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I Will Redeem Myself by gemdragonfly
Chapter 1 : A New Beginning.
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from the Harry Potter or Supernatural franchises, so the rights are reserved to those who do. Everything that is original, however, is copyrighted to myself.

I Will Redeem Myself
Chapter One: The Beginning

Harry could smell something burning. It was what brought him out of his light slumber. At first he believed it was his apartment that was set ablaze, but after looking through almost every room he had he realized his wards were will up and hadn’t notified him of a fire. Within moments Harry was throwing his door open to see the boy across the hall from him being pulled out of his apartment by another man. The smoke he was smelling filtering out from the open door.

It was two o’clock on a Sunday night. What was Sam was doing with another man at that hour of day. And where was Jessica with this fire going on? So many questions streamed through his mind while he slipped on his shoes and grabbed his sweatshirt. His wand was already in his hand, the one that had been placed behind his open door as he looked out into the hallway to see what was going on outside of his apartment. He hid it there so that no one would see it. Here, in this world, Harry is a muggle. No one knows of his magic, but he believes that Sam may suspect something about him. He didn’t know how he could, but because of his feeling, which were usually right, Harry kept his magic use to a minimum. Now he rarely ever uses it, just in case Sam is around.

Following, not too close behind the brothers, Harry shut his door quickly and went in the same direction that they went: towards the stairs and then out of the building. Harry wasn’t afraid of the fire that was in the building, or that it could ruin his personal belongings. Everything he holds dear to himself he doesn’t keep out to where a fire could get to it. They’re located in a charmed protected trunk in his closet. That will be interesting to have to try and explain if the fire does spread enough so that is goes through his apartment too. How would he explain having everything burnt but an old and battered trunk without even a singe from that fire on it? Harry probably couldn’t without having to use magic on the man to make him forget about it.

Seeing the two men, Sam included, walking over to an old fashioned black car, Harry followed. Even though he lives his life as a muggle, he has never made it so that he knew the makes of cars, their year or name. It just never seemed relevant to him. By now the fire department was arriving along with the police officers. “Ay, Sam, where’s Jess?” Harry asked, still yards away from young man and interrupting his private talk with the other person Harry didn’t know. As he asked it, and Sam looked back to see him, Harry realized it was exactly the wrong question to ask. The look on his friend’s face was enough; he didn’t even have to reply. Harry jogged the last few meters until he was standing next to Sam and the other man.

Immediately he could tell that what he was barging into was private, but at the moment Harry didn’t care. The older man of the two closed the trunk that he had been in the midst of opening, whatever inside of it being something he didn’t want the strange to see. “What happened?” Harry then inquired, figuring Sam could at least explain that to him, after all, he was just getting done with doing a favor for the boy. At the beginning of the weekend, Harry had received a text message from Sam asking him to watch over Jess so that nothing happened to her while he was gone. Apparently Sam knew something that Harry didn’t know, seeing as Jess was now dead. Even though it seems that Sam was there when it happened, Harry would still blame himself for not being able to watch over her more than he had so that he could have protected her from what happened to her.

Harry noticed the quick look Sam gave the other man before he replied to him. “I got home and the bedroom was completely filled with fire,” he trailed off, allowing Harry to fill in the blanks about where Jess had been at this time of night. “What were you doing up anyways?”

“I woke up and smelled the smoke,” Harry explained, leaving out that he’d only been asleep for a few short moments before he’d woken back up.

“Oh,” Sam stated before looking at the other man again who had been standing there giving him a look as if to introduce him to the kid or get him away from them. “Harry, this is Dean, by the way. My brother.” He gave his brother a quick look. “Harry, has the apartment across from mine.” Or at least had. Sam wouldn’t be staying there any longer now that Jess was gone and whatever it was that took his mother was back in his life again.

Dean looked him over suspiciously before putting on a small grin, which Harry wasn’t sure if it was sincere or not, before he held his hand out for him to take. Harry did. “It’s nice to meet you, even if the reasoning isn’t the best,” Even after all these years, Harry was still unable to say the right thing at the right time. He didn’t realize he did it again until after he’d already said it.

Looking the brothers over, Harry noticed how differently they held themselves. Where as Sam stood up straight and looked him in the eyes when he spoke, Dean slouched and barely looked him in the face, let alone eyes. He never would have pegged the two of them as being brothers had it not been for Sam saying they were, or the faint likeliness they share in some of their features.

The police questioned the three men together and then separately. Each giving the same story, except for Harry who hadn’t gone into the room to actually see the fire first hand. After they were all questioned, Sam  taking the longest because of his intimate relationship with the women who lost her life in the fire, returned back to Dean’s Impala where he and Harry were waiting for him to finish up. In the extra time of Sam’s interview, Harry was able to go back into his apartment (by appearating into his bedroom from behind a tree) and packed up some of his things into his trunk before be shank it and placed it into his backpack, which he then slung over his shoulders before disappearating back outside of his apartment building and going back to stand next to Dean.

“…You do for a living?” Harry asked Dean before he turned to see a pale Sam.

“You okay?” Dean asked, both men then forgetting about the conversation they were having to give their attention to their friend, and in Dean’s case, younger brother.

Sam nodded his head. “Yeah, can we just get out of here now, Dean?” He asked to his brother who just nodded his reply.

“Wait, where’re you going?” Harry questioned.

The brothers gave each other a quick look before Sam answered. “Anywhere, just as long as it isn’t here.”

Harry has been through a moment like that before. He has been anywhere else besides his home for going on almost a decade now. Harry has been at Stanford for now his fourth year, he could use a change in scenery about now anyways, too. “Want some extra company?”

“Gimme’ a moment with Dean, okay?” Sam stated before he turned to his brother. Harry nodded and took a few side steps to give the brothers space to speak.

“Sammy, you know what we’re going to be doing, you can’t possibly be thinking about letting him come with us,” Dean stated quickly.

“It’s not as if he knows nothing about it. All of his electives have to do with the family business. And he’s been through some stuff. I mean, he’s never actually said what, but just asking about his past is enough to make him put up a million walls to protect his lies. He’s like us.” At that Dean gave a short snort. “I don’t see anything wrong with adding to the head count a bit. Three people would be easier on some tasks, anyways.” He then added in.

Dean couldn’t deny the last part of what his brother said. There has been times when he and his father could have used Sam in a mission of theirs. “If this ends badly, I’ll kill you.” He stated before looking over to Harry.

He forced a smile to Harry. “Get your stuff, we’re leaving now.” 

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I Will Redeem Myself: A New Beginning.


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