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Harry Potter and the One Heir by angarato
Chapter 8 : Godric Gryffindor
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They planned until late that night and Glenda brought dinner up to the library for them since they were so engrossed working on the plan.

By the time they retired for the night, it was already 12 midnight. They went into their rooms and fell asleep the moment their heads touched the pillow.

The next morning, Harry awoke to a tapping sound on the window. There was a brown owl pecking at the window. The owl, which Harry realised as Pig, Ron’s miniature owl. Harry was shocked. He had totally forgot about Ron during this time. He immediately ripped open Ron’s letter and read it:

Dear Harry and Hermione,

How are you? I was told that the both of you were out on a mission, which was linked to Harry. Well I’m sitting here at home wishing I could have come with the both of you. Anyway, I don’t think I should be disturbing the both of you during this time. I’ll talk to you when I meet you. Bye!


Harry immediately picked up a parchment and a quill and started writing to Ron.

Dear Ron,

Sorry we have not written to you at all during this time. I have found out some information that I cannot tell you in this letter. I am currently at a safe place where no one will be able to reach me. I will tell you everything when I meet you next.


Harry immediately turned and attached his letter to Pig, who immediately took off into the dark blue sky. Harry turned and looked at Hermione who was still sleeping.

She looks so beautiful while she’s sleeping. It’s a wonder how I never realised that I love her. Harry thought to himself.

Five minutes later, Hermione started stirring. Harry was still sitting there watching her wake up. When she woke up and saw Harry looking at her, she immediately blushed and got out of bed and walked towards him.

“When did you get up?” She asked him after she sat down on his lap and gave him a good morning kiss.

“Just a while back when Pig was tapping on the window with Ron’s letter.” Hermione immediately gasped when she heard Ron’s name. “I already replied him and told him our reasons for not writing to him. Don’t worry.” Harry said as though reading her mind.

Hermione immediately relaxed and leaned on Harry’s chest. Harry then got up and went to take a shower and was out in five minutes and Hermione went in the moment he came out but she took longer than he expected her to take and decided to go down for breakfast while she took her time to come out.

When Harry arrived downstairs, he saw Natasha sitting on the dining table eating her breakfast. He greeted her good morning with a hug and sat down on the table opposite her and started eating his breakfast. Ten minutes later, Hermione came down and sat down beside Harry after greeting Natasha.

After breakfast, Harry decided to explore the castle and see what there was in it.

Harry looked around the castle, discovering many secret passages that led to the other castles. He took one of the castles and found himself in the centre of a enormous room filled with books. In front of him was a desk which had a piece of blank parchment on it. Harry guessed that he was in Godric Gryffindor’s personal study. While he was looking around, he saw many books that he would have never found in the Hogwarts Library.

“Did you like my study?” A voice asked him from behind.

“G.. Godric? Is that you?” Harry asked softly.

“Yes it is me. You are probably wondering why I am still alive when I was thought to be dead. It is one of the powers that my descendants will all have. After my legendary battle with Salaazar, I apparently died. But that is not true. Just after I killed him, I created a clone of myself that took the killing curse and I had vanished from there. That is one of the powers that all my descendants have but very few have learnt how to use it. You have many powers from your line, not to mention those that you recieved from Tom Riddle. You will be able to transform into many animagus forms and even be able to reveive the dead and bring them back to the living as though nothing had happened. For you, this will be extremely crucial as many people will die in this war. Many people who you will need during the battle. But that has its limitations. You will only be able ot revive a person before one month after he or she has died. When you do that, you will use alot of your magical power. Power that no one has. You will also be able to do wandless magic and many kinds of magic unknown to the wizarding world including being able to break down wards with a simple incantation that can only be used by people who have enough power to do so. With you ability to speak Parseltongue, you will even be able to cast Parseltongue spells created by Salaazar himslef. You will find many books in my library that may assist you in your quest. No one else but my descendants and my wife, Rowena, knew that I was alive and about my powers and even she is alive now. When you bring Hermione, I think they will have alot in common to talk about. You, of all my descendants, have a big task ahead of you. Even bigger than what Albus had. But you, of all my descendants, have the most power that anyone has ever had. This power will come of use to you when you battle Lord Voldemort. But for now, you do not need to worry about recovering about the creatures for I have already done that, they should be back in two days time. For now, go and visit your friend Ron. He is missing you greatly and I presume you will have a lot of explaining to do to him when you see him. About you not sending him letters and Hermione. Now go to the Burrow and when you return, I will expect you to bring Hermione and Natasha here along with you when I reveal something to the three of you.” Godric told him

Harry nodded and left the room the same way he had come and immediately told Hermione and Natasha that they were going to the Burrow then at the moment.

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