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God-Sister of the Werewolf by samitaclover
Chapter 1 : samita and her god-brother
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a/n -- this is my first story, so enjoy, and i want feedback please......JKR owns everything except Samita
Beep Beep Beep


‘ugh’ Samita rolled over and snapped her alarm off. She then closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep.


Samita’s eyes flew open once again because she realized that today she had to go back to Hogwarts.


Rushing out of bed, only resulting to falling on the floor, she quickly dumped everything into her trunk. She threw on a tank top sweatshirt and baggy jeans, and quickly applied some brown eyeliner. Putting on her glasses, she quickly left her apartment and locked the door behind, since no one would be stepping into her apartment until she came back for winter break.


Samita’s parents had died when she was sixteen to the rise of Voldemort and his followers. All her relatives resided in India so that didn’t make her situation easier. Being a sixteen year old on her own, she quickly found a job in Hogsmeade at a café her godmother ran. Then she purchased an apartment in muggle-london because the apartments in Diagon Alley were super expensive.


From there she started building up her life again and accepted the death of her parents. Now she was seventeen and starting her last year at Hogwarts.




Samita hopped into the tube (subway to all you Americans) that would take her to Kings Cross. Samita liked getting to the train really early because then she could get another hour of sleep before the huge amounts of yelling started around the platform.


Fifteen minutes later she got of the train and walked the last two blocks before easily going through the brick wall and seeing the black and scarlet train. She decided on slipping into her usual compartment where Remus would find her.


Remus Lupin was her “god brother” and they were like siblings. Unfortunately they didn’t see each other this summer because Remus had gone on a cruise with his family. Her godmother assigned her to be manager of the cafe while they were gone.


Many people didn’t really notice Samita at Hogwarts. She had a few good friends like Remus and Lily, but ever since the death of her parents she had grown to keep to herself and avoid huge groups or the “populars”, such as the Marauders. Even though Remus was apart of the Marauders, Samita hardly talked to them and vice versa. It would probably a miracle if James, Sirius, and Peter even knew who she was.


Tucking back her long black hair she put on her purple beanie and after checking her makeup was not smudged, she fell asleep.


Remus Lupin walked on the platform at 7:30. Knowing it was early, he desperately wished to see his god-sister before the crowds came and he was taken away by his best friends.


He also wished to surprise Samita because he knew she wasn’t expecting him until another three hours. Passing through the barrier, he remembered that in two days he would again become a werewolf. Of course James, Sirius, and Peter would be there for him during his transformation. So would Samita, she turned into a sleek black wolf. But the other marauders did not know who the black wolf was. They thought the wolf was a stray that roamed the hogwart grounds and hogsmeade. Samita and Remus both agreed to not tell them because they did not feel comfortable of the Marauders knowing of Samita’s ability to become a wolf. They also did not know if the other marauders would accept Samita.


Remus quietly slipped into Samita’s compartment and saw that she had her famous purple beanie on and was sleeping. Before he woke her up, he saw some distinct bag lines under her eyes. Immediately a wave of worry swept over Remus. He knew that ever since the death of her parents she had been taking care of her self. His family and him had both welcomed their home to her because his mother was her god mother, but after a few months of living with them, her pride took over and she found and apartment. Remus also knew she ran the café while his family took a vacation. That must of really wiped her out he thought.


Instead of waking her up, he placed his trunk up on the rack and sat himself upon the opposite bench and opened one of his big heavy books and let Samita get her well deserved rest. 

Soon both of the "siblings" were asleep and little did they know that their peace and quiet would be soon disturbed by three very loud, obnoxious boys........ 



Authors note: this chapter is kinda short but I promise that the chapters are going to get a lot longer! Tell me how you like it so far. I am going to introduce Sirius, james, lily, peter and maybe some new characters in the next chapter.

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