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Me and My Boys by I_Love_Sirius_Black
Chapter 10 : I Have to Go Sneeze……Over There
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Chapter Ten:   I Have to Go Sneeze……Over There

“So this is it.”

“Yes, Lily. This is our dormitory. We do much more than sleep here. We LIVE here.”

“Wow, Addie.” Alex laughed. “I had no idea you felt so strongly about our room.”

“Oh, Alexandra. I was once like you; young, naïve. I didn’t appreciate the beauty of our dormitory, nor can I expect any of you to understand. You will, one day.”

“You are aware that you are the youngest person in this room, aren’t you Addie. Well, I know Alex and I are older. How old are you, Lily?”

“Sixteen. June 27th, 1960. I’m three months older.”

“One again, you are the youngest.”

“Well maybe you were all born before I was, but mentally, I am much more mature than you three. So there!”

“Okay Addie,” Lily laughed. “You are the most mature one here. Now which bed is mine? And where is the bathroom? And when do classes start? When do I get my classes? What’s Hogsmede like? How often do we go? What does this place serve for breakfast, because it is the most important meal of the day and I have a strict morning ritual that includes my choice in breakfast and….”

“LILY!”  Alex yelled. “Calm down. Now, your bed is right here. The bathroom is behind that door. We normally get up at around seven. You’ll get your classes tomorrow. Hogsmede is great; we go every couple of weeks. I’m sure you will find breakfast to be most satisfactory and if there is anything else that you could possibly desire, I will personally escort you to the kitchens where the house elves will be more than happy to make you anything that you could possibly wish for. Now sit down and tell us more about yourself.

As Lily and the girls got acquainted, I decided it was time to procure some delicious treats from those amiable house elves in the school kitchens. Now I just need a good excuse. It has to be a surprise.

“Umm, I have to go sneeze…………………over there.”

Perfect. After receiving strange looks from my friends I made my way out the door, down the steps, back up the steps to get my shoes, down them again, then up the other steps to the boys’ dormitories. I waltzed on in and began searching James’ trunk.

“Can I help you, Addie?” he asked.

“Oh no, I just need….Aha!”

I threw his Sex Pistols shirt over the tank top I was presently wearing, and then went back to my search for the invisibility cloak, which was nowhere to be seen. 

“Where the bloody heck is the invisibility cloak?” I asked them.

“It should be right in there. I placed it lovingly under my socks.”

“Don’t tell me you lost the cloak, mate.”

“I put it in here, Padfoot. I don’t know what could’ve happened to it.”

As James began tossing his clothing to the side, searching for his cloak, I remembered I had stolen it from his trunk the night before.

“Oh yeah, I remember now, I took it. Never mind then.”

So I opened the door, went down the steps, went back up my steps, opened the girls’ door, opened my trunk, found the cloak, closed the trunk, walked out the door, went down the steps, walked out of the common room, through the portrait, into the hall, and put on the cloak. Whew! What a description. Anyway, I eventually made it to the kitchens (not before I locked Mrs. Norris in a broom cupboard, mind you) and gathered all of the necessary supplies, then made my way back to the girls’ dorm.

“I come bearing tidings of great joy. Well mostly chocolate, but what isn’t joyful about chocolate?”

We were up talking and laughing and eating chocolate for what seemed like hours. Actually, it was hours. I know this because Lily freaked out after realizing that it was 3 AM.

“Merlin! We have to get up in four hours! Tomorrow is the first day of school, and I have to make a good impression!”

But Lily’s ranting didn’t last for long. She was out as soon as her head hit the pillow. Ellie and Alex were fast asleep, as well. Well, now’s as good a time as ever to join them.


Seven o’clock. How the bloody hell can it be seven already? The clock must be lying. It’s out to get me, that’s what it is. It’s jealous of my ability to move, so it wakes me up early and tells me the wrong time! Damn you, clock! Damn you and whoever invented you to HELL!

“Morning, all!” Alex yawned, way too happily for my taste. She’s a “morning person.” Weird, I know.

“Up, up, up, let’s go!” she continued. “It’s time to further our education; don’t want to be late.” 
Ellie tried to voice her anger, but due to the current godforsaken hour, all we heard were inaudible noises and indistinct mumbling. Lily didn’t say anything. She doesn’t talk until after she has had her fill of breakfast. I, however, calmly stood up and made my way to the bathroom. Sadly, the walk was too much for me and I stumbled onto the floor where I then curled into a ball and fell back asleep. I don’t function properly until at least ten.

“Come on, Adds, you can do it. Only a couple more steps and you’ll be in the shower.”

After trying, and failing, to pull me off the ground, Alex shot a stream of freezing cold water at me. If I had a galleon for every time I was woken up through the use of ice cold water, well, I’d have four galleons. But still!

Of course, I shot right up, and then singlehandedly woke up every other Gryffindor in Hogwarts.


“Look who decided to show up.”

Alex, Ellie, Lily, and I eventually made it to breakfast and meet up with the guys. We must have been a sight: Alex had a huge smile on her face and was practically skipping down the halls, Ellie was so tired that she kept stumbling and could hardly keep her eyes open, Lily had absolutely no expression on her face (she still hasn’t spoken yet), and I was glaring at everyone and stomped my feet as I walked. Hey, you’d be angry, too, if you had the morning I had.

“Shut up.” I told Remus.

“Good morning guys.” Alex said cheerfully. “Don’t mind her, she’s just ‘cheesed off’ ‘cause I shot water at her this morning.”

“Yeah, we heard.” James scoffed.  

“What’s with those two?” Sirius asked, pointing to Lily and Ellie.

“Ellie’s half asleep, and Lily doesn’t talk, nor does she acknowledge anyone until she eats breakfast.” Alex explained. “Some crazy morning ritual. A bit excessive if you ask me.”

After a few more glares around the table I began to fill my plate with chocolate chip pancakes. You see, the house elves and I are quite friendly, and I managed to convince them to leave a plate of chocolate chip pancakes by my seat every morning. No one else gets them, just me. But hey, I need my daily fix of chocolate or else I don’t function properly.

While I was slowly enjoying my chocolatey morning meal I noticed that Lily had finished eating and was now engaging Alex in conversation. She seems to dislike the Marauders a tad bit. I can already tell this will be a great, stress-free year. (Note the sarcasm) Ellie, on the other hand, was lying face down in her scrambled eggs.

“Oi, Egg-face!” I nudged her and she woke with a start, sending bits of her breakfast across the table.

“Thank you Ellie.” Remus began, picking egg out of his hair. “I can’t believe I forgot to smash my own breakfast in my hair this morning. Thanks for taking care of that for me.”

“Don’t mention it.” She yawned. “Here, Scorgify.”

“Thanks.” He laughed. “Oi, look. McGonagall’s headed our way.”

She was, indeed, walking towards us with what I assume to be our time-tables in her hand. 

“Double M, how are you this fine morning?” Sirius exclaimed. “And might I add that you look simply ravishing. I’ve always said midnight blue’s your color.”

“Thank you, Mr. Black.” She said with a slight smile, but it was quickly replaced by a scowl with her next comment. “But I do think that I look much better in purple velvet, don’t you?” 

“Ah, McG, it was all in good fun.” James soothed. “Think nothing of it.”

“Here are your time-tables.” She said, ignoring my friend. “Miss Evans, I take it that your friends will show you to your classes?”

“Yes, Professor.” She replied with a smile. “I’m sure I’ll be just fine.”

“Good. If you have any other questions, feel free to come to my office. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.”

I glanced at my schedule and much to my dismay, saw that we had Double Potions…………first.

“Every single year!” I groaned. “Why do we ALWAYS have Potions first?! Why?”

“I think the administration just likes to screw with us.” Remus sighed.

The guys and I began plotting our revenge, but were interrupted when Lily asked a question.

“Who is THAT?”

“That,” Ellie explained. “is Colin Douglass, the resident hot Irishman of Hogwarts.”

“Well, it looks like that hot Irishman is making his way over to us.” Lily added.

A/N: Hey all! I hope you liked Chapter Ten!! If you did, or if you didn't, I would absolutely love to here from you! Just fill in that little box down there with all of your questions, comments, concerns, etc. And then you can leave me even more questions, comments, concerns, etc. at my Meet The Author's page! Now, I can't really leave a preview for the next chapter, seeing as I haven't written it yet. Oh well, It'll be done by the time this one validates. Until then, my friends! Oh, and thanks a bundle and a half to all of my reviewers! You guys rock!!

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