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We'll Call Her Lily by earthfarie
Chapter 1 : We'll call Her Lily
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Disclaimer: Not mine, it’s all Jo’s. :]

A/N: Well. This is a sorta-kinda companion piece to my other Ginny/Harry one-shot “Visiting Daddy’s Parents”. You don’t have to read that first, but you might chuckle a little when you see where/how this is little moment is mentioned in it. Cool. As I’ve got nothing else to ramble on about I’ll let you start reading.

Ginny Potter slowly inserted her key into the lock of her front door. Slowly. Quietly. Maybe, just maybe if she was really, really lucky her family would not notice she had come home. She could sneak into the bathroom and take a long hot shower without being disturbed, she deserved it after all. Ginny had just spent 12 hours at a Quidditch game. Normally, this would have been wonderful. Longer the game, longer her article, longer her article, more press for the Quibbler. Alas, this was not normal. Merlin hath no mercy upon Ginevra Potter; it had been hailing the entire game. Along with the pouring rain, dark skies and the bludger that had gone astray halfway through the game, it had been a bloody miracle that the blessed seeker had found the damn snitch before the next century had come along.

Ginny should have been able to go in without any worries. It was 8:30 at night. Her sons, Albus; 1 1/2 and James; 3, should have been safely tucked into bed. But, Ginny had left her husband as the baby-sitter. He was the biggest sucker to those puppy-dog eyes the kids would give him. Especially James; his eyes were almost exactly like his mothers. Harry couldn't resist them. Then, it'd be 10 o'clock and the three of them would be playing Quidditch indoors and on a sugar buzz from the gallon of ice cream they'd eaten. Her predictions were partly correct. She opened the door and was tackled by Albus and closely followed by James. Harry looked more hesitant to approach his wife and stood a safe few feet back, waiting to see what would happen.

But, Ginny was greatly surprised when she looked down. Al was clad in his footie pajamas, and James at least had pants on. Ginny smiled. She was truly happy for once in this cursed day.

"Hey," Ginny cooed, picking up Albus and nudging noses with him.

James was talking as fast as his little mouth would let him "Al and me didnn' wanna go ta bed yet, Mommy. We didnn'. Daddy said we could stay up till you got home. We alwedy brushed our teeth, see?" James bared his teeth at his mother and she looked at them, laughing. She ignored her concern of this decision made by Harry.

"Yes. I do see. Now I'm here so run off to bed. Al, I'll come tuck you in."

Harry was now considerably closer to his wife.

Ginny smiled at him "Thank you so much for getting them ready. I had a really hard day," kissed him quickly then walked down the hall to Al's room.

Hoisting Albus up into his crib Ginny asked him "Were you a good boy for Daddy?" Al nodded fervently.

Ginny smiled "Good. I love you, night-night." Pulling the covers up, and giving her youngest son a kiss Ginny smiled again. It was amazing how happy her family could make her feel better, even after her horrid day.

When Ginny traveled down the hall to James room, Harry was just closing the door behind him, whispering "He's already asleep."

Nodding Ginny stood in silence for a few moments before Harry held his arms out, and Ginny collapsed into them, thankful for someone to lean on.

With her face buried in Harry's shirt Ginny mumbled "How were they?"

In a melancholy voice Harry said "Little devils. From the second the door shut behind you 'till the second they heard the key turn in the lock. They hate me."

Harry heard muffled giggles as Ginny said "They don't hate you. You're the dad. You're their friend. Friends don't like it when other friends boss them around."

Harry replied back, "Hermione is one of my best friends. I don't get that at all."

Ginny smiled "Very true."

Suddenly struck with a brilliant idea, Ginny's head shot up. She had a wide and mischievous grin on her face, and looked up at Harry coyly.

Raising a hesitant eyebrow Harry said "Yes?"

Ginny smiled and whispered "Let's have a baby."

Harry's mouth hung open for a moment before he said "Another one?" Ginny took a step back and pouted her lip at him.

Harry said "Oh, no. No you don't. Don't do that Gin. This is a child. You cannot just pout your lip at me and then we have sex. You getting what you want and me not even having a say in, isn't fair. This is serious. Can we just talk about this, please?"

Ginny quietly said "Are you saying you don't want to make love to me? Is that it?"

Harry looked furious "Bloody hell, Ginny! Don't do that! You know that's a load of bollocks! Please don't be immature about this. I want to talk. Shouldn't you be happy? I'm offering to talk. Men never do that. Is it just me, or should you be jumping up and down with joy?"

Ginny straightened her face and said "I really want to have another baby. Please? I want a little girl. Wouldn't you like a girl? You can spoil a girl all you want, unlike the boys. If you spoil them, they don't like it. Girls love it when boys buy them things."

Harry sighed. Ginny made an excellent point. A little girl would be wonderful.

Squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing his temples, Harry said slowly "I cannot believe we're making the decision to have another child in less than five minutes."

Then Ginny said the four words that had Harry sold. "We'll call her Lily."

His eyes popping open, Harry smiled "Ok."

Giggling madly, Ginny jumped on Harry and wrapped her legs around his waist tightly, arching her body back with pleasure as Harry's mouth instantly connected with her temple and moved its way all too slowly up the curve of neck. Moaning slightly Ginny tangled her slender fingers in Harry's already messy hair, intensely enjoying the feel of her husband's mouth on the sensitive skin of her neck. When Harry's mouth finally came into contact with Ginny's, she pushed her tongue quickly into his mouth with passion and hunger. As the pair traveled down the hall and into their bedroom, Harry pulled away and for a fraction of a second Ginny's mind raced as she believed he was having second thoughts.

Proved wrong almost instantaneously, as Harry whispered into her mouth "You said you had a bad day, how would you like a massage?"

Ginny nodded with her excitement showing clearly in her sparkling eyes as Harry's lips once again collided with hers.

Ginny and Harry had a wonderful couple of night, filled with passion, lust, and most importantly, love. The next two months went by far too slowly in the view of the couple that waited eagerly for something to happen, or in their case-not happen. Waiting to she if she was pregnant was always something that made Ginny very, very anxious and was prone to 'freak-out' on her husband due purely to nerves.

With James who had not been a planned baby, the two month wait went by all too quickly, and when Ginny had finally forced herself to take the pregnancy test, she still hadn't told Harry that there was even the slightest chance that she was pregnant with their first child. Only when she knew she would start showing soon did Ginny strike up the nerve to finally tell her husband.

When James had grown up slightly, the young couple had decided they loved parenting so much; they would try to have another baby. That time Harry was right there with her step by step, and Ginny sorely regretted telling Harry she might be pregnant. Everything was so much easier without Harry breathing down her neck constantly, even though she knew he was only there for support. These were the times when Ginny 'freaked out'.

Having learned his the previous time Harry said nothing during the two month wait, and let Ginny come to him if she needed anything. When Ginny finally forced herself to make time in her day to buy a pregnancy test, it took three more days for her to actually use it. When Ginny took the test, it was a slow Saturday and the boys were sitting around doing nothing. So when she slipped away to the bathroom and didn't come out for 15 minutes, luckily they didn't notice.

As Ginny leaned against the door and looked anywhere but at the test in her hands, she couldn't help but notice how her hands were shaking ever so slightly.

Trying to calm herself down Ginny whispered quietly "Everything is going to be ok. Harry is going to be overjoyed. He loves you. Al and James will be just as happy. I just have to look down…"

Hesitantly forcing her gaze to meet the test, two pink lines looked back up at her. The anxiety slowly melted away. She was pregnant again and hopefully with a bouncing baby girl. That is what would complete this family; a little girl. Ginny wrapped the test in toilet paper and tossed it in the bin. As Ginny glanced in the mirror she could see the fabled ‘pregnancy glow’ about her and grinned even wider as she left the bathroom.

Lowering herself down onto the floor where her sons lay coloring Ginny said "Hey guys. Can I color with you?"

They smiled and nodded, handing her a piece of paper. Ginny calmly searched through the bin of crayons, questioning James as she did. "Jamie, where's Daddy?"

James scrunched up his face at his mother's use of the nickname but answered none the less "Makin’ dinner in the kitchen." Ginny nodded and pulled out the color of her choice, smiling to herself. Using most of the paper Ginny began to draw two big pink lines, side by side.

In a few minutes she'd finished and Ginny said "Well, thank you for letting me color with you. But, I'm going to help Daddy with dinner now." Carrying her drawing, Ginny went into the kitchen and closed the door quietly behind her. Harry didn't notice anything because his back was turned.

Pulling the paper up to her chest and taking a few steps forward, Ginny spoke to her husband "Look what I colored, just for you."

Turning round, Harry's jaw dropped and said "Really?" Ginny smiled and nodded.

Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny and they stood, smiling for a few glorious minutes before Ginny went to go tell the children dinner was almost ready.

As the family sat around the dinner table, Harry and Ginny could not stop smiling.

James noticed this and asked “Mummy, why are you smiling so much? Daddy made dinner, and you never smile when Daddy makes dinner.”

Ginny laughed as Harry raised an eyebrow at his wife. James looked eagerly at his parents, anticipating an answer.

Ginny smiled “We’ll tell you after dinner.”

When everyone had finished eating and the kitchen was clean, Ginny sat down and gathered her sons on her lap, Harry sitting beside her.

Looking at James, Harry said “Remember when we told you how babies were born when Mommy was pregnant?”

James nodded and made a face, as if he regretting being happy earlier and said “Am I gonna have another brother?”

Al pointed at James and said “Bro-ter.”

Ginny smiled “Good job Al! That is your brother.”

Switching her gaze to James Ginny continued “Yes, you might have another brother. But it could be a girl instead.”

James stuck his tongue out and said in disgust “A girl?”

Harry laughed “Yes, a girl.” James shrugged his shoulders and was suddenly not-so-interested in the subject.

Harry lifted him up “Come on James. Let’s get you ready for bed.”

Ginny kissed her eldest son on the forehead and said “Sleep-tight James.”

Albus was still sitting on Ginny’s lap, but was now falling asleep with his thumb in his mouth.

Lifting Albus up and carrying him down the hall Ginny quietly said “Well, I suppose Al will figure it out one time or another.”

Later that night Ginny was lying in bed, thinking. Harry climbed into bed, kissed Ginny softly and slid his hands around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

In barely a whisper Harry said into her ear “What if it’s a boy?”

In the same silent whisper Ginny replied “It’s not going to be. It’ll be a girl, I know it. I feel it.”

Ginny sat on her bed, lazily flipping through the pages of a magazine. Harry walked out of the bathroom, brushing his teeth.

Taking the toothbrush out of his mouth he said “I’m not too sure about this Ginny.”

Rolling her eyes Ginny said “It’ll be fine. There are only four of them. Don’t worry. James and Al are getting paid to not bother them all night.”

Harry raised his eyebrows “You’re paying our sons to stay away from Lily’s sleepover?”

Ginny nodded “I’m not taking any chances, remember the last time she had a sleepover they both walked into her bedroom with only their boxers on and all of her friends were freaking out? I’d rather not go through that again.”

Harry nodded knowingly.

“JAMES SIRIUS POTTER!!!!” echoed through the house after the youngest Potter member screeched out her eldest brother’s name.

Ginny flinched and said “Oh, no. What in the world did he do now?” Mad giggling was coming from Lily's bedroom down the hallway.

Harry made to go see but Ginny stopped him “Harry, wait a minute. We're sure to find out.”

Sure enough a few seconds later Lily’s voice rang through the house once again “GET OUT OF MY ROOM AND PUT SOME BLOODY CLOTHES ON!!!”

The giggling from Lily’s room continued. Ginny was rolling around on the bed laughing and Harry was standing dumbstruck with his hand outstretched toward the doorknob. Before Harry could open the door Lily came thundering in, looking furious. She was closely followed by James who leaned against the doorframe, a smirk across his face.

James said “All I was doing was getting something to drink from the kitchen.”

Lily laughed “Yeah. And you had to come into my room to tell me?”

James shook his head “I was going to ask if anyone wanted anything to drink.”

Lily looked ready to slap him “In your BOXERS? You remember perfectly well what happened last time.”

James laughed “Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. Well, goodnight all.” He started to leave the room.

In a goodbye manner, Lily said “You are such a bloody wanker sometimes, James.”

Ginny intervened here and gave her children a stern look  “Lily, language. James, put some clothes on and stay in your room for the rest of the night or you’ll get some real punishment. Now, go enjoy your night and leave each other alone. James, I’m not kidding.” Both kids nodded and giving her brother one last glare Lily stormed back to her room.

James hung back “Am I still getting paid?”

Ginny gave a bark of laughter “What do you think? Get back to your room.”

Sighing Ginny looked to her husband and shook her head. Harry said “Still happy you wanted another baby?”

Ginny smiled “Yes. Admit it; things would be several times less fun if we didn’t have a daughter.”

Harry laughed “Yeah, you’re right.”

Ginny said smartly “I usually am.”

So. I finally finished it. It took me a pretty long time, but, I did it! I would like to mention that I realize that James is quite intellectual for a three year old and he seems a little bit older than his age, but I sort-of needed him to be that way so I could work some stuff into the story. Nothing else to say except please review!! I love to get feedback from everyone!! Thank you so much for reading!! Love and cookies to everyone, earthfarie.

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