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Flaming Angel by Herm
Chapter 1 : Back to the Future...I mean Past
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A/n: I don't own anything ok. If I want some P.O.V'S I'll write it at the end of the chapters. Here are the characters:

Ginny Weasley- Via
Natalie Sardana -Nat
Cassie Black-Cass or Padfoot
Tory Stamner-Tor
Star Dust-Star
Airiea Lezmirk-Air
Kane Wallis- K
Zachary Wallis-Zy

Chapter One
Back to the Future...I mean Past

Tom have you ever been in love?


Just wanted to know.

well yes. i was coming into hogwarts with my friend. But he got sidetracked.That's when i saw a girl fall on the floor. She yelled something to

peeves. I went over to help her. If she hadn't of disappeared... nevermind


Via was inside the library with her friends. She was in her sixthyear. Cass asked Via what she was

playing with.

"It's my time turner."

"Oh. We should get to the great hall."

"Yeah." They headed to the great hall. While they walked down the stairs someone pushed them

and they all fell. Via got up and saw peeves laughing.

"Peeves you're so annoying. Do that again and I'll get the Bloody Baron to get you."

Someone tapped on Via's shoulder. She turned around and froze.

Tom Riddle was outside with his friend Justin Malfoy. Then daisy Parkison came and pulled Justin

away.(Sound familiar. Draco and Pansy. Pansy's grandmother is Daisy and Pasny's mom is Rose.

Rose used to do that to Lucius too.)

Tom laughed. He went inside and saw a girl and a bunch of her friends fall down the stairs. Then

one of the girls with flaming red hair stood up.

"Peeves you're so annoying. Do that again and I'll get the Bloody Baron to get you."

Tom went over to help her out. She turned around, froze and paled. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Tom Riddle was standing right in front of her again.

"What are you doing back in my time?"

"Your time?"

"It's the year 2007."

"What? It's 1948." She searched the floor. She found her time turner and it was broken.

"You guys come look at this. Cass, Air, Nat, K, Zy, Star and Tor came over."

Tory-"We're back in Tom Riddle's time and we're stuck here."

Nat-"We have to tell Dumbledore."

A/N:Ok if you want to put in a P.O.V. you can.

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Flaming Angel: Back to the Future...I mean Past


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