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Adventures of the next Generation: The First Year by demongurl
Chapter 17 : The new Dark lord
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A/N:-I finished writing this story, now it's up to you guys how quickly i put it up. The more reviews i get hte more often i will update

When Dylan woke up again his body felt so stiff. His leg was screaming in pain and he couldn’t see anything. He opened his eyes but all he could see was darkness. He shook his head but realised that he had a blindfold on. He tried to free his arms and legs but something was keeping them bound together tightly. He could feel something dry caked on his forehead and something sticky down the side of his neck. He suddenly remembered falling over before they stunned him and hitting his head on a rock.

“He’s awake.” Someone said,

“Masks on.” Said a cold female voice. There was a bit of commotion as the people in the room moved around.

“Take his blindfold off.” The female said again, her voice slightly sweeter then it had been a few minutes ago. Someone roughly jerked Dylan’s head forwards and untied the blindfold. Dylan tried to protest but no sound came out of his mouth. When the blindfold was removed he blinked a few times to clear his vision. He was in an old wreck of a house. The furniture was all broken and the windows were cracked and boarded up. Dylan looked to the side and saw Rachel lying on the floor, bound and blindfolded like he had been. She hadn’t woken up by the looks of it. Dylan knew she wasn’t dead because they had stunned her before him. He had managed to stun two deatheaters before they stunned him.

“Weasley is it?” the female asked him as she crouched down on the floor in front of him. Dylan glared at her. Her cold blue eyes stared at him, she barely seemed to blink as she looked into his eyes. Dylan tried to say something but nothing came out. The woman grinned.

“It’s a silencing spell. Don’t try and say anything, we won’t hear it.” She said. Dylan settled for glaring at her. “Well, your parents aren’t going to be pleased are they? Their youngest son caught by one of their biggest enemies.” Dylan tried to let out a stream of swear words but nothing came out. “Well, it seems that we’re going to have to bargain with them if they want their precious little son back. It’s a pity we don’t have the oldest one. She’s the one that everyone prizes, her and that Potter boy. Oldest children are the ones that are held in higher regard.”

“Well, they were together in Hogsmeade last night.” One of the men said, “We saw them walking near the cave.”

“Well, they’re too powerful for us to take right now.” The woman said looking away from Dylan. “Our numbers aren’t enough. We need some of the people out of Azkaban. Our most Loyal followers.”

“What about Malfoy?” another man asked

“Lucious Malfoy died along with Rookwood, Avery and Lowe.” The woman said.

“Lowe didn’t die.” The man said, “But I was referring to the kid, Draco.”

“Him? He’s been away from the Dark arts for too long. He’s friends with Potter” the woman said, “And where’s Lowe. If she’s alive why hasn’t she come to my side?”

“She’s still recouperating in Africa, she was injured worse then you. She has Witch doctors healing her.” The man said. The woman looked at him.

“How do you know?” She asked, her eyes narrowing.

“I’ve visited her a few times.” He said.

“But what shall we do about the girl and boy, we can’t keep them here forever.” Said another man.

“Well, the girl, her father has contacts around St. Mungos, I sent her mother there after all. The boy, we keep him for bargaining. We need some more people out of prison, including my brother in law.” The woman said.

“Will Potter allow that? Or the Minister even, you know their policies on deatheaters.” The man said.

“I don’t care about their policies. Their time of rule has gone on long enough. Lord Voldemort didn’t train me to be weak and succumb to the wishes of Mudblood lovers. He trained me to replace him.”

“I thought that was the Malfoy girl’s job.”

“Until she turned good” someone else said. Dylan was completely confused by their conversation. Malfoy girl? Were they talking about Harrietta? Dylan looked at Rachel and saw her roll over painfully. Dylan slowly pushed himself in her direction as the deatheaters decided on what they were going to do with them. It was clear that the woman was the new dark power and the others were taking commands from her. Another man, a man with shoulder length black hair seemed to be the only one who could argue against her and not have her snap back at him.

Dylan felt Rachel’s cheek against his hands and began to untie her blindfold as best he could without looking. Rachel struggled against it for a few seconds until she realised what was going on. When the blindfold was removed she saw the back of Dylan’s head and lifted herself up painfully so she was sitting up.

“Nott, go and send an owl to the Weasleys, informing them of our capture.” The woman looked at the two first years. “Also send an owl to the Thomas’. I think it’s time we gave Miss Lavender a visit.” She said coldly. Rachel looked at her slightly scared. “Finite Incantatum.” The woman said, lifting the silencing curse that had been placed on the two young students.

“Where are we?” Rachel asked scared.

“Somewhere where your screams will be ignored. Now, you two will stay here as long as we need you. If your parents don’t comply with our requests you will die and trust me when I say that I don’t hesitate in killing children, they’re fun to watch.”

“You’re evil you are.” Dylan said, “My parents will never do what you want, I’ll die, just so that they don’t have to help someone like you.”

“How noble of you, however, I do not think your parents will share your thought processes” The lady said.

“What are you going to do to mum? Who are you?” Rachel asked.

“I, young girl, am the new dark power. You will know me as well as your parents do well enough. And as for your mother, I need to finish off what I started twenty years ago.” Rachel stared wide eyed and her mouth fell open.

“Don’t kill her please, she doesn’t know what she does half the time-”

“Shut up girl, do you think I care about what your mother is like. The less people there are in this world who loves Muggles the better. I am saved of the job of eliminating Dumbledore thanks to my master, who was killed by Potter. He will die, as soon as I have enough followers who will obey my every command.” The lady crouched on the floor and pinched Rachel’s face. “Do not ask questions to which you already know the answer. It is-” Dylan lifted his legs and kicked the woman as hard as he could in the head. She fell sideways and Dylan pulled against his bonds. She snarled and pointed her wand at him.

“Crucio!” She shouted. Dylan just managed to get out of the way by a fraction of a centimetre. The wall behind him charred and he rolled away and tried to undo his bonds.

“Dylan!” Rachel said like he was completely out of his mind. Dylan didn’t know what he was planning on doing, he just knew he had to get out of these bonds and get his wand.

“Stupid idiot. Get him.” The woman said. A few people rushed to him and tried to grab him. Dylan swung his legs around a bit, tripping them up as best he could. One deatheater that fell to the floor dropped a couple of wands that Dylan knew was his and Rachel’s.

“Rach, try and get free.” Dylan said. He grabbed the wands with his hands behind his back and flicked them in his wrist. The bonds around his wrists broke and he pointed his wand at his feet and freed his feet.

“Dylan, free me!” Rachel said as she struggled. Dylan stood up shakily and went crashing into the wall as a deatheater head butted him like a bull. They both crashed through the thin wall of the room and into another equally dirty and musky room. They rolled on the floor and landed in a tangle of robes. The deathaters mask came off and his face changed to a face of a man with an evil looking face and evil dark eyes. Dylan knew who he was instantly.

“Dolohov!” He gasped. He had heard stories of the deatheaters that were in Voldemort’s closest circle. Most of which had died but some still survived and if they weren’t in Azakaban they were missing and wanted.

“Hello Weasley,” He snarled. Dylan kicked Dolohov around the face as hard as he could and Dolohov fell to the floor unconscious. Dylan got up quickly.

“Stupefy!” He shouted at a deathater that was coming at him. The deatheater fell to the floor fluidly and Dylan jumped over him and through the hole, back into the room he had just left. The lady, who was the leader, held Rachel tightly. Her hands tightly holding onto Rachel’s hair. Rachel was wincing in pain and Dylan noticed that Rachel’s forehead was bleeding.

“Stay where you are Weasley.” She said, “Or your friend dies.” Dylan stood, with both his and Rachel’s wands in his hands. “Now, put those wands down.”

“Dylan, stun her!” Rachel managed to get out. Dylan stared into the cold blue eyes in the holes of the woman’s mask. Dylan narrowed his eyes and dropped Rachel’s wand.

“That’s a good boy, now the other one.” Dylan crouched down to lower his own wand and moments before he put the wand down he straightened his arm.

“STUPEFY!” He shouted. Rachel rolled out of the way and the woman had to let go of Rachel to move out of the way. Dylan picked up Rachel’s wand and went to Rachel and undid her bonds.

“Here.” Dylan said handing her her wand.

“Thanks.” Rachel managed to say. Rachel stood up with Dylan’s help and they looked at the two deatheaters that had cornered them. The lady joined them.

“That was a stupid thing you just did.” She said. Dylan was breathing heavily and Rachel’s grip on his arm tightened. Dylan looked at the deatheaters scared as hell but trying not to let it show. Rachel was trying to do the same but she looked a bit confused as well.

“How are we going to get out?” Rachel whispered so that only Dylan could hear her.

“I have no idea.” Dylan muttered back.

“Run out of ideas have we?” The lady said. Dylan put his hands in his pockets and found felt a few small orbs in his pocket. He took them out and they were small orbs with some kind of condensed grey mist in them. The deatheaters laughed. The woman looked at Dylan.

“Marbles? Is that the best you have?” She asked. Dylan smirked.

“No, Nausea nuisance mist” Dylan said throwing them on the floor. Feeling suddenly grateful that his uncles were the greatest Jokers in the world. “Don’t breathe it in and follow me” He said quickly to Rachel. She nodded and he pulled her after him as the deatheaters bent over coughing and feeling tired and light headed. Dylan squinted as he made his way through the now misty house. His lungs were beginning to crave oxygen. He heard Rachel behind him cough.

“No.” Dylan breathed. He crashed through a large boarded up window and into broad daylight. Rachel fell through after him and they rolled down a hill, hitting stones and bumps on the way down. At the bottom they hit a fence and Dylan felt his arm flare with pain. He winced and bit his lip to stop himself from crying out. Rachel got to her feet and pulled on Dylan’s arm

“Come on.”

“OW! Not that arm.” Dylan said. Rachel quickly let go and pulled him to his feet holding his other arm. The two raced along the fence, trying to get some bearing of where they were.

“It’s Hogsmeade.” Rachel said as she pointed to the small village, appearing around the corner. Dylan nodded and looked behind him. No one was following them but they kept on running. They hurried over the fence and down the hill that went to Hogsmeade.

“Stupefy!” Someone shouted behind them. A jet of red light struck the floor right next to Rachel. Rachel let out a slight scream and continued to run faster. She pointed her wand backwards.

“Impedimenta!” She shouted. The two didn’t even turn to see if they’d hit anyone. Rachel tripped over a rock and fell into a thorn bush.

“Rachel!” Dylan said. He helped her out and as Rachel got free the thorns tore through Rachel’s robes. She winced as she ran, they were nearing the nearest shops in Hogsmeade. They ran a bit further and ran straight past Honeydukes, Zonkos and Gladrags. Rachel started to falter slightly and collapsed in front of The three Broomsticks clutching her ankle.

“Rachel.” Dylan said again. He looked up and found that they weren’t being chased but a very tall man with a mound of busy hair and a bushy beard saw them and walked over. Dylan helped Rachel to sit up, Dylan hadn’t noticed until now that Rachel’s ankle seemed to be at a strange angle.

“Where you two bin, eh? Whole school ou’ lookin’ fer yeh.” Said Hagrid. Rachel looked up and as she got to her feet she immediately hugged Hagrid, as did Dylan. This was the second time this year Dylan had never felt so pleased to see Hagrid.

“Get us back to the castle!” Rachel whined.

“Alrigh’ alrigh’. Follow me.” Hagrid said as he freed himself from Rachel. Dylan helped her stand up hooking his good arm around her body to help keep her up. They both looked behind them nervously to make sure there was no one following them.

“Hagrid, how long have we been missing?” Dylan asked.

“Three days. Yeh mum’s in a righ’ old state.” Hagrid said turning to look at them. His gaze went to the hill as a few dark shadows disappeared behind trees. “I’ll stay behind yeh.” Hagrid said moving behind the first years. Rachel limped heavily, now that she could feel the pain in her foot. Dylan’s arm was almost killing him but he tried to ignore the pain.

Just over half an hour later Rachel limped into the entrance hall of the castle with Dylan and Hagrid. Dinner had just ended and a few students were starting to file out of the great hall and going to their common rooms. When they saw Dylan and Rachel they stopped and started whispering. Rachel was trying to keep back tears of pain from her foot and Hagrid picked her up to take her up in his arms and carried her up the stairs.

“Oi, you.” He said to a slightly frightened looking Hufflepuff. “Go and get the headmistress or the minister.” The Hufflepuff nodded and ran off “Come on, lets get yeh to the hospital wing.” Dylan nodded and as they went in Hagrid placed Rachel gently on a bed and she relaxed and leaned back in the bed. Madame Pomfrey came running out of her office and looked at the two young Gryffindors in shock.

“You found them” She said. “Get on the bed Weasley and relax.” She waved her wand and a curtain shut around Dylan and Rachel, blocking them from view of the prying eyes that were peeking in through the door. Dylan nodded and got onto the bed and looked at Rachel.

“You ok?” He asked stupidly.

“Apart from my leg, I’m fine.” She said painfully.

“When did that happen?” Dylan asked. Rachel shrugged. The curtains burst open and Hermione Weasley came running in to the enclosed area, followed by April, Harry, Ron, Dean Thomas and Professor McGonagall.

“Dylan!” Hermione said going to him and hugging him tightly. Dean went to Rachel and Rachel hugged him tightly, crying slightly.

“Ow! Mum my arm!” Dylan said wincing. Hermione let go and looked at him, her expression a mixture of emotions.

“Dylan” Ron said smiling obviously relieved.

“Are you ok?” Dean Thomas asked Rachel. He had dark skin and short black hair. Rachel nodded.

“They said they’re going to kill mum.” Rachel whispered.

“They?” Harry asked, looking at Rachel.

“The people who took us.” Rachel said. Harry looked at April and they conjured chairs for the worried parents and themselves.

“I’m glad you’re safe, I will return later to talk to you two, I will let you talk to your parents first.” McGongall said giving each a forced smile and then leaving. Madame Pomfrey came rushing to the two first years and handed them each and cup of potion. Dylan eyed it suspiciously and drank it. It tasted absolutely revolting and felt like doing exactly what Rachel was doing, spitting it out.

“If you want your leg to heal quickly I strongly advise you drink that Miss. Thomas. It’s the least you can do after breaking the school rules.” Madame Pomfrey said disapprovingly. Rachel scowled and downed the potion with her face scrunched up in distaste. Madame Pomfrey took the cups, gave the adults a slightly annoyed look and left.

“What happened?” Hermione asked them. Dean Thomas was the only parents not sitting on a chair. Rachel had her arms firmly around her dad and didn’t want to let go of him. Rachel and Dylan looked at each other nervously.

“If you don’t want to tell us what happened at least tell us where you were.” April said kindly.

“We were in the Shrieking shack. I think.” Dylan said.

“The Shrieking…why?” Ron asked.

“We were taken by the dark lord…mistress.” Rachel said. Harry and April looked at each other like she had just the greatest thing ever. Hermione looked at Ron then Dean worriedly.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Dean asked Rachel. Rachel nodded her head.

“Is there anything you can tell us? We got their owls moments before you arrived back.” Harry said.

“Well.” Dylan said trying to think of what he’d heard. “Someone called Lowe is still alive and recovering still in Africa.” April stiffened at that name. This didn’t go unnoticed by the adults.

“She’s still alive?” April asked coldly.

“Um, yeah that’s what Dolohov said.” Dylan said.

“Dolohov?” Harry asked slightly alarmed. Dylan nodded. He turned to April. “That’s two very dangerous deatheaters still on the loose, Dolohov and Lowe.”

“And Nott, whoever he is. He was the one who sent you the owls” Dylan said. Dylan and Rachel watched as the Adults grew slightly uncomfortable.

“Is there anything else you can tell us?”

“No.” Rachel said.

“Yeah, the lady said that her brother-in-law was in Azkaban.”

“Brother in law?” Hermione asked. She turned to Ron and Harry. “It’s not who I think it is, is it?” Hermione asked. Harry and Ron looked at her gravely.

“I sincerely hope it’s not her.” Harry said.

“Didn’t she die though?” Ron asked.

“If Lowe managed to survive then I think there is a chance that she survived.” April said darkly. Dylan noticed how she said Lowe with so much hate and anger.

“Are we talking about Lestrange?” Dean asked. Harry nodded. Dean turned to his daughter again. “Thank the lord you’re still alive.”

“She said she was going to hurt Mum even more” Rachel said slightly distressed.

“And when they wear their masks their appearance changes.” Dylan said suddenly remembering how Dolohov’s face had changed when his mask came off. “If you take them off they reveal their true identity” Dylan said. Harry nodded.

“That’s why we didn’t recognise Lestrange.” Dylan frowned at this, as did Rachel.

“Bellatrix Lestrange?” Dylan asked confused. Harry stood up with April.

“You kids get some rest and your parents will still be here tomorrow.” Harry said. “You’ve also broken quite a few school rules so you’ll need your strength to face McGonagall.” Harry said seriously.

“Ok.” Dylan said.

“Get to sleep now.” Hermione said gently, brushing Dylan’s messy, dirty hair from his forehead. Dylan looked at Rachel, who still didn’t want to let go of her dad but was being reluctantly lowered on the bed. Dylan nodded and the moment his head hit the pillow he fell asleep

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