups. “I’m quite proud.”

“You two look like that old couple in my neighborhood. The ones that display way too much PDA in public. Ugh…” Lilly asked, “And what are you two talking about?”

Oliver turned to Lilly, and patted her worried face with his free hand. “It’s nothing. Anyways, Honeydukes?”

Lilly forgave him on the spot. “There is nothing I love more than Honeydukes. Besides quidditch. Oh! And books!” she rambled excitedly. “And don’t pat my face again. It’s creepy.”

“No biggie.” He replied accommodatingly. As Lilly led him in, he turned around and winked at the happy couple on the bench.

George turned to Angelina as soon as the two had walked in and the bell on the door clinked as it closed. “I swear, if the two continue at this rate, they’ll be Oliver Jr. by the time we graduate.”


A/N: I'm officially the slowest updater ever. I hope you liked the practically one year break I took! But finally, the date scene! I've got my creative juices flowing, so expect an update after the routine fix-ups that start on March 26th. :)

-Tiffany MwAh!

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