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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 5 : ‘I said SERIOUSLY George not SIRUS-LY!’
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“More cleaning!” Ron was heard saying loudly early one morning, to his mother

“Yes Ronald more cleaning” Molly said folding some sheets “you didn’t do enough last time”

Ron groaned 

“Don’t groan Ron … now go get the others work needs to be done”

Ron walked out of the kitchen and called up the stairs 

“Run everyone cleaning needs to be done … GET OUT OF IT ALIVE!”

“RONALD!” Molly shouted as she walked out of the kitchen, clipping her son round the head

“Oww!” Ron said as he put a hand to his head

“EVERYONE DOWN NOW!” she shouted

Minutes later everyone was in the front room armed with a bottle of cleaning fluid and a cloth.

Everyone had been given their own section to clean and were hard at work. well… some were hard at work

Ron was meant to be cleaning the table but at the moment he was staring at the table and dabbing certain bits with a cloth then standing back to admire his work.

Harry had been cleaning the same bit of shelve for the past five minutes, Fred and George had decided to start whipping each other with the cloths and Hermione and Ginny were dusting the books.

Lucida was cleaning the fireplace and what a great job she had done, she stood back to admire her work and smiled to herself, she looked up and saw the mirror above it, she walked forward and could see everyone else in it but not her, she put a hand to it where her reflection should be and sighed, she missed it.

“Oww!…George!” Lucida said suddenly holding onto her side as George had just whipped her with the cloth, she moved away from the mirror and hit him back with the cloth.

George grabbed hold of the other arm instead of the one that was hit with the cloth and fell to the ground.

“Fred! Im dying! She’s killed me!” and he acted out a very fake death

Fred fell to his knees and very dramatically cried “GEORGE NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” he then jumped up and kicked George out of the way 

“Oww” George said standing back up

“I will avenge your death!” and he aimed his cloth at Lucida “draw cloths!”

“George what are you doing?” Hermione asked as George was walking around them going “ooooo aaaa” waving his arms around 

“Im a ghost” George said running over to Hermione and waving his fingers in her face
Hermione tutted and crossed her arms frowning

“You know if the wind changes you’ll get stuck like that,” George said to her

Hermione rolled her eyes as George walked back over to Fred who was in a cloth war with Lucida.

George was doing the commentary for it “oh no half vampire has got half a handsome guy in a death duel…”

“Half a handsome guy?” Ron asked

“Yeah George is the other half” Fred laughed


Everyone turned to see Sirius standing at the door

“God I thought you were Mum” Fred said clutching hold of his chest

“Do I sound like a woman?” Sirius asked

“Well … you do have that womanly look about you”

“Watch it you!” Sirius threatened him "if you're not going to take this seriously..."
at this George laughed and pointed at Sirius

"i said SERIOUSLY George not SIRIUS-LY!" he tutted at him.

"i came up here to tell you all that you can have a break but seeing as though you made that stupid joke George..."

"hey you're the one that made the joke!"

Sirius ignored him and carried on with his sentence

" can stay behind and finish up" he turned to look at Ron and Harry who had thrown their cloths to the floor "and as you two are pretty worthless at tidying up you can leave"

Harry grinned as he walked towards the door, Ron had taken this chance to grab hold of Lucida and throw her in front of him after Harry. causing her to collide with Harry, who fell forwards and smacked his head on the doorframe "OWW!"

Sirius shook his head at them as Ron ran off with Lucida

"hey i didn't say she could leave!" Sirius called after them, taking him a moment to realise what they'd just done.

"why do they get to leave! We're just as useless as them!" Fred insisted shoving his brother on the arm. George fell to the floor and pathetically shoved the chair so it moved an inch across the floor. Sirius shook his head.

"ok ok! how about this one" Fred said grabbing hold of George and helping him to his feet and shoving him

"do you mind?" George said brushing Fred's shove off his arm with his other hand and shot him a glare before George realised what he wanted. his arms started flayling at an alarming speed as he ran forwards towards Sirius, who quickly moved out of the way. leaving George to run out of the room

"hey!" Fred called after his twin as he followed him.

Sirius took a deep breath and closed his eyes before experiencing a shove in the back, as he opened his eyes and turned around he saw George running back out of the room giggling.

"get back here!" he yelled running out of the room, a few seconds later he ran back into it and pointed a threatening finger at Hermione and Ginny who had edged towards the door.

"and don't you two even think about leaving!" before hurtling back after the twins.

A/N: don't you just love the twins? i know we do. we love writing them so we hope you like reading about them. sorry about the shortness of the chapter though will have another chapter out soon hopefully
let us know what you think 

Alicia and Anne xxx

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