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Unify by RAB
Chapter 6 : Going Back Again
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Chapter Six: Going Back Again of  Unify (The Untold Story of Isabella Lestrange)

Narcissa Black


Isabella awoke to the sounds of tapping at her bedroom door. Isabella sighed as she gently got out of her queen-sized bed, ignoring the fact she was only wearing boxer shorts and a tank top and went over to the door. She slowly opened it to reveal her twin brother, Rabastan.

“I see you’re up already Ella!” he joked, laughing at her messy hair and tired face.

“Oh yes, no thanks to you, dear Rabby,” she replied, shaking her head, with her silky, brown hair gently landing across her shoulders. She slowly remembered the date. September first. Today was the day she went back to Hogwarts for her fifth year. My how time had flown past for her these last few years. She had several friends, mostly from Slytherin. In fact the only person outside of Slytherin who would talk to her without being force to was Remus Lupin. Most people were afraid of her because she was a Slytherin and others who knew she really was not in fact “evil” were simply afraid of her because of her older brothers. She and Remus became pretty good at hanging out together without her brothers really noticing. Sirius and James, however, either ignored her or insulted her, yet she continued to be kind and gentle towards them.

She gave him a hug and a smile. “I can’t believe summer is over!” she exclaimed. He gave her a smile and ruffled her hair affectionately.

“You’ll all packed up, right Ella?” Rabastan asked as he pushed his way past her and entered her room. He went over to her large, soft bed and took a seat.

“Yes of course! I, unlike you, do not wait until the morning we leave for Hogwarts to pack my stuff up.” He laughed at her words, as she smiled and stuck her tongue out at her.

“My, how mature you are, dear Ella,” Rodolphus said as he entered her room. She looked over towards him and gave him a small smile. She loved summer. She loved summer because that was when she could see her brothers joking and having fun, rather than acting cold and evil towards the other houses, like they did at Hogwarts.

Then she ran over towards him and also gave him a hug. He laughed as he held her tight, refusing to let go for a few moments. He stepped back and copied Rabastan by ruffling her hair as well.

After reassuring her brothers that she was in fact completely packed for school, she pushed them out of her room so she could change out of her pajamas.

Two hours later, Isabella found herself saying goodbye to her parents on the platform. Her mother looked just like an older version of herself, except colder. Her father looked much like her brothers, but even more power-hungry and darker. Her parents, however, tended to be very warm towards her and on the occasion her brothers. They were proud of her; she was a Slytherin (which of course, they were very worried she would not be), smart, obedient, and fairly quiet. She wasn’t cold though, like Slytherins were supposed to be. They knew she had a tendency to be kind to everyone, but they just figured she would soon realize she was better than all the other houses and eventually she would only show her kindness to those they believed deserved to see it.

“Have a good school year, Sweetie,” her mother said giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek. Her mother held her shoulders at an arms length away and observed her. While her mother said nothing, Isabella knew she was secretly telling her ‘not to do anything stupid this year.’

“I will Mum,” she said warmly. “I’ll miss you very much.”

Her mother nodded and released the girl from her grip in order to embrace Isabella’s brothers.

Isabella turned towards her father and gave him a hug and a kiss on the check. “My little girl is growing up so fast,” he exclaimed as he looked at her. “Be sure to make us proud Isabella.” She translated that to mean ‘you better get the highest marks in your year.’

Her father turned towards her brothers. “Make sure you guys take care of your sister and keep an eye on her. Oh how she loved when her parents encouraged her brothers further to play the role of ‘protective, big brothers.’ Not.

A few yards a way, the train’s whistle blew. “We best be getting on the train,” Rodolphus said as he lead the group of siblings to the train.

As Isabella got onto the train she looked over to see a group of four boys. James Potter. Sirius Black. Remus Lupin. Peter Pettigrew. She gave the group a large smile, hoping for something besides a sneer back. Remus gave her a smile, but the other boys merely glared.

“Come one Ella, hurry up,” Rabastan called after her. Isabella quickly got onto the train and followed her brothers into their Slytherin compartment.

Once she entered the compartment she saw the usuals were already in there. Michael Avery, Bellatrix Black, Narcissa Black, Lucius Malfoy, Evan Rosier, Regulus Black, and Severus Snape already sat comfortably in the compartment. It continued to amaze her how so many people could fit in one compartment, but after all it was the largest compartment on the train.

“Good morning Ella, Rabastan, Rodolphus,” Narcissa greated warmly as the three of them filed in and took a seat. Isabella smiled warmly in return as she uttered a “hello,” in return. She found her seat between Evan and Regulus, as each of them nodded kindly to her as she sat down.

They soon found themselves in discussions about their summer break, quidditch, and their classes for that year. Rodolphus and Evan were beaters for the house team. Michael, Rabastan, and Lucius were chasers; Regulus was seeker; another 7th year boy was keeper. Not surprisingly there were no girls on the team.

Eventually their conversation came to be about the new rising Dark Lord.

“Well I for one, plan to join his Death Eaters after Hogwarts,” stated Lucius. Others nodded their head in agreement.

Isabella stood up and made way for the compartment’s door. She really did not wish to talk about this subject. Even more she did not wish to hear her friends talk about how they planned to kill muggles and blood-traitors after they left school.

“Where are you going, Ella,” Rodolphus asked her, loudly. His voice wasn’t forceful, but more curious.

“Oh, I’m just going to get my robes on,” she replied perfectly. “I’ll be back soon, don’t worry.” The others nodded in her direction before she slipped out the door and vanished down the hall.

She headed to the bathrooms and quickly changed into her school robes and combed her hair with her fingers. As she exited the bathroom, she ran into Remus.

“Hey Remus,” she greeted warmly as she stopped to talk to them.

“Why hello Isabella, how was your summer?” His voiced mirrored her own kindness.

She really didn’t care to talk about her summer. That wasn’t why she wanted to talk to Remus so desperately since she last saw him when she got on the train. No. She needed to talk to him about a few other boys that he happened to be hanging around with.

Her warmness left her and she replaced with sadness as she asked him, “Why do they hate me so much, Remus?”

He didn’t have to ask who ‘they’ were. He knew already. She was talking about James and Sirius. “They just don't see the real you, Isabella. They can't. Not yet. But they will, just you wait.”

“When though?” she asked. She was worried. She was already more than halfway into her years at Hogwarts, yet she still felt like she couldn’t “unite” anything.

“Soon,” he replied.

She nodded her head and turned to walk back to her own compartment, hoping that the subject of the Dark Lord had long been forgotten.

Here’s a preview of the next chapter:

It’s because of your family. He’s tried so hard to escape from that kind of background and being around you would only leave his efforts in vain.”

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