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Time travel by lily_times
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five Questions
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Chapter Five Questions

As Harry Potter paced up and down his study he couldn’t help but feel the disappearance of his daughter and son had something to do with him. As he paced for the hundredth time a knock sounded at the door. 

“Come in” Harry called 

A tall man with red hair walked in, followed by a man just as tall with short black unruly hair, and brown eyes. 

“Harry will you sit down” Ron called walking over and pushing Harry into a chair. 

Harry sighed not looking at the third person in the room. 

“What do you two know.” Harry asked 

“There’s no sign of a struggle, no curse marks, there belongings were gone from the compartment” Ron paused looking over at James. 

“What” Harry snapped 

“It looks like they just walked out Dad” 

Harry looked up sharply to stare at James. “Are you sure?” 

James and Ron both nodded. 

Harry ran a hand through his hair. “James you best go see your mother, let her know that one of her children are home safe.” 

James nodded walking out of the room, closing the door behind him. 

Ron walked over to the alcohol cabinet, pouring two glasses of fire whisky handing one to Harry. Harry silently took it sipping the burning liquid. 

“What do you think happened Harry?” Ron asked 

Harry shrugged “I have a feeling that it might be one of the death eaters we didn’t catch at the final battle” 

Ron nodded “Bellatrix” 

Harry nodded drinking the rest of his glass. “I should have killed her the last time I saw her.” 

Ron filled Harry’s glass up. “James thinks it’s his fault” 

Harry looked up “why?” 

Ron shrugged again “something to do with him not being there to say goodbye to Lily.” 

Harry nodded, sighing he stood up “come on let’s go get some tea.” 


Harry turned in the doorway to look at Ron 

“Do you think Voldermort’s back?” 

Harry sighed “I don’t know Ron, but it feels like it did back in our fourth year, just before school.” 

Ron nodded “at least this time when he comes back I’ll still be talking to you, and there’s no tri-wizard tournament” 

Harry smiled “come on, I’m hungry, and I think mum cooked” 

As Harry walked through the halls of Godric’s hollow. He couldn’t help but feel like the second war was happening all over again, but now he was in his late thirties and he had his children and Ginny to care for, shaking his head, he put on a smile and walked into the kitchen “What’s for tea.” 

“Harry dear how are you?” Molly asked 

Glancing over at Ginny to see her blotchy face he lied “I’m fine but I would be better if I got some dinner mum.” 

Molly smiled putting a bowl of stew in front of him, James, Ron and Ginny. 

“Have you knocked off now Ron?” 

“eah” Ron said through a mouth full of food. 

Harry laughed remembering back to the days him Ron and Hermione hunted for the Voldermort’s pieces of souls, shaking the thought from his mind he finished his stew in silence. All that could be heard where Ginny’s sniffing, James’ heavy breathing and metal being scraped across dishes. 

Harry got up taking his bowl to the sink, standing at the sink looking out to the backyard and the tyre swing Lily an Albus use to play on. 

“I’m going to go to bed” Ginny declared walking out of the room. 

Harry sighed “here starts a long and hard journey” Harry stated

I know this chapter is short but I didn’t know how I would write this scene, so here it is, hope you liked it………….Harry thinks its Voldermort rising again……..I’m not sure it is yet but we’ll see……there might be a long time between updates the mountain of homework on my desk is starting to look pretty bad…….any way plz read and review.
                                                                                        Love Lily Times

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