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A Different Being by draconian88
Chapter 1 : It Won't be Long
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Chapter One: It Won't Be Long


Dear Harry,


I know it has been quite a long time since I wrote to you and I hope you can forgive me for that. Things have taken an unexpected turn here in the Wizarding world. Lupin and Shacklebolt forbade us to tell you anything about what happened here, but I greatly disagree to that.


As you know, muggles now know about the war between wizards and Death Eaters after Voldemort's wonderful display of power last week in Elephant and Castle. The Muggle Ministry tries to keep it all hushed up, but I don’t know until when they can keep at it. Imagine the disaster it would create if the Statute of Secrecy was thrown out of the house elf’s window? Human experiments would be the least of our worries.


I wish I could tell you that everybody is fine, but only some of us are. I'm not sure if you already have heard this, but Hermione was brought to St. Mungo's last night because of a bad curse Draco Malfoy laid on her. No one saw who actually did it, but it was the name she mentioned before she completely passed out. The healers are not sure on what curse he used, but they are trying their best stabilize her. She’s a little better now, but she hasn’t woken up yet. Ron’s holding on, we’re making sure of it, but you know how he is.


I know it frustrates you a lot by just not being here, but it won't be long before you could come here again. Just please wait a little longer. I only ask you to be a little more patient.




All my love,




Harry sat in his small bedroom at the Dursleys’. His back laid luxuriously on the old rickety bed as he held Willow’s letter right above him. His eyes read and reread the neat handwriting of Willow Craven and sighed in worry and frustration thereafter: the news about Hermione hasn’t sunk in yet, even if he received the letter almost a fortnight ago.


He sat up on his bed and reached for the hanging bookshelf where he took the envelope that came along with the letter. Harry stared at the family crest that sealed the letter: On the dark red wax was a pentagon, flanked by elaborate wings and a crown at the very top. It was divided into three. The smaller portions had a sword that stood upright and in the other was a Tiquetra knot. In the larger partition was a a letter C engraved in old english. At the bottom was an Egyptian eye.


He traced the crest with his forefinger as he remembered that Willow told him once how the crest in the owls they sent were magicked to only allow the recipient and the sender to read it. Others could only read it if one of the two permitted it.


Another letter from Lupin came after Willow's. It set the time when Harry would leave. He had already fixed his belongings, but his hopes weren't too high. Harry’s paranoia told him that the letter might be a hoax to allow him to walk into the Death Eater’s open arms. The letter said that Lupin would come at around midnight. Harry check his watch; it was already forty-five minutes past eleven.


Harry looked around his room, its been almost two years since he left this place. Although he hated it to be just here, but somehow in his heart he still has a sentimental tie to this place. Harry heaved a sigh and stood from his bed. He wore a shirt over his bare chest and went down to the kitchens. He opened the fridge and ate the last piece of cake Hagrid sent him for his seventeenth birthday.


Just as he was about to wash the plate and fork, he heard a knock on the door. He quietly placed the utensils in the sink and crept to the door with his wand aloft.


"Who are you?" Harry asked in a steady voice.


"It is I, Remus Lupin."


"Prove it."


"I am a werewolf, who taught you how to conjure a Patronus using boggarts in your third year."


Harry opened to door and found Lupin on the other side. He lowered his wand, let him in, and offered him a cup of tea. Lupin refused and insisted they shouldn’t linger too long.


"Where will we go?" Harry asked.


"To Willow's place in Canvey Island. That's our headquarters, now. I have arranged a Portkey for us to take,” Lupin explained. From his robes, he brought out a very small vase and offered it to Harry. It glowed electric blue and Harry instinctively reached for it and an overwhelming feeling of a hook pulled right behind his navel.


When Harry opened his eyes, he found himself in a large sitting room. The ceiling was ornately decorated with paintings of angels that seemed to watch their every move. Harry could smell a faint scent of roses and could sense a feeling of warmth at the same time loneliness. As though from afar, he could hear Beethoven's Moonlight sonata played in the piano.


Lupin lead him to the study where he found Willow at the piano, her fingers danced through the aged keys. Her long dark brown hair was braided loosely which hung on her shoulder. A silky dark robe wrapped loosely around her. 


A house elf in clad pink leaned on one of the chair's legs. Smiling happily as her eyes were closed to savor the music she played. The two didn't notice Harry and Lupin until Lupin called Willow's attention. She immediately ran across the room and flung her arms around Harry.


“Welcome back, Harry,” she whispered. 


A/N: Hello everyone! This is my first ever fanfiction here and I really pray that I did well. I know the chapter isn't long as the others are, but I'll try my best to make up. Please send me reviews.

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