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Nobody said anything about love by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 11 : She's been taken
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Draco awoke with a start, sweat was trickling down his face and his breathing heavy.

He had just had another nightmare about Hermione being taken by his father when he had awoken to a bang.

The dream had been the same one he had every night but this time he had dreamt that he couldn't save Hermione and his father had vanished with her.

Looking around the room he noticed that it seemed eerie; as if something had disturbed the tranquility of the space around the bed, something evil.

Shivering, Draco quietly opened the door of his bedroom and stepped out onto the landing.

Again, the place felt eerie, as if something had been moved by someone that shouldn't have been there.

Descending the stairs into the common room, Draco noticed that certain objects had been moved out of the way for someone to get through.

Draco looked around the rest of the common room to notice that a trail of objects had been left on purpose that lead up to the door of Hermione's bedroom.

Protection and worry swept into his mind as he raced up the stairs to the door of Hermione's room only to find it slightly open with the lock broken off its hinges.

'Someones forced it...' Pushing the door open he saw that Hermione's bed was empty and the whole room was upside down to the room that Hermione would have lived in.

As Draco said 'Lumos' he noticed that the room looked worse in light and that a note had been nailed with a snakes tooth at the top of Hermione's bed.

Ripping it from the bed post his eyes scan the sheet while his mouth twisted with disgust.

"The bastard! He's taken Hermione!" With that he turned round and ran towards the common room door , and sped up the moving staircase towards the Gryffindor common room.

He didn't care if they didn't know him and Hermione were together, he didn't care if they hated his guts and he didn't even care if they hit him for lying.

Once he reached the portrait of the fat lady, Draco stopped and started to bang on the portrait.

"Potter! Potter get your arse out here now! SHES BEEN TAKEN!"

"Excuse me! you might not be in my house but you certainly are in this school and you should know that the STUDENTS ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!"

Draco looked up to see the fat lady looking down at him; her face contorted with rage and her eyes still heavy with sleep.

"I'm sorry, I need to talk to Mr Potter it's urgent!"

"That might be so but it will have to wait until morning, now away with you!"


"Ms Granger? well in that case I'll get him myself."

With that she disappeared from the portrait leaving Draco on his own once more.

His hand subconsciously ran through his platinum blond hair but it quickly removed itself when the fat lady returned and swung open showing a very confused Harry standing in the portrait hole.

"What d'you want Malfoy, it's too late to have a fight so if thats what your here for then bugger off-"


Harry eyes snapped open wide with worry and fear.

"What have you done to her Malfoy?!"

"I haven't done anything! It's my father he's taken her! look!"

Draco thrust the sheet in front of Harry's eyes forcing him to read. His lip curled in disgust just like Draco's did and when Harry looked up he noticed concern and curiosity in his eyes.

"Why are you showing me this Malfoy? I thought you hated Hermione?"

"That was before, we have become good friends with each other and I hate my father more than anything in the world, can we please hurry up I'm worried what he will do to her."

Harry nodded and went to go back upstairs before he turned around to speak to Draco.

"Me and Ron will meet you in the entrance hall in five minutes, I don't really fancy going out to save Hermione in my pj's."

Draco smiled a humorless smile and hurried back down to the Heads common room.

As the cool air surrounded Draco, he became more aware of the danger Hermione was in. He knew what his father was capable of; he had been on the end of it at most times but he didn't want Hermione to be.

As Draco sat on the step, disturbed by his thoughts, Harry and Ron came running down the corridor, their coats billowing behind them.

For a moment the three boys just stood there, facing each other as if to find some sort of information that had been unsaid.

Before the silence became to unbearable, Harry spoke.

"So, Malfoy...where would he have taken Hermione."

Draco turned to face Harry and Harry noticed the terror that was hidden behind Draco's eyes.

"The manor, he wouldn't risk anywhere else."

Harry nodded and looked at Ron.

"Ron, I know you hate the fact that Malfoy's here with us but he's the only one who knows where Malfoy manor is and he was the one who found Hermione missing. We need to work as a team and if there are any fights between the two of you because of something you have said I'm sending you back here."

Harry turned back to Draco.

"Same goes for you, we need to be thinking of Hermione, not of our differences."

Draco nodded and turned to start walking towards the gates of Hogwarts, but was stopped by the sound of Ron's voice.

Turning back round he faced Ron his face showing impatience and annoyance.

"What do you say Weasley?"

Ron turned red and repeated what he had just shouted at Malfoy.

"I said that I know how much you love to walk but wouldn't it be easier to just apparate to the manor."

Draco rolled his eyes heavenwards hoping that his temper and patience would stay even.

"If Weasley, you ever had bother to listen Hermione, you would know that we can't apparate in Hogwarts grounds because of all the charms around Hogwarts."

Ron turned even redder but came back with an answer that shook Draco off balance.

"When have you started to call Hermione by her first name."

Harry looked between the two and knew that it was going to be very hard for them to stay civil while they went on this mission.

Just as Draco was about to start a verbal fight Harry stepped in.

"RON I thought I told you that if you started playing up your not coming! What's your choice?"

Ron mumbled something like 'I'm coming' which satisfied Harry who started walking like Draco had done a few moments ago.

As they reached the gates, Draco stood in the middle and ordered them to hold onto his arms as he was the only one who knew the exact location of the manor and that they would have to do side along apparition.


With a loud pop, the three boys stood in front the door of the manor of the Malfoy's.

Draco shuddered; it had been a while since he had been here and even the thought of entering the house of evil as he so called it, was unbearable.

But he didn't turn and run. He stayed with Ron and Harry and for one reason only. Hermione. She had been angry with him earlier that night and he didn't know why but he still loved her and he wasn't going to let Lucius hurt her.

Love. Was that what he felt for her? And he answered his question even before the little voice had a chance. Of course he did. He wouldn't do this just for one girl if she didn't mean that much to him.

He was brought back from his thoughts when he heard Harry speak to him.


"How do we get in?"

Draco grimaced.

"Parsel tongue."

Harry looked shocked.

"I didn't think you could speak it."

Draco turned.

"My father beat me into learning it. Every time I got something wrong; one word or sentence I was beat and told to do it again, I never wanted to learn but I forced."

Harry looked at his hands then back up to Draco; looking at him full on in the eyes to make sure what he said next wasn't a lie.

"I'm sorry."

Draco nodded turned back to the door.

"Sss Dessss Bannnerrrrrr Bastttt"

Ron turned to look at Draco with a mixture of interest and bewilderment.

"What does it mean?"

Draco grimaced again.

"Unto you, this is the house of death enter blood givers."

Ron gagged and Harry just shook his head in disgust.
Draco had felt the same way and the title was honest; this house was the house of death and many had died in it.

As they stepped over the threshold a scream from above was heard and the boys all said "Hermione!"

A/N: Haha sorry guys and girls but it wouldn't be a great ending if I didn't have a cliffhanger in there somewhere. Please read and review I enjoyed writing this chapter one of the best I think.

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Nobody said anything about love: She's been taken


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