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For Every Single Reason by BlacksBaby07
Chapter 9 : Summer and Winter
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Disclaimer: I own none of these characters exept, Christopher, Hailey and Serena.
I would like to point out a mistake in chapter seven Within Reach. Hailey needs help in DADA not Charms, dont worry their is a point to that. =D
Now... on to the story....

Saturday morning came early for Rose as she woke up in the girl’s dorms . 
She let out a sigh of relief, and smiled to herself. She looked out of the window between her and Hailey’s beds to see a grey sky outside; despite the weather, she was glad it was the end of the week.  Rose had never known a week where so much had happen.


Her thoughts were disrupted by a soft snore coming from the bed aside her, Hailey was still asleep. Her eyes gazed through the rest of the dorm room and saw that Serena, who was always an early riser, had left already.  She tiptoed to the bathroom, trying not to wake Hailey; she took a good twenty-minute shower, feeling too good to turn off the warm water but reluctantly got out.  She cast a simple drying charm causing her hair to go into her usual frizzy curls, and put on a simple green sweater and some jeans.  Once she was satisfied with her appearance she pranced out of the dorm room and down the stairs to the common room. There, she saw Serena lying on the couch looking up at her and she instantly jumped up as Rose came to the edge of the couch.


“Is she coming?” Serena asked. Rose knew she was talking about Hailey.


“No, she’s still sleeping. What is this about, Rena?” Rose asked as she took a seat on the sofa, and so did Serena.


Serena looked away from Rose and ran her fingers through her long hair then turned her head back towards Rose; her dark brown eyes were intense. “You swear not to tell her? She would kill me if you found out.”


“I promise,” stated Rose, Serena glared at her, “I won’t.


Serena nodded and looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping, she whispered her lips moved at a fast speed, “Hailey likes Albus.”


Rose let out a reluctant laugh, “No seriously tell me, what’s up with Hailey?”


Serena eyes widened, “I am being serious! Hailey likes Albus she has liked him since last year. I mean, now that you think about it, it’s obvious isn’t? She just never wanted to tell you and well… now she’s going to kill me.”


Rose’s jaw dropped, she must have been dreaming, this was not real, those words did not just come out of her best friend’s mouth.


“Hai… Hai… Hailey likes…. My cousin?” She gasped, her hand covering her mouth; she jumped at a sudden thought. “Albus likes Hailey! It all makes sense now. I can’t believe it, how could I have not seen it? Why did she never tell me? Hailey likes my cousin?” That thought made her stomach lurch, she would never have believed for a moment that this of all things was possibly happening and all behind her back as well.


Serena shook her head and laughed, “It’s about time you got your head out of the clouds, Rosie. First Scorpius and now you’ve figured out why Hailey and Albus can almost never say a single word to each other. So tell me, when are you getting that tattoo?”


Rose rolled her eyes but laughed nonetheless, her jaw was still wide opened from the shock of it all.  “Why did Hailey never tell me?”


Serena shrugged, “For one thing, you are his cousin; and, well, you know Hailey and guys, she thinks this crush of hers isn’t going to last long. In fact, she’s quiet confident it wont.”


Rose shook her head in disbelief, “But it’s Albus. He’s not… he is not like the other guys she’s dated, and she has never liked someone for over a year.”


Serena let out a small noise, it sounded very close to a laugh, “And I think that is the reason, you know? He is not like the other guys; hell, he’s better for her than any other guy she’s ever dated. But I think that is why, she doesn’t want to, you know, end up like her mother.”


They sat there in silence; Rose’s throat seemed to have closed in on her. Hailey and Albus, she never would have considered it for even a second, it was just too weird.  Serena was right though, the only logical reason Hailey would never admit her feelings to Albus would be because of the pain Hailey’s father had put her mother through. She began to feel extremely sorry for her cousin; she knew Hailey would never try to explain it to him. It had taken Serena and Rose years to finally get the story on what really happened with her parents out of her.  There was no doubt that this would be the same situation. 


“Do you think I should tell her I know?” Rose asked, timidly.


Serena shrugged, “It’s up to you; but if she asks, you figured it out by yourself, ok?”


Rose nodded vigorously, “Should we go to breakfast then?”


Without answering her, Serena stood up from the sofa along with Rose. They both stepped through the portrait hole and climbed down the moving staircases.


“Aren’t the Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts today?” Serena asked casually.


Rose nodded and laughed, “I can’t wait to go and watch.”


 She had almost forgotten that today was the deciding day of who made the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Her brother, Hugo, and her cousin, Lily, had been training all summer for this day and neither one of them would shut up if you asked them about it. They were both very good players but she had a gut feeling that James wouldn’t take both of them.



The Great Hall was already filled with students on the cloudy Saturday morning; although, not all the tables were filled since some students, like Hailey, took the advantage of sleeping in. And as if some force took over her, as if on instinct, her eyes travelled to the far left where the Slytherins usually sat; there she saw Mira and Scorpius talking furiously to each other.  Scorpius, in his normal, unusual way caught her eyes and flashed a smile at her, which she returned weakly. Mira on the other hand, gave her such an evil look even Lord Voldemort would be scared.  She turned away quickly not wanting to deal with Mira and her shallowness and took a seat by Serena, who was sitting by Albus, Tristain, James, Fred and Leona. James was stabbing his sausage irritably as Leona stirred her cereal with her spoon looking at, or perhaps, through James with an amused glint in her eyes.


“James, it’s only try-outs not the House Cup,” Albus said, looking annoyed with his brother.


“That’s exactly the point, little brother. These try-outs will decide for us if we will be going to the House Cup or not; and if I were you, I would be worried as hell too.”


“Now, mate,” Fred said, tapping James on the back, “Don’t get your knickers in a knot. Al Sev over here has a good point. What is the worst that can happen today? Cursed Bludgers? Bewitched brooms? And look at it this way: we only need a new Keeper and two more Chasers.”


James sighed deeply and shrugged. “I suppose,” he muttered, eating his already butchered sausage.


Then Leona, who must have just realized what they were talking about directed her attention to James, “You know, I think Lindsay Smith and Anna Kingsley were right, James, you are quite fancible when you get all worked up like this.”


No one had expected this coming from Leona. Fred’s face was red trying not to bust out laughing and James was choking on his sausage, his face was pink.


“I always knew there was something going on, Jamie boy!” yelled Fred and swung his hand on James’s back,” “All those nights you came in late when I knew you two were done patrolling the castle.”


James, who was now red, glared at Fred, “What in the hell are you talking about, dear Freddie?


But Fred did not answer, his face was buried into the table his whole body shaking with laughter. James looked at Leona desperately hoping she would deny it, but she went back to stirring her cereal and humming to herself.


They all talked quietly amongst themselves except for James who kept shooting Leona furtive glances.  Most of the students that occupied the Great Hall were now moving out, ready to begin the weekend that was ahead of them. Some were just coming down, including Hailey.  Rose noticed something about her which the others did not seem to as Hailey took a seat by Serena. Her eyes were puffy and had a slight redness to them.  Rose’s heart filled with sympathy for her friend. She wanted so badly to say something; to tell her that she knew and it was going to be okay, but she knew now was not the time. She would have to confront Hailey later. Rose turned her head towards Albus, who, as Rose guessed, was looking at her with great concern.


Nothing else was said as everybody got up from the table to walk down to the Quidditch pitch, they walked outside to feel the fresh wind press against their faces. Rose looked up at the sky once more, a familiar feeling swept over as she recognized that exact colour of grey.  She shook her head at the thought, and tried to shake off the feeling; a feeling she had had ever since the night Scorpius and she had detention together. She could not decide if it was good or bad that the thought of him flooded her mind. They were civil now, not exactly friends, but not exactly enemies either. Rose wanted to talk to him, wanted to understand him, why could he be such a git sometimes? Why did he know her so well or at least he said he knew her well?


However, Scorpius was not the one to tap on her shoulder as they entered the pitch, it was Christopher.


“I was wondering if you would want to take a walk with me?” he asked, his blue eyes sparkling.


She looked back at her family and friends, knowing they wouldn’t mind if she talked to her good friend for a while. “Of course,” she said beaming back at his smile.


They walked towards the Great Lake, like so many times in the years before. Neither of them spoke, but by the look on Christopher’s face he was fighting for words.


“How have you been, Rose?” he asked.


“I’ve been fine actually, and you?”


Christopher shrugged, “Same old same old, I guess. So, I hear you’re friends with Scorpius now.”


Rose’s chest filled up with air; she had a feeling that was what the walk around the lake would come to, the subject of Scorpius.


“We’re… we’re okay. I haven’t really spoken to him since yesterday, but that was only for a while,” Rose said, not adding the fact that even though Scorpius and her hadn’t really talked he was constantly on her mind, smirking at her. Instead of pushing him out of her thoughts like she usually did, she let him stay. It felt like the only way to give him a chance.


“Good,” Christopher stated, “I mean, good that you’re, well, getting to know him…”


Rose shrugged, “It’s hard to get to know a person you were told to hate for so many years.”


They walked again in silence for a while; Rose was chewing her lower lip, every once in a while looking at Christopher.  She tried to read his face somehow; his expression was statue-like, but his eyes, those bright cerulean eyes, had a gleam to them.  Rose always felt that you could see what someone was like by looking into their eyes; the colour, the shape, it all told a story. 


Christopher’s eyes were bright and sincere and often reminded Rose of a summer day; lying on the warm sand as the ocean mist flowed all around your skin, or the summer nights where each star was visible on the black velvet sky.  Winter on the other hand, was cold and yet, had a sense of beauty and peace to it.  Scorpius’s eyes reminded her of winter; the sky on Christmas day as a child wakes up to see presents beneath a tree, their eyes full of joy and wonder.


Both seasons had their flaws, though. It was not a summer with out the vicious summer storms that came every once in awhile or when it became too unbearably hot. Winter could be bitter and cold, the harsh wind whipping through your hair, flying in all different places making it a tangled mess. 


Yes, Christopher was summer and Scorpius was winter. One she knew so well and loved and always gave her warmth; the other, mysterious but it gave her some sort of amazement, like the first time it snows. No matter how many times it snows and how many times you’ve seen snow fall, there was a sense of wonder as you watched the first flakes fall down gracefully from the swirls of charcoal and grey.


“Do you miss this, Rose?” Christopher suddenly asked. Rose shook herself out of her daze.


“Miss what?” she asked.


He moved closer to her, her stomach lurched upward but soon settled as he put his long arm around her.


“This,” he whispered, his voice tickling her ears.


Rose looked back down at her feet, avoiding his eyes. She knew what he was talking about; this lake and their old walks around it in their fourth year when they were dating.


“Is that what this is about, Chris?” she asked, forcing herself to look at him; her heart became heavier by the expression on his face; he hadn’t received the answer he was looking for.


He stopped her and turned himself around so he was now in front of her.  He gathered up her hands in his bigger ones and placed them on his broad chest.


“Do you remember, Rose?  When we would spend whole days down here, just talking, being ourselves not caring about the others, just you and me.”


Rose gleamed at Christopher trying to hide her sadness, “Yes. Yes I do, those were wonderful times, really.” They truly were, Rose had not had a care in the world. She was young and ready to face the world for what it was.


She also hated Scorpius Malfoy back then.


He pulled her closer, their bodies touching each other. Her heart grew lighter but it still felt like a weight was pulling it down. 


“Then why don’t we go back?”


She could not answer. His lips met hers before she could utter a word. The kiss was familiar at best; his arms were wrapped around her waist and the weight was pulling down on her heart as it beat faster. For a moment Scorpius’s face flashed through her brain, and she was tempted, all of a sudden, to kiss back harder but refused.


She pulled away.


“I…I can’t,” she said softly, not knowing, and not really caring if he could hear her. The weight had pulled her heart down straight to her stomach; she was light headed but her legs turned around and she ran.


Guilt rushed over her like an ocean wave; each one hitting the rock repeatedly with more force than the last. She could not hear Christopher call for her. She had not wanted this. It couldn’t be this way, but why? Rose could not answer that question, it wasn’t the same as before, but what had changed? Rose reached the Quidditch pitch and leaned against the wall, gasping for air. 


As she slowly steadied herself, the question that ran through her mind began to find an answer. An answer Rose wasn’t prepared for, and certainly wasn’t asking for.

A/N Loved it? Hated it? I would love to know! =] I love seeing your reveiws they always put a big smile on my face. I answer every single one of them, so don't be shy, and don't hold back either! =]
thank you guys for all the ones who have favorited this story as well I really do appreciate it.

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