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The Hidden Sister by GinnyWeasley
Chapter 1 : The Hidden Sister
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Today was the one of the best days' he gets to go back to Howarts School of withcraft and wizardry. He packed his things and his aunt and uncle dropped him off at the station. He was looking for his friends. He couldn't find them so he decided to go look for one on his own. He looked around for a little then came to one that looked empty but wasn't. There was a girl that Harry hadn't reconized but she was asleep the other person was someone he reconized. It was Lupin. Lupin was awake but hadn't noticed Harry come in so Harry had cleared his throat just to let Lupin know that he was there. Lupin was a bit shocked then realized that it was Harry and told him to sit down. They were talking then harry couldn't help it but he had to ask.." Um.. Remus? " "who is that girl?"

Remus looked at Harry and said " Harry that is Kaitlyn Potter your sister. Harry sat there looking quite shocked until she woke up. She was a bit scared herself. Remus then said "Harry I would like you to meet Kaitlyn Potter". They said hello and she told him tht she preferred Katie. Remus told harry how he was so shocked that she looked so much like lily. He also told harry that he was going to be the D.A.D.A teacher again YES !! harry yelled scaring Kaitie out of her mind. They all chuckled. After awhile Harry had asked Kaitie if she wanted to go meet some people that he knew she said sure.

Not to far away from them Ron Hermione Ginny sat all talking. When Harry walked in he said oh. Hi guys This is my sister Kaitlyn Potter. Nice to meet you all but please call me Kaitie. They all said hello. Katie didn't know much about her parents. Or that she had a brother but when they were having a good time they all got disturbed by the most hateful student yet, Draco Malfoy and his cronies were right at his side. Draco: Well , well, well if it isn't weasel king mudblood granger and potter and who are you? Kaitie: Oh Im' Kaitie Potter and you must be Draco Malfoy? right well you best be going now were talking. with that to everyones' surprise they left. They all stood dumbstruck for a minute watching Kaitie and she said I only told him to leave because were talking. It's not that big of a deal.

Then they got the message that they were arriving at Hogwarts they decided to change into there robes. When they were riding to Hogwarts. The gang heard Kaitie wow..! at the site of Hogwarts she had transferred from a different school and she knew magic but still she said that this was not like anything she ever seen before. When they got to Hogwats the gang said good luck to Kaitie and waited to see what house she was sorted into. When Professor Dumbledore started to talk evrybody stopped to see who the new girl was. Professor Dumbledore: I would like to Welcome Back Professor Lupin *stops and waits till appaulse is done* and I would like to Welcome a Transfer Student and I would like all of you to treat her fairly. Her name is Kaitlyn Potter. Kaitlyn would you please come up here. She couldn't help but notice how nervous she was to get up there.

Sorting hat: Well well well a potter? another one? hum.. let me see you have a lot of qualities to be in Ravenclaw but.. Bravery and trust and loyal hmm.. ok If your sure better be GRYFINNDOR! She just heard the last part and got up quickly and sat with her brother and talked to everyone there after the feast they talked about what they knew. She had told Harry That her dad was holding her and how he died having her in his arms. She said that she could sort of remember what happened. She also told him the fact that she was popular because she was the Girl Who Lived.. She hated the fact that she had no Parents but afetr awhile of talking they looked at the classes that they had in the morning and said yes! we have D.A.D.A! They said it at the exact same time, it was a bit freaky.

Well sorry if this chapter is a bit short I will update soon

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