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Me and My Boys by I_Love_Sirius_Black
Chapter 11 : Take a Walk On the Wild Side
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Chapter Eleven:  Take a Walk On the Wild Side

“Colin, hi.”

“’Ello Addie, haven’t seen ya in a while. How’as your summer?”

“Oh, Colin, Addie had a wonderful summer.” Sirius exclaimed.

“Colin, we had so much fun, just the four of us.” Remus added.

“It was great, Colin, the best summer yet.” James told him.

Ugh. Here we go again.

“Okay guys I think you’ve made it clear how great our summer was.” I scolded. “Don’t mind them, Colin. They’re just a little excited to go to potions today, right boys?”

“Yes, Addie.” They chorused.

“Right,” Colin laughed. “I guess I’ll see you later, then.”

“Bye Colin.” I smiled.

“Bye Colin!” the girls waved.

“Bye Colin!” The guys waved, as well.

“Belt up you lot,” I laughed. “we’re gonna be late to class.”


As I walked into class, I was hit by a barrage of mysterious scents and was bombarded with greetings from Professor Slughorn. He’s always liked me, that one; something about my grandmother doing something or another. Whatever the reason, it’s nice to be able to do no wrong in a class.

“Addie, m’girl! Wonderful to see you again!”

“Professor Slughorn, how are you this fine morning?” I replied with just as much enthusiasm. “What’s on the agenda today, or are you going to show us any more of your superb dance moves?”

He let out a hearty laugh and ushered me inside as he greeted the rest of them.

“James, Sirius, good to see you, good to see you. Ah, Remus m’boy, take a seat. Hello girls, and this must be Miss Evans!”

“Hello Professor.” She smiled and took a seat at a table with Ellie and two Hufflepuffs.

Altogether, six Gryffindors were proceeding to N.E.W.T. level Potions: the Marauders, Ellie, Lily, and I. Alex and Marty had a free period, I think. Six Ravenclaws, two Hufflepuffs, and four Slytherins were also in the class. Colin was one of those Ravenclaws. He smiled at me as he entered the room, causing the three boys surrounding me to glare back at him and slide their stools closer to me. I sighed. This is what I deal with, every single day.

“Now then,” Slughorn announced “scales out everyone, we’re going to start with a quick review. Who here can tell me the…..”

Ah yes, this is the part of class where I zone out. I know all this stuff, well, I know enough, so why bother listening. I would much rather look out a window, only we’re in the dungeons so that isn’t possible. Nevertheless, it’s so nice out, today. Much nicer than in here. We should start having class outside. I mean, sitting in these dark, dank dungeons can’t be too good for one’s health. All the mold on the walls and the toxic fumes emanating from our cauldrons. Ugh, it’s rather disgusting. I would hate to have to live down here. You know, I want to go to Italy. I’ve never been there, but I heard it’s amazing. Half of my dad’s family is Sicilian, and let me tell you, they love to party. Every Christmas Eve, I go over to my Aunt’s house, well she’s not really my aunt; she’s my dad’s cousin. What would she be to me then? I can’t keep track of my family; there are way too many of us. Look! There’s a fly in here! He needs a name. Or maybe it’s a she. Yep, definitely a girl. Your name is now Stella. Can you imagine being a fly? I can’t. I can imagine being a cat, but that’s a different story. I don’t mean to brag, but I make a pretty cute kitten. You should see me, I am adorable. Oh, there’s a full moon coming up soon! I can’t wait; I love exploring. Hey, maybe I should be an explorer! That would be fun! I could travel around the world and go to Italy! An explorer, is that really a job? If not then I will make it one. I mean I need a fallback just in case my Super Secret Agent Spy career doesn’t work out. What am I saying, of course it will! After all, I am the master of stealth.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” I yelled.

While striking my “master of stealth” pose, I leaned back too far and fell out of my chair. Though I did manage to take Remus down with me.

“Owww, Addie, what was that for?” he complained.

“My dear girl,” Slughorn exclaimed. “what in the name of Merlin are you doing on the floor?”

“Well, Professor, I was busy contemplating the effects of adding sneezewort to a hiccuping solution, and then my good friend Remus here was startled by my other good friend Stella and he fell off of his chair. I, in my attempts to steady him, was taken down, as well. So here I am, sitting on the cold, hard floor, wishing that Mr. Lupin here was not so easily frightened, because his lack of nerve is the reason why I am on the ground in the first place.”

Remus laughed, not at all affronted by my blaming him for my own lack of concentration. The rest of the class, Professor Slughorn included, had also found my “antics,” as some would call them, amusing.


“Yes, sir?”

“Get off the floor.”

“Why, certainly Professor. And I will try my very best to refrain from disrupting the class any further.”

I grabbed Sirius’ hand and pulled myself up onto my chair. Oh, look! Stella’s back!


“I don’t know how much more of this I can take.” I whispered to Sirius. “If I hear Slughorn mention one more of his ‘famous’ friends, I think I’ll scream.”

“Don’t worry, Love, according to that clock we only have three more minutes.”

“Three more minutes of hell.” I huffed. “What was the point of this class, we didn’t even do anything!”

“What do you mean? We learned all about Roland Kegg, the President of the English Gobstones Team. Slughorn had lunch with him and they talked about their friend Joscelind Wadcock who…”

Sirius never got to tell me what she did, though, because the bell rang, signaling the end of class and the start of our free period. As James, Sirius, and Remus gathered up their things, I walked over to Lily and Ellie.

“Hey!” I greeted. “Where are you off to?’

“Care of Magical Creatures.” Ellie replied. “but right now I’m off to the kitchens. I didn’t get to eat much this morning.”

“Yeah, most of your breakfast was on Remus.” Lily laughed as Ellie blushed.

“What about you Lily?” I asked, waving to my other friend who was walking out the door.

“I’ve got a free period now.”

“Oh, so do I! Why don’t we go outside?”

“Sounds great. The grounds here are just breathtaking. ”

“Brilliant. Just let me tell….……oh, come on Lily, they’re not that bad.”

“Remus and Sirius are okay, but that Potter is a right git.”

“Lily, I know you have every right to be a little miffed at him, but he isn’t ten anymore. He’s a great guy, Lils, and I consider him my brother, so could you at least try and be civil around him?”

“Fine, Addie. I’ll do my best.”

“Thank you.” I said, giving her a hug. “Now, come on. I want to grab a good spot.”

I grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the Marauders.

“Boys, Lily and I are going outside now. You may join us if you wish.”

“Excellent.” James smiled mischievously. “Snivelus is going outside, as well.”

“That is excellent. You thinking what I’m thinking, Prongs?”

“James, Sirius” I pleaded. “as much fun as hexing Snape sounds, I really don’t feel like scrubbing trophies tonight. Can’t we postpone the pranks until tomorrow?”

“Fine.” they said, disappointed.

“Okay,” Remus began. “Alex is in Arithmancy, so we’ll make a quick stop there, and then we’ll go sit by the tree.”

We walked up to the Arithmancy classroom, all the while giving Lily the grand tour of Hogwarts.

“…There are some more bathrooms down that corridor, and here…” I said, coming to a stop. “is our destination.”

We then proceeded to make strange faces at Alex, so as to distract her from her studies; a Marauder tradition. After making complete fools of ourselves in the hall and explaining our strange habits to Lily, we began walking back down to what James christened the “Marauder Tree.” Oh, it was such a good tree, so big and tree-like. It sat just over the lake, providing us with a wonderful shady spot to spend our afternoons, or in this case, our mornings.

“Hello again, Mr. Tree. It’s been ever so long.”

“Addie,” Lily laughed. “It’s a tree.”

“But it’s our tree, Evans.” James reasoned. “It’s a Marauder thing. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Oh yes, ‘Marauders.’ I forgot you had a name for your little club.”

“Club?! The Marauders is not a club! It is merely our social standing. Human dictionary, tell her.”

“Marauder: noun; a raider, a plunderer. Comes from the French word maraud meaning rascal. Popularized during the Thirty Years War by association with Count Mérode, an imperialist general whose troops were notorious for their lack of discipline.” Remus recited, never once looking up from the book he had brought with him.

“Precisely. We are Marauders.”

Lily and James continued their bickering, but the rest of us paid no notice. Remus was reading Romeo and Juliet (by my recommendation), and I was resting on Sirius’ shoulder due to my lack of sleep. It was rather peaceful, really. That is, once you blocked out all of the screaming coming from my two best mates.

“If you two don’t quit your rowing, I’m going to be forced to go Tybalt on both your arses.” Remus warned, still not looking up from his book.


“God ye good-den all ye Gryffindors! Why dost thou not celebrate? Rejoice, I say to thee, for thy Monday has cometh and thy Monday has goneth away. Rejoice for the most evil of all thy days, ‘tis no more!”

As Sirius so kindly put it, Monday is over. He and I are now ‘rejoicing’ in the common room, and putting on quite a show, might I add.

“Singth with me!” I yelled

I grabbed his arm and we did a Dosy-Doe in front of the fire and sang about our hatred for Mondays.

Every other day, every other day
Every other day of the week is fine , yeah
But whenever Monday comes, But whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin' all of the time

We tried to switch arms and spin the other way, but I, being the exceptionally graceful and coordinated person that I am, fell backwards onto the couch. This couch, however, already had people sitting on it. Two fifth years were busy chatting about Elf rights until I landed on top of them.

“Sorry.” I laughed. “Don’t mind me, I’ll get off of you now. Just go right back to your conversation. It won’t happen again, well, not on purpose, at least.”

The rather uptight looking kid scowled at me and fixed his Prefect badge which was slightly askew. Yeah, he’s one of those.

“Prefect, eh?” I asked.

“You are correct. Ignatius Amherst, Gryffindor Prefect.” He recited with pride.

“Nice to meet you, Iggy.”

“Pardon me, my name is Ignatius.”

“Hmmmmmmm. Nah, I like Iggy. Sirius! Come meet my new friend Iggy!”

“Hello Iggy! Wonderful to meet you, simply marvelous!” Sirius exclaimed while shaking his hand. “Oi Prongs! Come over here and meet Iggy!”

“Iggy, my good man! The name’s James Potter, but you probably knew that, didn’t you. Ahhhhh, a prefect? Moony, you know this guy?”

“Iggy! Simply corking to see you again! Did you have a good summer? Ellie, you’ve got to meet Iggy!”

“Alright, Iggy? I’m so glad to finally meet you! Alex, have you met Iggy?”

“Iggy, we haven’t met! I’m Alex O’Leary. Did you meet my friend Lily, yet? Oi, Lily! This guy wants to meet you!”

Lily laughed and casually walked over to Iggy, who was probably feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I mean, he was being surrounded by strangers who insisted on calling him Iggy. Though, it is a much better name, don’t you think.

“Sorry about them. I’m Lily. What’s your name, again?”

“IGGY!” we yelled simultaneously, receiving a glare from the kid in question.

“My name is Ignatius Amherst. And I deeply despise the name Iggy.”

“Aw, come on Iggy Pop. Iggy’s a great name.” I told him.

“Yeah, much better than Ignatius.” James agreed.

“It’s much more pleasant.” Sirius added.

“Definitely.” Alex nodded.

“Loosen up a bit, kid.” Remus told him.

“Yeah, take a walk on the wild side.” Ellie advised.    

“I LOVE that song!” I yelled. “Lou Reed is bleeding brilliant!”

“Oh Merlin, here we go.” Remus sighed.

I then proceeded to, yet again, dance around the common room.

Holly came from Miami, FLA
Hitchhiked her way across the USA.
Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shaved her leg and then he was she - she said:

Hey Babe, take a walk on the wild side,
Said hey honey, take a walk on the wild side.

“You just had to get her singing again, didn’t you Ellie?”

And the coloured girls go do doo doo doo doo do do do doo doo doo do do do…………………………

A/N: Woot woot! Chapter 11 is here! Huzzah! 

Okay so first off, Monday, Monday is a wonderful song by the Mamas and the Papas. And furthermore, Walk on the Wild Side is another fabulous song by the oh so brilliant and uber cool Lou Reed. 

By now I'm sure you guys know the drill. You've read, now it's time to review. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Could it be better? If so, then how? You know constructive criticism and all that jazz. We writers live for it.

Sadly, I can't give you a sneak peak, this time. I've fallen behind on my writing and I haven't started Chapter 12 yet. So sad. But I will have it written by the time this one is validated, so look for it! I hope you liked Chapter 11!


P.S. Iggy Pop is a reference to Iggy and the Stooges, in case you didn't know. Another great band.

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