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Confessions of a Lunatic Girl by xmhiszmalfoyx
Chapter 5 : chapterFIVE
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Well, I'm back with a new chapter. Thanks for the nice reviews from the last chapters you guys! I really felt loved. Lols. Also, as I was talking to a fellow reviewer yesterday, I had this crazy idea of the story. When I get done with this story, Im going to write another version of this story .. but on Draco's POV. Eh, eh? What cha think? Lol, well the story isn't over yet so I'll get to that.

 “You know, to be frank with you, it really looks like your relationship with Ron is real.” Hermione whispers to me, even though there was no one was around to hear our upcoming conversation.

 I couldn't help but giggle. “Well, Ron's a good actor, I'm guessing.”

 “Isn't it hard to kind of show it?”

 I cock an eyebrow. “Show what?”

 “The relationship” Hermione said. She pulled the bed covers of her bed in the Prefects dormitory she shared with Harry and wrapped it around her back. “I mean, Ron's a year older than you. Malfoy--”


 Hermione only looks at me but I don't do nothing and wait for her to finish. “Draco, is a year older than you. I mean, I know Mal-- Draco knows by now but I don't know.”

 I shudder. “Don't know. I mean, people are actually  pretty convinced that we're this couple lingering around the halls of Hogwarts, so in love. It's really flattering on the reaction they give us but at the same time I pity them since .. well .. they believe in a relationship that's flake.”

 “Kind of low in my opinion.” Hermione admitted to her. “But, that's my opinion I guess. Don't listen to me.” Both of us laughs and continues our conversation until Harry gets there. When I look up at the clock, hanging just outside their door, I noticed it was already 9 and when Harry told me it was passing corridor hours, I rushed a goodbye to both of them and headed out. It was nice to know I have friends like them.

 The next day, I was pretty much ina  good mood. Until I hear some cries.

 “Petrificus Totalus!” I hear someone cry aloud as I pass by somewhere near Hagrid's hut. Then, after the spell was casted, I hear a mass of people gasping and people crying to break the fight off. My eyebrows furrowed and wondered what was all the commotion about. I plunge myself into the crowd of people and in total amazement, was shocked and bewildered that the people was fighting was Ron and Draco.

 It looks to me that the person that cried out the last spell was Draco since I see Ron on the ground, pounding on the grass. I glare over at Draco, who was aggravated that he has missed him. Ron picks up his wand, points it to Draco and cry, “Expelliarmus!”

 The spell hits Draco directly in his chest, his pale blonde hair flying over his forehead and his body being thrown a few feet away from Ron. I try to get through but no such luck.

 Then, all of a sudden, I see Draco pulling himself up and that's when they started to fist fight. Draco came over Ron, giving him a  punch directly at his face. Ron wobbles and falls on the ground and when he did, Draco didn't miss the chance to get on top of him and lock him with punches. Ron fought back, throwing him a punch in the back of his neck and a kick on his back when he successfully freed himself.

 They continued to fight and I continued to make my way towards them. “Let me through! Let me through!” Some people let me go through and others was just too stubborn to listen or to follow a simple command. Finally, I make my way through the people. “STOP IT!” I immediately run towards Ron, who had bits of blood coming out of his mouth. I put an arm around his shoulder, letting his head rest on my lap and he props himself up with his left elbow since his right got hit.

 I look up at Draco, whose pale white skin got a purplish blue bruise just below his left eye and at the side of his mouth. “What do you think your doing?!” I command. “Fighting in the middle of the day? And do it in front of the people? You attention loving scum!” I help Ron get up, and put an arm around his waist for support. As we stood up, I notice Hermione, Ginny and Harry rushing over towards where we were.

 Hermione and Ginny helped me get Ron to his feet while Harry gave Draco a dirty look. “Some things  just never change huh?” he said, in a fake pity tone. “You looking for a detention? Cause if you are, then you definitely have one with McGonagall.”

 Crabbe, Goyle, and Blaise help Draco up but he just slapped all their hands away. “Your lucky your a prefect Potter. Or else I would have done a curse on you already.” He looks over towards where Ron was. “And we'll finish this later Weasel Bee.”

 Ron attempted to get loose from the grip of Hermione, Ginny and I's all together but he couldn't. He gave Draco a mocking face and with that last move, Harry followed us, deciding that the good thing to do it to get him up to the Hospital Wing while he report the incident to McGonagall.

 “Look. What. You've. Done!” I cry, deepening my hold on the ice bag that laid on the side of his face when we get there. He shivered every time I deepened it. By the time,. Ginny has headed off to the Gryffindor common room and Harry and Hermione went back to Prefect duty. “Look what you did! You got yourself a detention now!”

 “The fuckin bugger attacked me!” Cried Ron, sitting up from the bed. “What was I suppose to do? Stand there and let him kill me?”

 “But why did you have to use fists?”

 “Cause he threw a fit and --”

 “Oh, shut up.” I tell him annoyed. I deepened the ice bag against his skin and this time he jumped from the bed, crying a loud 'Ouch'. “I still can't believe you fought with him. And now you have a week of detention with McGonagall.”

 “McGonagall's not half bad.” Ron mutters, caressing his skin. “In fact, she's pretty cool.”

 “We're not talking about how cool she is.” Behind us, we see Crabbe, Goyle, Zabiki, Pansy and some other people with Draco. They had arms around and under his shoulders giving him support. He was crying in pain silently, cussing under his breathe and when I saw him look at me, he even cried for more. I wanted to giggle out loud but it would have been weird.

 “Hey, Luna.” Ron started. He mutters something behind my shoulder but as of the moment, I was too busy looking over at Draco. Finally, I turn my head around and stares at him. I didn't catch that last part. “What was that?”

 Ron shakes his head. “You don't know how the fight caused didn't you?” I shake my head no. “He casts this spell at me. A spell we learned at around 2nd year. Not much but it was enough to knock you down. When I asked him to leave me alone, he wouldn't. So I ask him why is he starting with me and he tells me because of you. Told me to fuck off and leave you alone.”

 I felt surprised. “What? Me?”

 Ron continues and nods his head. “Yeah you.”

 I wanted to ask more question, what he said, what he did, heck I even wanted to ask what spell he used on him. But I didn't say any of that. Instead I tell him, “The least I could do now is offer you hospitality.”

 After an hour or two, Harry arrived and he apologized for not getting there as soon as he could He told us that he had Prefect duty and this time we both knew it wasn't a white lie to cover up that he was just with Hermione.

 I leave the two alone and head off to Hermione. I was on my way to their dormitory but then I figured that it was around 5 o'clock. Usually she was in the library around this time. So I change directions and head off to the library. I check shelves and rows and I couldn't find her. Then, I go farther down where the thick old books were stored and I wasn't surprised to see Hermione on the ground, checking books out.

 “Hermione!” I cry as I find her. She shushes me and I ignore. “Hermione, I'm desperate for help!”

 Hermione's eyes widened. “What happened? Are you hurt? Oh gosh, go to the --”

 “No Hermione, I'm not hurt but Ron is and --”

 “Ron's hurt? Oh god, I have to--”

 “HERMIONE!” I scream. A girl from the shelf in front of us stares at us and shushes the both of us and I gave her a mocking look when she turned her head on us. I sigh, trying to relax and when I saw Hermione calm, I continue. “Look. I'll explain.” So I explain to her what happened.

 “Oh.” She says softly. “But what's not to understand? I thought you needed help?”

 “I do.” I say, exhausted. “Is Ron the type to fight?”

 Hermione shakes her head hastily. “OF COURSE NOT! He's the type to stop them.”

 “Then why did he fight with him .. and he says it's because of me.”

 Hermione stares at me quietly for a moment. “You don't think ..”

 I shrug. “Does he .. like me?”

Lately I know I've been focusing on Ron and Luna .. This is STILL a Draco/Luna fic but if I don't include details like this (Im talking about Ron and Luna) and the story would seem incomplete. Don't worry, I'll make it up on the next chapter. I'll know since I have it written already (:

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Confessions of a Lunatic Girl: chapterFIVE


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