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Blackened Moonlight by AdrianaBlack
Chapter 10 : In Desperate Need (Of Sulking)
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Chapter 10: In Desperate Need (Of Sulking)


Harry whimpered in pain. His father had just given him a rather terrible beating. He didn’t think he deserved it, he wasn’t that late. And why should he get beaten for being late? It didn’t make any sense.


Harry stared blankly at the ceiling. It wasn’t the first time this happened. Whenever the Potters were frustrated at anything in particular, they always took it out on him. Sometimes he considered telling someone of his treatment, but who could he tell?


His father’s friends certainly didn’t care. And he knew Dumbledore knew, and he didn’t seem to mind either.


Nobody cared.


It was thoughts like these that made Harry want to cry, though he didn’t. He hadn’t cried in years, and wasn’t intending on doing anytime soon.


He knew he was going to be left in this state for at least a day, then Lily would come in and give him a healing potion, and then his life would continue as normal, or as normal as his life could be.


He was hoping that when het gets to Hogwarts his life might change for the better. He might even make a few friends, he never had friends before, and the thought of having one made him excited.


And he was going to learn so much magic! Ofcourse he had read a few simple spellbooks. ‘Enough to learn how to engorge pictures.’ Harry thought with a smirk, as his mind drifted to his rather brilliant prank, with rather negative repurcussions.


But those were just simple things, anyone knew how to do that. At Hogwarts he could really learn. He would work hard at Hogwarts. Be the best. So that when Harry was an adult, he could leave his horrible home and forget about his past and start his own life.


But he was thinking ahead of himself. His current problem was the pain he was currently enduring. He tried to adjust himself into a more comfortable position, which wasn’t such a good idea, since pain sprung up from places he didn’t even know were hurting. He finally resorted to not moving at all.


This is the worst birthday ever.


That was all Harry could conclude. And even though he went shopping in Diagon Alley, he was more than certain he had never felt so much pain on his birthday before, thus, it being the worst birthday.


The rest of the day Harry spent drifting in and out of consciousness. The next morning he was woken up by his mother holding out a healing potion for him. He drank it without thinking. After he finished drinking the vial, his mother took it and abruptly left the room.


Slowly, Harry felt himself feeling better.


The rest of the weeks before September 1st were rather dull. Harry was neglected as usual, with the occasional slap, but nothing terrible, luckily. His father had gotten a raise at his job, not that he needed one, his parents were loaded.


Since James junior would be in school at that time, they decided to celebrate his birthday early. So Harry had to endure a stupid birthday party in midsummer, while the person’s birthday which was being celebrated wasn’t in two months.


Lily jumped for joy at the thought of decorating the house and the garden, and James junior wrote a huge list of people he wanted to invite. ‘The more people, the more presents.’ Is what James junior shamelessly told everyone.


First to arrive were his father’s friends. Sirius immediately went over to James junior and started playing some stupid game. Remus Lupin however, was looking at him, as if trying to see if he was still there. After Remus was assured that Harry, indeed, was still residing with the Potters, he too, went over to James junior.


Harry really hated Remus. Sometimes, the man looked like he cared, even asking him once if he was all right. But after Harry gave him many hints that he in fact, was not allright, Remus would just ignore him, and wander off to James.


‘Stupid werewolf. Pretending to care. Only to satisfy his own guilt of actually not caring.’ Harry bitterly thought.


The rest of the birthday party was boring. James junior’s friends from Gryffindor came. Harry, having enough of the party that wasn’t about him, went up to his room to do some good proper sulking.


After sulking, which  mainly consisted of flipping through books and staring at the wall, for many hours, he heard a knock on his door. “Come in.” He said unnecessesarily, since he was sure that whoever was behind that door would enter anyway.


To his surprise, Lupin entered. He was holding a small plate with a slice of chocolate cake, coated with chocolate sauce and too many candies to be healthy. Lupin handed it to Harry. Harry stared warily at the cake, was this some sort of sick joke?


“Why aren’t you at the party?” Lupin asked softly, as though he was a ticking timebomb. “Cause it’s boring.” Harry replied dully. Lupin, surprisingly, smiled. “Well, I brought you some cake nonetheless.” Lupin said with a small smile.


At this, Harry glared. He shoved the plate, which was held out to him, away. “I don’t want it. The only reason you’re giving this to me is that dogs are allergic to chocolate.” Harry stated.


Lupin looked taken aback. Harry knew he had been cruel. Lupin, in his own screwed up way, has only been trying to help him, and he repayed him by calling him a dog. Well, it’s too late to make amends now.


“Whatever, I’ll take it. Thanks.” Harry said, finally concluding the awkward conversation they were having (if you could call it a conversation). Lupin nodded, still taken aback by the entire situation, stood up to leave. But before said person left, he turned around, opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it and left, closing the simple wooden door softly behind him.


Harry sighed and collapsed on his cot. He had blown it. Lupin had offered him his hand in friendship, and he had brutally refused. He was just so angry at the world, and since Lupin was part of said world, it made Harry angry at him.


Harry decided that the best he could do for the rest of August was sulk until September came, and he did just that.


A/N: Okay, this was just a filler until Sept. 1st. I hope you liked it. Don’t forget to review!

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Blackened Moonlight: In Desperate Need (Of Sulking)


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