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Final Chance by HermyBug12
Chapter 2 : A new story
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Disclaimer: im not JKR, obviously!

" well now i should say Slytherin, suprise guys, i got resorted into slytherin last week" Hermione almost whispered. she didnt have the courage yet to tell her friends just yet, but she knew she had too. she had found out that she was adopted and that her real name was Hermione Marie Zabini, and yes, she had a twin.

" what do you mean slytherin?" her three "friends" shouted simultaneously. at that moment Blaise came in and wrapped a reassuring arm around his sister and she chocked out "i knew this would happen, just not this soon" she attempted to stop herself from crying with little too no avail.

"its okay Mia, just explain everything from the beginning" Blaise always knew what to say. he could always help, but this time it only helped a little seeing as her friends were still giving her daggers.

" okay, well i guess i should just tell you. over the summer my parents told me i was adopted and that i was sent to live with a muggle family to escape voldemort and his death eaters" people shuddered "oh for merlins sake! hes dead, say his name. i was also told that i had a galmour charm put on me that would wear off exactly eighteen days before my birthday, so the charm should be wearing off- when did mum say blaise?"

"in about a minute" he sounded a bit worried. with good reason too be but he didn't want to let it show that much, he didn't want too worry her even more than she needed to be.

"okay, that gives me just about enough time. a week ago, ya see dumbledore came to the house i was now staying in with my real parents blaise and draco, because he was staying there for the rest of the summer and he resorted me. and now here i am" she was already starting to change because the charm was wearing off. she now had long straight black hair, the same length as her old hair. but she was now about 5'4" well 5'6" with her heels on. she also had purple eyes(everyone in their family had odd colored eyes seeing as blaise had orange) so now looked so much more like blaise.

"hermione, i dont think i can be friends with you" ginny finally spoke up "neither can we" harry and ron said. she frowned at this but wouldnt let them see it she would let them bring her down.

"i dont think i want to be friends with the blood traitors and the boy who just wont die anyway!" she shouted, the tears temping too pour out of her eyes as they had been for the last half an hour. and with that her old best friends walked out leaving her to cry into dracos shoulder until they got the the great hall where everyone got a great shock!

A/N like it? short i know, but  im tryin to add more R&R please! i love reviews!!

Preview: "Pug faced parkinson didnt think i would see you here this year! let alone still hanging over draco, since he just asked me to be his girlfriend" Mia retorted, a look of pain struck pansy in this face as if she had been hit with a full body bind curse

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