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Chapter 5 : 5
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"You all know what is about to happen now..." Camera Man comes out and hands George a little pink envolope. "And the winner is-" Lily ran out onto the stage. "WAIT WAIT!" "What, I thought we got a restraining order on her???" "You did but everything has a loop hole! And I don't think you gave my boy a very fair chance! That evil Voldemort said he was bad! That is so mean! Now he might not win!" "Well there is a 1 in a million chance..." Lily pulled out a gun from her hair. "Screw wands, I like guns!" She pointed it at Voldemort and shot him. Unfortunantly she had it pointed the wrong way and it killed her. Harry and James yelled in unison "Nooooooooooo" "Well now at least we won't have to hear her incessant nagging." Voldemort sighed. "I'm am going to kill myself now" Harry said. Then James burst into song. "Hold on if you feel like letting go!" "Okay and our winner is..... drum roll please!" The audience took out their wands and began prodding the edge of the stage. "Neville Longbottom!" he ran out onto the stage. "Really? Me?" "No you actully fell for that?? Ha Ha" "But seriously-" Sirius stepped out. "Think my names sooo funny don't you?" "No I meant- never mind Okay The winner is... Cho Chang! And now she can dance again!" "He thats not what it says- you just want her to dance again!" "sooo" "Okay the winner is Sirius Black!!!" "YAY!" Sirius screamed like a little girl! "Ooh you like me you really like me!" "I'm really going to kill myself." Voldemort took the gun that Lily had and held it to his head. James burst into song again. And then Voldemort shot himself! Which led everyone to live happily ever after!

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