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Lily and James-The Real Story by NikkiRadcliffe
Chapter 5 : The Nightmare and Preperations
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. If I did you'd be reading this in a book

Darkness consumed Lily as she ventured down an extensive hallway. Ancient tapestries lined the walls as it became darker and darker. Never had she been in such a creepy place yet she had to reach the door at the end. Something horrible was happening in there, she could feel it.


Screams penetrated the air as she raced down the hallway. Yet, every time she got near the door it would seem she had to run even further. It kept creeping farther and farther away. Unable to breathe fear grasped her, entangling her in it's invisible vines. Fear for the person within the room. Such fear was suffocating her enabling her mind to think of anything else. Whatever was happening to the person she had to stop it.


“Lily…Lily…no…don’t. Get out of here! It’s not safe. Run! Please just run. Get out of HERE!” screamed a voice within the room. It seemed familiar yet she couldn’t quite place it. She was too afraid to even think straight.


“Lily leave now!”


“No I…I can’t. I won’t leave you. I have to save you. You’re going to make it.” Lily exclaimed racing once more towards the door.


Finally she reached it grasped the handle and opened it.


“AHHHHH!!!” Lily bolted awake only to be greeted by four pairs of eyes. Then faces eventually came into view. It was Potter, Black, and Mr. And Mrs. Potter.


“James get me a washcloth right away she’s burning up.” Exclaimed a woman Lily had learned to be Mrs. Potter. Her hand lay across Lily’s forehand checking the girl’s temperature. “And make sure you put cold water on it. We don’t need you scalding your hand again before realizing your mistake. I mean what were you thinking. Of course water is going to end up burning you.”


Unable to control herself Lily began to laugh. The thought of Potter burning himself was hilarious. Yet, almost immediately she regretted it as her head spilt into tremendous pain. Trying to fight back pain she let a slight cry escape from her mouth.


“Hurry James,” Mrs. Potter exclaimed looking at the girl before her a worried expression on her face. “Sirius you grab me some headache potion and something for her dreams.” As soon as the boys left the room Mrs. Potter turned towards Lily, “Now dear please tell me what your nightmare was about.”


“I was walking down this dark hallway trying to reach this door and…and,” Lily went silent as James came into the room carrying a soaking wet washcloth. Concern was on his face as he gave his mother the item. “When I opened the door I saw…James…I saw him getting tortured by You-Know-Who.”


Silence filled the air as everyone realized what Lily had said. James stared at her in shock. ‘Evans had a dram about me and I was being tortured?!’ His hazel eyes went wide as he figured out who had been torturing him. What if it eventually occurred? He believed he could make it but not quite yet.


“I…I was cursed before I could see anything else. And then… then I woke up,” Lily exclaimed shuddering. It had seemed so real. As if she was really there inside the hallway. And the pain, it had been there! She had felt it ripping throughout her entire body. There was no way to deny she had felt it. Yet, here she was still in the Potter’s mansion finding out it was a dream.


“I have the Potions you asked for,” at that moment Sirius entered the room. Noticing everyone in the room wasn’t paying attention he slowly backed out of the door. No way was he going to be in the same room with a bunch of gaping fish.


“Oh yes, thank you Sirius.” Great just as he was about to make a getaway James’ mother had to see him.


Taking the potions from Sirius Mrs. Potter quickly made her way over to Lily. Pouring the liquids she made Lily drink them. “There you go dear. Now you can sleep without any horrors. When you awake we’ll talk about ball preparations and having your friends come as well.”


Drifting off to sleep Lily smiled to herself. Yes having the Gryffindor Angels would help.


“Now we shall have the opening dance in which the hosts choose one partner and start the ball. The host of course being James, Sirius, you, Mr. Potter and myself. Then the ball shall proceed ending at approximately midnight.”


Lily groaned at the thought of her opening a ball. Sure the ball was going to be the most extravagant event she’d ever gone to but PLEASE!!! She didn’t even live with the Potters. She was just staying there for a summer. At least Black was like their adopted son. He was always hanging out with them.


“Really Mrs. Potter I don’t have to start the ball. I mean I don’t want to impose or anything.” Lily stated trying to Weasel her way out of things.


“Nonsense you’re a guest of the house and it would be rude of me to not have you dance. Besides you are family. To my husband and me. Now what snacks shall we serve?”


“You should get LOTS and LOTS of candy,” Sirius shouted bursting into the room. James was close behind him a furious look on his face.


“Sirius I told you there shall be no candy,” Mrs. Potter exclaimed a stern look on her face.


“Yeah Padfoot like you need candy. You’re already two hyper. We don’t need you getting uncontrollable. We would have to stun you to get you to calm down.” James said clearly amused. “Besides you can just buy candy when we go to Diagon Alley.”


“Oh yeah,” Sirius stated his eyes glowing like his birthday had come earlier. “Come on Prongs we still have to decide our dates for the ball. We only have two days.”


“TWO DAYS!” Lily shrieked. “I only have TWO DAYS to get ready. How am I to explain to my friends they only have a day to find a dress! There’s no way that’s possible.”


“Don’t worry dear I already contacted their families. They shall arrive tomorrow and go shopping with you. Plus I shall give anyone who needs money it. But we shouldn’t worry about that. We still have to figure out what food and drinks and that’s the most important factor. Other than the dances of course,” she paused for a second and than began to speak some more. “Now of course we shall have the traditional food but what should we have as a special item?”


“If you please Mrs. Potter perhaps we could have a Muggle food. That way you can be certain some people have never tried it. Now I would recommend serving some mini éclairs and butterbeer to drink. Simple yet delicious.”


“Why that sounds lovely. I must get started right away. Why don’t you get your room ready for your friends?”

Author's Note: Hey everybody thank you so much for reading. Now for the contest I was talking about. I have been having trouble coming up with three new characters.2 girls and a boy. So instead I'm going to have you the readers leave a review with an idea for 1 of the character.This character shall show up in the next chapter or the one after that. By the way BALL is chapter 7. So please review.You never know you could win. NEED IDEAS OR NO NEW CHAPTER!!!

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