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The Ship of Dreams by ladybobcat54
Chapter 7 : Searching
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Rose and Scorpius stared at the ice berg as they passed it. They felt the ship shaking beneath them as is struck the side of the ice berg. When they were finally passed it the couple stood where they were for several moments. It had finally happened. They’d struck the ice berg and had to go. Now all they had to do was get everyone together.

Finally Scorpius grabbed Rose’s hand and the two ran back inside the ship. They finally arrived at the first class cabin shared by Rose, Lily, and Roxanne, but it felt like they weren’t there soon enough. When they ran in the sitting room they found it empty. Rose quickly checked the bedrooms and the bathroom and finally faced the fact that the cabin was empty.

“So, what do we do?” Rose asked, “We don’t know where they are! They could be anywhere on the ship by now. They could all be anywhere on the ship!”

“Well, I guess we should check all of our cabins first.” Scorpius said, and with that he took Rose’s hand again and they ran back into the corridor.

Finally they made it to the second class cabin. Without bothering to knock they ran in and found this cabin was also empty. Deciding not to waste any time they sprinted to the third class cabin only to find that it to was uninhabited.

“Scorpius, what do we do?” Rose asked desperately, “They could be anywhere on the ship by now! Our chances of dying just got ten times greater!”

“I’d say you’re over reacting, but that’s a level of lying I’m not comfortable with.” Scorpius said.

“Well, I don’t like being lied to, so thanks.” Rose said, “Anyway, we should probably go find everyone else, we don’t have much time.”


James and Mia stood on the ships deck together. The ship had just stopped it’s violent shaking, and Mia was freaking out.

“James, what do you thinks happening?” She asked urgently.

“We just hit an ice berg.” James said faintly.

“What?!” Mia said disbelievingly, “How do you know? How could this happen?”

“The ships gonna sink.” He whispered absentmindedly.

“What?” She asked confused, “James, that’s impossible. This ship’s unsinkable!”

“That’s what you think.” He whispered, but this time she didn’t hear.


Louis ran around the corridors of the ship frantically in search of his cousins. He’d been alone in the he shared with his two cousins at the time they’d struck the ice berg. He didn’t know how long he’d been searching, but he still hadn’t found any of them. He rounded a corner and sprinted down a flight of stairs. He kept going until he was in the corridor where Scorpius, Hugo, and Fred’s cabin was. The floor was already flooding, and the water was getting higher by the minute.

To make matters worse, the room was close to the bow, which meant that it had deeper water. The water was nearly up Louis’ knee already. He shuddered as it soaked through his pants and touched his leg. He couldn’t imagine why they would have come down here, but it was worth a try.

When Louis opened the door some water came in with him. The room was, of course, empty. All he could think to do now was go back up to the upper levels and look, and with that he left the corridors fill with freezing what as fast as he could.

~~~April 15, 1912, 12:34 AM~~~

Lily and Roxanne searched the corridors frantically looking for their cousins. They rounded a corner and almost collided with Louis.

“Louis! We finally found you!” Lily said delighted, hugging her cousin.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking all over for you guys.” He said, “Have you found anyone else yet?”

“No, but we just saw a clock, “ Roxanne said, “We have less then two hours to find everyone else.”

“That’s not good,” Louis said, “come on, let’s keep looking, how about checking the deck?”

“Great idea,” Lily said, and she and Roxanne followed Louis up to the deck.

When they got there they found it crowded with most of the passengers. It would take forever to locate them in this crowd. As they forced their way through the crowd they passed the band playing on the deck, trying to calm the crowd, although no one seemed to be listening. Louis felt a chill run down his back as he remembered that no one knew when they stopped playing.

All three of them now realized more then ever how many people who’d been dead their whole lives now surrounded them. Only one of these people would still be alive in their own time, and she wouldn’t even remember it.

When they got to the stern they finally recognized a face in the crowd.

“Albus!” They shouted over and over again as they fought to get closer to him.

“There you guys are!” He said exasperated, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I was scared I’d missed you in the crowd.”

“Have you seen anyone else?” Roxanne asked.

“No, I was actually about to ask you the same question.” Albus explained.

~~~12:45 AM~~~

Rose and Scorpius ran through the corridors searching for their cousins. They’d just left the deck after trying to find them up there with little success. They turned a corner and were about to turn the corner, but they found there way blocked by freezing water, which had almost reached the top of the stairs.

They heard footsteps running down the corridor towards them. When they looked up they saw two people approaching them. An out of breath Hugo threw his arms around his sister and hugged her, and Rose hugged him back. Fred stood behind Hugo, and he too hugged Rose after his cousin had let go.

“Have you seen anyone else?” Rose asked quickly.

“Okay, let’s count them,” Fred said sarcastically, “Zip, zero, zilch.”

“Sorry, standard question.” She said.

“Well, before too long we should find the others,” Scorpius said, “and I’m assuming they’ll either be on the deck, or some other upper part of the ship.”

With that the four ran up many flights of stairs and through many corridors, and they finally made it to the deck. It was extremely crowded, and they got to the point where they joined hands to make sure they stayed together. Squeezing their way through the many people, they did their best to scan the many terrified faces, searching for the others.

“Wait, wait!” Rose said loudly, “I think I just saw someone, this way.”

The boys followed Rose’s demands, and walked in the direction she had indicated.

~~~1:02 AM~~~

Lily, Roxanne, Louis, and Albus were forcing their way through the crowd hand-in-hand, just like the other four, although they didn’t know it. Lily came to a sudden halt, and the other three looked back at her confused.

“I thought I heard someone calling my name.” She said loud enough for them to hear.

“But there must be several ‘Lily’s’ on this ship.” Albus pointed out.

“They sounded like Rose.” Lily explained.

“You’re sure you weren’t hallucinating?” Louis asked as Lily looked around looking for the person calling.

“Yes,” She said pointing towards four people fighting their way through the crowd, and yelling.

The other three now knew who Lily was talking about. Rose, Scorpius, Fred, and Hugo were struggling towards them. When they finally reached the other four, Rose quickly took Lily’s hand to avoid separation.

“This is a really stupid question,” Fred said, “but have any of you seen James?”

Fred’s question was exactly what they needed to motivate them to push threw the crowd.

~~~1:32 AM~~~

James and Mia had sprinted all over the ship looking for the others. James had found a life jacket and given it to Mia. They were passing lifeboats when someone began calling to Mia.

“Amelia, Amelia!” Someone called from the boats.

They turned and saw an elderly woman in a lifeboat beckoning to them. Mia quickly walked over to her.

“Come along, Amelia,” She said, “get in the boat, there’s plenty of room.”

“No, Grandmother, I can’t.” Mia said, “They’re only allowing women and children right now, and I can’t leave James!”

“Mia!” James said quickly, “I can’t let you stay on here and face your death for me, listen to her and get in the boat!”

“No, I won’t leave you here to die!” Mia protested.

“I’ll get on one of the next boats, I promise.” He said, but Mia still didn’t look convinced, “Please get on boat. For me?”

“Alright,” She said forcefully, and she stepped into the boat.

James stood along the railing and watched as the lifeboat was lowered down. Mia stared back up at him, and what she did next James hadn’t expected one bit. Mia jumped from the lifeboat, and into a lower deck of the ship.

“Mia!” James bellowed, and he ran as fast as he could to where she’d jumped back on.

~~~1:53 AM~~~

Mia sprinted through the many corridors and dinning rooms of the first class section of the ship. She was running up the Grand Staircase when she saw James round the corner and sprint down to her. Once she was in arms length of him, James grabbed Mia and kissed her.

“Why the hell did you do that?” James asked when they broke apart.

“I couldn’t let you die alone.” Mia said.

There was a lout crash and they could feel the ship tilting now that they were inside rather then on the deck. James took Mia’s hand and they ran back to the deck before it was to late.

A/N: Hey, so how is it? That James/Mia thing at the end where Mia goes in the lifeboat but jumps back is borrowed from the movie Titanic. So credit for that goes to them. I hope I have the next chapter up by the end of next week.

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