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The Map Can Think?? by MerelyMe7117
Chapter 1 : Happenings
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Author’s Note: Set during summer of OOTP
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters from the Harry Potter books.
A/N- I have decided to redo this story completely. Don’t worry most of it’s the same, except for a few little changes. Like that Sirius doesn’t go with them in the memories and a few more. I like this version a lot more I think, but please tell me what you think.

In the dusty and dark little kitchen of Grimmauld Place sat five kids all around the same ages of each other. They were all huddled over something and they were whispering to each other. Out of the five, four of them had red hair and looked like they were related. The other had bushy brown hair, which she had pulled into a ponytail.
They seemed to be explaining something to the youngest redhead. She nodded and then whispered, “Wait so let me get this straight. This parchment is a map of Hogwarts, and this map shows everyone in the castle and everything they’re doing?” She paused for a moment, obviously thinking and then burst out, “Why didn’t tell me about this thing?!!” They all shushed her and the brunette, Hermione Granger said, “Ginny I thought you knew. I thought Ron had told you!” Hermione then glared at Ron Weasly, who was the second youngest in their family. Ron looked affronted, “Hey Fred and George didn’t tell me about the map!” He indicated his two older brothers who were twins. They were starting their seventh and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, while Hermione and Ron were starting their fifth along with their friend Harry Potter. Ginny was, of course starting her fourth.

“That doesn’t matter” George hastily replied. “Now that Ginny’s here we can try to unlock more powers of the Marauders Map.”

“And we’re helping you do this, why?” Ron asked the twins.

“Cuz we need your help.” Fred said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Ron was just about to argue with him, but then someone else stepped into the room. Fred quickly scooped up the map and hid it in his jacket, thinking that his mother had come into the room. They were relieved when they found out that it was only Sirius Black. Which is kind of odd saying that the whole wizarding world thought that Sirius Black was a mass murderer. Sirius was, however 100% innocent of the crimes he had been framed for.

“Oh good Sirius it’s just you.” Ginny exhaled.

“Hoping for someone more exciting?” Sirius asked as he got a glass of water.

“No, we thought you were Mrs. Weasly. Where is she by the way?” Hermione asked.

“Oh she’s up in the Library. Her and Harry are trying to stop the books from attacking people. Personally I gave up ages ago. There’s no point trying to stop books filled with dark magic. Trust me, it’s only results are trouble. Yet she still tries.” He sighed, lost in thought. However Sirius then got distracted by a flitter of parchment coming from Fred’s jacket. “What’s that?” He asked the confused teenagers. Fred hesitated before pulling it out of his jacket. They hadn’t had time to clear the map because Sirius had walked in so suddenly. Sirius’s expression brightened though, when he saw the map.

“Blimey,” he mused, “I haven’t seen that thing in ages.”

Fred, George, and Ginny all looked extremely confused for a moment, but then Fred and George said, “Oh right!” Ginny, however was still terribly confused.

“Wait what? What’s right? What’s wrong? Please tell me!” She said hysterically.

“Ginny, Ginny calm down!” Ron said, grabbing his sister’s shoulders.

“Oh, sorry,” She apologized, “I lost it for a second. But still, you haven’t told me anything!”

“Yes we have!”


“We’ve told you a lot!”

“No you haven’t”

“Yes we have!”




“Okay, okay!!! Quit it!!” Sirius practically yelled. They all stopped.
“Good. You were giving me headache.” He added.

“But they-”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.”

“Haven’t told me anything.” Ginny finished with dignity.

“Told you anything about what?”

“The map.”

Sirius smiled.

“What?” George asked.

“Oh nothing.”

“But you smiled.”

“Is that a crime?” Sirius laughed.

“No it’s-,” George started, “Oh forget it.”

“So you were telling Ginny about the Marauder’s Map?”


“How much did you tell her?”

“Oh, about everything.” Fred answered.

“No you didn’t!” Ginny interrupted.

“We told you everything we know.”

“Then why does Sirius know about it?”

“Well,” Sirius started, “Being one of the geniuses that created that map, I’m pretty sure I’d know, at least maybe how to work it. But there’s me, over-exaggerating again. I know, how could I?” He rolled his eyes.

“You’re one of them you mean?” Ginny asked, pointing to the map.

Sirius nodded.

Ginny though didn’t look completely certain.

Sirius sighed. Does no one believe a word I say? He thought exasperatedly.

“Do you want me to tell you how to open it? How to wipe it clear of the information it holds? How to make it shout insults at the person of your choice? Or, maybe even what those nicknames stand for?” Sirius asked all in one breath.

“Well you could, but that still doesn’t tell me you made that map.” She pointed out.

“Quite frankly I don’t care if you believe me or not. I’ve given up on trying to make people believe me ages ago.” Sirius replied. He turned, and started walking out the door. “I’ll be upstairs with the deadly books and Molly if you need me, I somehow doubt you will.”

He walked out.

“Sour mood he’s in today, hmm?” George asked.

“I don’t really blame him. I mean he has been stuck in a house he detests for about two months. I think I’d be in a sour mood as well,” Hermione said.

“True, I just wish he wouldn’t have left that quickly. I really wish we could find out more about the map,” Fred replied glumly. The room immediatly began to spin violently as he said that. Around and around.

“Fred what have you done?” Ginny yelled out to the blurs she saw.

“It wasn’t me I swear! It’s the map!”

Then everything went black.

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