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Breaking Hearts Has Never Looked So Cool by thebakerwhowouldntcook
Chapter 4 : IV.
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“STOP!” Gen screamed at Emmeline as the potion they had been brewing started to bubble rapidly. “I TOLD YOU NOT TO!”


Emmeline screamed back, but she wasn’t doing so well in the “you better not fucking smile” department.

Everyone in the Potions class had their attention turned to the “fighting” girls, except for James Potter and Sirius Black. They were mumbling over a piece of parchment, written for James, by Gen, and signed as “Lily Evans.”

“LADIES,” Professor Slughorn’s voice rose over the bickering. “There is no need to fight! You must work together!”

“No way am I working with her,” Gen snapped.

“Likewise,” hissed Emmeline.

Slughorn raised his hands in defeat and did a once over of the room. “Potter! Black! That’s enough side conversation! Switch partners with Miss Leveque and Miss Vance here!”

Gen huffed over to the two boys, who were still standing there, not entirely sure what had just happened. Gen quickly took a seat on Potter’s stool next to Black (the boys had been standing) before Slughorn could specify who was to switch with whom.

Flawless plan Genevieve, O+, gold star, pat on the back for you!

“So it’s Gen, right?”

“So it’s Sirius, right? Can you roll over too?” He blinked.

“Well what’s it short for? Geneva? Can I call you Genny? Or Genna?”

“If I give you permission to call me Genny, you thereby give me permission to call you Siri,” she said, chopping at the root in front of her. The boys has been much farther behind than Gen and Emmeline.

“Tempting, but I’m going to have to say no deal. How about I call you Gen, you call me Sirius and we go find a broom closet somewhere to get even more acquainted.”


“No one likes a tease, Genny,” he grinned at her.

Don’t barf, don’t barf, don’t barf.

Gen swallowed and grinned back. “You’ve got to learn that not every girl is head-over-heels for you, Siri.”

As if on cue, Professor Slughorn announced that class had ended and added more homework to Gen’s already piling load. Before exiting the class Gen simultaneously blew a kiss and rolled her eyes at Sirius, who pretended to catch it.

Ewgh. Emmeline was by her side as soon as they were in the corridor, not even bothering to maintain to fake fight charade to whisper further plans. Halfway down the hall Gen froze.

“I don’t think we told Stu any of this.” Stu’s job in all of this was sneaking into the Hospital Wing every night to renew a charm he had placed on poor old Greg Andrews that kept his pain meds from giving him an actual relief, to keep Gen’s position on the team locked, of course. And shit, did Gen feel bad.

“Catch him tonight before he goes in,” Emmeline suggested and Gen nodded mutely.

Thinking that she didn’t want to hurt anyone or had ever meant to hurt anyway was a complete, hypocritical lie. This whole game’s purpose was pain, but third parties were getting involved to a much higher and costlier degree than Gen had ever planned. Besides, she had Sirius as a Potion’s partner now, she didn’t need the team. It was a stupid idea to begin with.

Most of Gen’s idea’s were stupid, the game wasn’t exactly brilliant by any means, and nor was her oh-let’s-sneak-around-at-night-for-the-hell-of-it mindset.

Because she just hit a wall. At ten o'clock she had been back to maneuvering herself across memorized floor plans to race down to the Hospital Wing to beat Sturgis. She cursed herself silently. Honestly, she should pay more attention to these things in times of crisis, but that didn’t happen, because only a few feet she turned a corner and collided with something else. A human, again. What an awful pattern this was turning into.

Whoever it was had been carrying something that banged as it hit the floor, which Gen then tripped on, and fell on her back. She cursed aloud this time, what was the point in being quiet? She was so busted.

The other person cursed aloud too, after apparently taking the same trip Gen had in the black fray of things. Gen searched for her wand in her robes, but it had obviously fallen out. And thus, she was out of tricks.

“So what’s the penalty for this? Lines?” she asked what she assumed was an on-duty prefect.


“Uh, you got me. I’m out after curfew.”



“Boo!” Her assailant’s wand lit up their face. Un-fucking-believable.


“None other,” he smirked at her, his wand illuminating a small portion of their surroundings. Gen was able to see that he had been carrying four bottles of Butterbeer and some other food that had been ruined by the collision.

“What are you doing?” Gen asked.

“I could ask you the exact same.”

She ignored his question and caught sight of her wand. She picked it up, along with two of the Butterbeer bottles. How kind, she thought to herself, I don’t know why you aren’t up for sainthood.

“Come here often?”

Gen narrowed her eyes at him, and it hit her.

“It was you,” she stated, matter of fact.

“Come again?”

“You’re the sodding bloke I keep running into!”

“What – that was you?”


“Well what were you doing then? And what are you doing now?”

“Fancied a cherry macaroon,” she lied, “and put the light out before we get into any real trouble,” she scolded, because they were being awfully loud and she was getting antsy. She would never catch Stu now. Sirius flicked his wand and the light disappeared.



“Since I care so much about the well being of my peers, how about I escort you back to the common room and you help me drink some of this?” he suggested pulling another bottle out of his robes. He swished it around making it known that it was indeed Firewhiskey.

"So you mean to tell me that you wonder around corridors late at night carrying bottles of Butterbeer and Firewhis-" She was cut off by the sound of footsteps and a dim glow approaching at a rather fast pace.

Gen was about to make a break for it when Sirius grabbed her arm and took off in the opposite direction. Merlin, he was fast. He was practically dragging her. He stopped suddenly and Gen almost crashed into him again.

Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, and she realized they had stopped in front of the freaky witch statue by the stairs to the Defense Against The Dark Arts classroom. Honestly, the statue wasn't big enough for even a first year to hide behind. Sirius muttered something and Gen wasn't sure if he was talking to her. Did the statue just move? Or was it the dark playing tricks on her?

"Get in."

Okay, he had to be talking to her. Right? Right, because just then she was practically thrown into the statues hump.

"What the f-"

“Hush up.”

The two sat knee to knee, breathing heavily but trying not to, as they waited out whatever was close by. The two minutes felt like almost an eternity before Sirius finally gave the okay. Gen whipped out her wand and illuminated her surroundings.

“Whoa.” Sirius grinned as if he was really pleased with himself.

"What is this place?"

"It leads to Honeydukes."

Was that how he got the Butterbeer? Had he used this passage to go to the Three Broomsticks? Gen wasn't all too sure, but she made note of its location for future use.

"Well since we're here..." said Sirius with a smirk raising the Firewhiskey bottle. Gen rolled her eyes and grabbed it out of his hands. She opened it and took a reasonable gulp.

"Goodnight,” said Gen as she crawled back out of the passage, sure the coast was clear. She heard Sirius climb out after her but she didn't wait up for him. Gen took off again for the Hospital Wing, and possibly even the Ravenclaw common room, paying as much attention as her tired, reeling brain would allow.

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Breaking Hearts Has Never Looked So Cool: IV.


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