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Seven Deadly Sins by petitesorciere
Chapter 1 : Pride & Humility
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Draco’s upper lip curled in a contemptuous smirk. He could almost smell the fear coming off the younger Gryffindor student in front of him. ‘’Come on, where’s your courage now Gryffindor?  Maybe you were sorted into the wrong house.’’

The second year looked nervously at the floor. Draco’s books were scattered across the floor, a result of his dashing around the corridor and hurtling into the older Slytherin.

‘’Well why are you waiting squirt, get picking them up!’’ Draco’s voice grew slightly more menacing and the second year immediately dropped to the floor and began  pulling the large textbooks into one big pile. ‘’Careful with them!’’ Draco admonished. ‘’They’re worth a lot more than you!’’

The second year reached up, proffering the textbooks, but Draco didn’t take them, just watched the small arms begin to shake under the weight of the heavy books. ‘’He’s trembling now!’’

Draco’s cronies laughed obligingly,  just  as Harry, Ron and Hermione rounded  the corner. Draco’s smirk grew wider: what a perfect opportunity!

‘’Oi, Potter!’’

Harry’s eyes unwillingly met the cruel, grey eyes of the Slytherin who had consistently tried to make his life hell. ‘’What, Malfoy?’’

‘’Oh, I just thought you might like to see the future of your House grovelling on the ground beneath me.’’ Draco looked contemptuously at the younger boy, who hadn’t dared to lower his arms, and whose cheeks were now flushing embarrassed red.

‘’What the hell are you playing at Malfoy?’’ Ron stepped forward and took the textbooks off the second year. ‘’Have you really sunk so low that you have to pick on people six years younger than you?’’

‘’But you Gryffindors leave yourselves so open to the possibility of being mocked.’’ Draco’s tone was so patronising that Hermione could see Ron’s fists clench almost instinctively. ‘’This one’’, he jabbed a foot mockingly at the second year ‘’ought to feel honoured to have me picking on him.’’

Hermione stepped forward and helped the younger boy to his feet. Smiling sweetly at him, she gestured for him to leave. ‘’Ignore Malfoy. Haven’t you ever been told the story of the amazing bouncing ferret?’’

Ron smiled at Hermione, and she blushed slightly. Draco rolled his eyes. ‘’Let it go Mudblood. The one thing you have to hold over me, and it wasn’t even done by you, just some crackpot teacher.’’

‘’Have I touched a nerve there Malfoy?’’ All the sweetness that had been in Hermione’s voice disappeared and she glared at Draco.

The Slytherin stared coldly back. ‘’What, in the same way that I touched a nerve when I pointed out that a  Gryffindor should think themselves lucky to be allowed to kneel in front of me?’

‘’You overestimate yourself so much that it’s almost funny,’’ Hermione’s eyes flashed furiously. ‘’As far as I’m concerned you have nothing to be proud about!’’

‘’And why do I care what a Mudblood says?’’ Draco’s tone was deliberately patronising, and Hermione smiled pityingly at him.

‘’Change the record Malfoy. You’re a spoiled little brat who needs to grow up, and you’ve called me that so many times that it has actually lost all meaning.’’

With one final, contemptuous glance, she turned her back on Draco and walked away from him. Draco opened his mouth to speak, but realised he had lost his opportunity: she was long gone, and Weasley and Potter were trailing after her as well. Scowling, he walked in the opposite direction, his mind whirring furiously. How dare she imply that he was nothing more than a pampered little boy? Raising his chin proudly, he marched along the corridor. He didn’t need to worry what that stupid little bitch thought. He knew he was better than all of that pathetic house put together.

Their paths crossed only hours later. Draco was  poking idly at the contents of his cauldron, when he heard Ron’s voice drop in pitch slightly. Twisting a little, Draco couldn’t help the smirk crossing his face. Weasley was leaning  in towards the Mudblood, a slightly nervous smile on his face.

Granger in turn was smiling seraphically at him, her eyes wide. Draco’s eyebrows raised momentarily. She wasn’t hideous. Far below him, obviously, but not as hideous as he had been assuming. Weasley looked at her and his smile grew wider. ‘’Do you know what Hermione? Your smile is like Expelliarmus – simple but disarming.’’

Draco choked slightly. Had Weasley actually just said that? Honestly? At his age, he had used a chat-up line like that? And yet Granger was actually giggling slightly, pushing gently at his arm and looking up at Weasley with adoring eyes.

Draco turned back to his potion. She must never have been properly flirted with. It was almost a shame she was a Mudblood. She would fall into his hand like a ripe fruit ready for the picking if he flirted with her – she wouldn’t be able to resist! If only there was some way…

Well maybe there was. Flirting with Granger would not only piss off Weasley and Potter (show them who was boss for once), but it would put her in her place for once. She would be completely entranced by him, and then he could just drop her. She wouldn’t be so quick to be rude to him then.

The class ended and Draco hung back until the Golden Trio had left the classroom. Following surreptitiously after them, he smirked in glee as Harry and Ron left Hermione alone, presumably going to play Quidditch. Draco fought the urge to let out a loud bark of scornful laughter as he saw the soppy look on Weasley’s face. This humiliation would be almost  too simple, and yet quite diverting.

He padded along the corridor after Hermione. She seemed completely unconcerned by the fact that she was alone (but then why would she be concerned, Draco thought, she’s never had to deal with me before).

Hermione was calmly running through the list of things she had to do, who she needed to talk to, when a strong hand clenched around her wrist and sent her spinning backwards. She grimaced slightly and then realised that she was pressed against a corridor wall with a strong body in front of her. Her eyes took in the Slytherin robes without her brain registering it, until her gaze rose and fell on blonde hair and impassive grey eyes.

She immediately tried to pull away from him, only to slam harder against the wall. Draco laughed softly, and Hermione pushed at his chest. ‘’How dare you? Get off me you freak!’’

Any trace of mirth disappeared from Draco’s face. ‘’How dare I? You want to watch your mouth Granger.’’ His face came closer to hers, and Hermione couldn’t help thinking that it was an extraordinarily handsome face, despite the arrogance that was permanently scrawled across it.

‘’You appear to be getting close enough to do that for me.’’

Hermione’s acerbic tone caused a slow smile across Draco’s lips. She could feel his hot breath on her cheek now. It almost seemed like an anomaly: he was so cold that he shouldn’t have hot breath. He ought to be leaving traces of ice on her skin, not bringing a flush to her cheeks. She turned her face to one side, desperately trying to think of a way out of her predicament.

Draco looked at the creamy neck and bent slightly closer. The skin looked so soft that he had an urge to bite it, to see if it would give way easily.  Then he caught  movement just out of the corner of his eye. Hermione had been slowly inching her way towards her wand. Grabbing her wrists, he pulled them above her head, his body pressing closely against her.

‘’Get off me,’’ she spat, her eyes fierce. ‘’I don’t know what you’re playing at, but I don’t want anything to do with you. So get lost, go back to your groupies and carry on lording it over them!’’

‘’But why do that when I could be here lording it over you? You should be pleased you’ve managed to hold my attention this long.’’ Draco’s voice was silky smooth and Hermione felt shivers run along her spine.

‘’You repulse me.’’ She raised her chin and looked him straight in the eye. ‘’I don’t know what you think you’re doing: attacking me in the corridors and trying to… I don’t even know what you’re trying to do! Are you meant to be seducing me?’’

Draco looked at her, his mouth in an ugly scowl. Then, with a sudden, abrupt movement, his lips were fiercely pressing against hers. Hermione pulled back but wasn’t able to move far enough to evade him. He could smell a sweet scent coming off her, and her mouth tasted of mint. She was entirely innocent, Draco realised. Nothing like this would ever have happened to her, and it probably was just actually scaring her rather than seducing her. Ah well, she would like it eventually.

Draco was brought back to reality by a sharp scratch on his wrist. Hermione had managed to manipulate her hands and drag a nail across the tender skin. Wincing slightly, he loosened his grip, letting Hermione spring away from him. He tried to put a hand around her waist, but she tossed it off contemptuously.

‘’What’s wrong with you? Is this your idea of a joke?’’

Draco’s mouth opened but to his horror, no snappy retort was forthcoming.

‘’You’re absolutely pathetic!’’ Hermione glared at him. ‘’Don’t you ever try anything like that again!’’

Draco watched as she turned her back yet again and walked away from him. Why hadn’t she fallen at his feet? He knew that Weasley was far more sappy but he had never had any complaints about his ‘technique’ before…He told himself that it didn’t matter, that Granger was just a stupid little Mudblood, and yet there was a small part of him that he knew would not be easily silenced; a part that demanded he make Granger want him.

Hermione rounded the corner and checked warily behind her. He wasn’t following, thank Merlin. She raised a tentative finger to her lips. They didn’t feel any different, but something remarkable, for want of a better word, had certainly occurred. More bizarre than the kiss though, was the urge that she had had to just melt into his cruel embrace…



AN: Well, there’s the first chapter, please do leave me a review!  Just to let you know, Ron’s chat-up line came from the Facebook group ‘Harry Potter and the Bad Pick-Up Lines’, which is truly legendary (I advise you to check it out lol). Petitesorciere xxx

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