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Cinderella? by hjplover
Chapter 2 : Going to Hogwarts
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A/N: I'm so sorry that it's taken me this long to update any story. I feel terrible! life's been incredibly hectic lately! i know i said that i would update bravest and seven is lucky before this one, but if felt bad that i haven't updated anything and this chapter was already finished, so i decided to put it out! I promise that i will write lots this weekend!! as soon as this is posted, i will have another chapter of bravest finished and the next chapter in seven is lucky finished.
enough rambling, here is the next chapter!!

Review of Chapter One:
“Why aren’t you going to go to Hogwarts? Dumbledore is the greatest wizard in the world, he’ll let you in.” Sirius saw the happiness and hope in my eyes. “Listen, school starts in a week. Come with me to James’s house. His parents love guests. We’ll owl Dumbledore and you can come with us to Hogwarts!”
“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly impose.” I tried to keep the hope out of my voice, but it crept in anyway.
“Nonsense, come on.” Sirius grabbed me from the bar, pulling me into a back alley. “Watch.” He tapped a brick with his wand and the bricks melted away. “Welcome to Diagon Alley!”

I lost my breath at the sights before me. People crowded around fascinating shops. Shop venders yelled what remarkable wares they possesed. Owls hooted, cats meowed, and children yelled and ran about.

“There he is, the prat. See the girl he’s with?” Sirius indicated a tall dark-haired boy talking to a beautiful red-haired girl.

“Yeah, who’s she?”

“Lily Evans, the smartest soon-to-be seventh year. James has been in love with her ever since first year. Watch, she absolutely hates him! And there she goes.” I watched as Lily raised her hand and slapped the boy on the face before marching away.

“Prongs!” Sirius yelled over to his friend.

“Why do you call him Prongs?”

“Nick name.” His tone indicated that there was a very long story behind the name.

“Hey Sirius. Who’s she?” He pointed at me, his face still showing a faint hand print on one cheek.

“Anastasia Nichols.”

For some reason, James rolled his eyes at Sirius, but Sirius just muttered ‘later’.
“She’s going to be staying with us until Hogwarts.”

James just shrugged and said that they needed to be heading home.

I followed the pair, running to catch up as the fascinating sights slowed me down. I followed them to a store with a large fireplace. I watched with large eyes as they threw fists of powder into the fire and disappeared within it. Gulping, I tried it as well.
I spun throughout the fireplace and fell straight out in a large room. Something caught me before I hit the ground, I realized it was Sirius’s arm.

“Thanks,” I looked at him as he smiled. Again, I wondered why someone like this would want anything to do with me?

“Ah, you must be Anastasia! I’m Mrs. Potter. It’s wonderful to meet you.” I was engulfed in a large hug from James’s mother.

“Thank you for letting me stay, Mrs. Potter. I don’t mean to be much trouble.”

“No, no, it’s wonderful to have more people. Anyway, it’s nice to have a female here!” She smiled widely at me.

I smiled right back at her, feeling at home more than I ever had at mum and Pompous Arses’s apartment.

“I’ll show you where you’ll sleep. Come one.”

Mrs. Potter led me from the room. As I left, I noticed James turn to Sirius with a questioning look upon his face.

“Now, you can stay in this room, Sirius and James are staying just down the hall if you need anything.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Potter, I’m just going to take a rest if that’s alright.”

“Of course dear! I’ll send one of the boys to wake you up in time for dinner.” She smiled happily at me and went back down the hall.

I drifted off to sleep in that amazingly comfortable bed. I distinctly remember hitting Sirius when he tried to wake me up for dinner. Opps!

“Can you please get up now? I’m bored!” I opened my eyes to see Sirius there. I noticed how he stood back a little, incase I tried to hit him again.

“What time is it?” I sat up groggily, looking around.

“Twelve!” I laughed at the whining quality in his voice.

“And you can’t possibly entertain yourself, right?”

“Of course not!” He seemed scandalized. “James is off with mummy and Mr. Potter is at work!”

“Fine. I’m getting up.”
I took a shower, relishing in the warm water. I met Sirius in the kitchen, after I had finished getting ready.

“What do you want to do then?” I asked as I munched on some cold pancakes.

“Well, I already sent an owl to Dumbledore and…” I looked up hopefully. “…he said it would be absolutely wonderful if you came to Hogwarts. But you are going to need a tutor.”

I was so happy that I actually started jumping up and down, as Sirius watched with a very amused expression.

“Sorry.” I muttered, sitting down again.

“It’s fine, kinda funny actually.” I pretend pouted at him. “So, we should probably go back to Diagon Alley and get all your stuff.”

Diagon Alley was just as incredible as it had been yesterday. The shops interiors were just as fascinating as their exteriors.

I was very grateful for Sirius. He filled me in on everything magical, Quidditch, Hogwarts. He told me about his friends, they were pranksters at Hogwarts, though everyone worshipped them. This became very evident at the amount of students said hello to Sirius. I noticed that every Hogwarts female we passed, glared daggers at me.

“Hi Sirius! How’s your summer been?”

A brunette girl pushed in between Sirius and I as we walked out of Diagon Alley. I noticed how shrill and irritating her voice was.

“Just fine,” Sirius ran a hand through his hair, preening for her.

Once the girl had walked away, I burst into laughter.

“What?” Sirius looked very confused.

“Her…you…voice…” I couldn’t finish my sentence as I howled with mirth.

“What?” Sirius asked again, indignant this time.

“Never mind,” I said, smirking slightly.

The week continued on. I had never had so much fun in my entire life. James, Sirius, and I became extremely good friends. We swam in James’s pool, walked throughout muggle London, and James and Sirius taught me a couple of pranks after I played one on them.

They thought it would be funny to wake me up one morning by pouring a bucket of ice cold water over my head. They were not prepared for my revenge. The two were eating their lunch calmly, until they noticed that their food was moving. Let’s just say that there are a lot of bugs to be found in the garden…

“Goodbye darlings. Ana, feel free to stop by any time! It was wonderful to have you!” Mrs. Potter waved goodbye to us at King Cross Station.

“Thanks, Mrs. P! I can’t wait to visit again!” I waved back at her and followed the two boys.

“So, then, we slipped into their dorms only to find that the Hufflepuffs had executed their own revenge by turning the whole room pink. But of course we couldn’t just leave, so we decided to add our own touch.”

”What did you do?”

 James was telling me the most hilarious story, while Sirius tried to braid my hair. Over the week he had tried to convince me to teach him how to braid. Don’t ask me why he wanted to learn! I refused to, but let him try on my hair. The knots he created would have been impossible to get out without magic!

“Oh we changed the colors to red and gold because that would definitely aggravate them more. Then we changed all their robes to say ‘We love Gryffindor!’.

“How long did you get detention for?” I asked with raised eyebrows.

“Just a week.” James answered easily.

I had learned that it was very common for them to have detention. They actually were having a competition to see who could get the most detentions in all seven years. While the two boys debated on who was actually winning, I watched through the door as people walked by, many of which were girls.

“Hey Siri!” A blonde entered the room and immediately sat herself on Sirius’s lap. In the process, she knocked me to the floor of the carriage. “So, do you want to go somewhere a little more private?” She twirled a pointy finger around a lock of hair, placing her other hand on his chest.

Incredulously, Sirius and the girl left the room, while James just sat there, shaking his head.

“Does he do that often with random girls?” I picked myself off the dirty floor, wincing at the bruise that was soon to raise on my bum.

“Yup. Sorry to break the news to you, but Sirius is a bit of a player. He’s only had a couple of real girlfriends, other than that it’s all random girls.”

“Wow, I don’t think I ever would have guessed it, actually, that’s a bit disappointing.” I was disappointed in Sirius. Actually, I was more disappointed than I had ever been with anyone. Sirius and I had grown so close, but he just didn’t seem like someone who would use girls like that.

“You get use to it after six years, but I had hoped he would change a little this year.”

“Hmm.” I murmured as I pulled a book of spells out of my bag.

“Hey, Ana, I have to go to the Head compartment for a prefects meeting. I’ll catch up with you later, ‘kay?”

“Sure James, see you later.” I waved him off, immersed in my book.

“Hey, have you seen the Marauders?” I looked up an hour later. A boy stood in the doorway.

“Oh, sorry, you’re new, you don’t know who they are, sorry.” The boy started to leave.

“Yeah I am new, but I know who the Marauders are. Sirius is somewhere with a random girl and James is at a heads or a prefects meeting or something.”

“Oh, are you Anastasia?” The boy came back into the compartment and sat down across from me.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“James owled me to tell me that you were staying with him. I’m Peter, by the way.”

“Oh, hello, James and Sirius have told me so much about you.”

I spent the remainder of the trip talking to Peter. James and another boy named Remus, came in right before we got to Hogwarts. Sirius joined us as we were leaving the compartment. I tactfully ignored him. Sirius only noticed when he asked me a question and I gave him the silent treatment.

Sirius grabbed my arm after we arrived at Hogwarts in the thestral-pulled carriages. Sirius had told me that they could only be seen by people who have seen death. He said he could see them, but he never told me who he had seen die. I could see the creatures because I had seen my father die, but it seemed like James, Remus, and Peter couldn't see the thestrals.

“Ana, are you mad at me?” He looked sad as he asked me.

“Not really, I’m only a little disappointed with you.” I answered truthfully.

“Why?” Sirius actually had no idea why I was upset.

“I guess I never would have picked you as a person who use females.”

Understanding crossed Sirius’s face. “James told you, didn’t he?”

I nodded.

“I’m sorry, Ana. I don’t really know what you want me to tell you. I guess I do it because I don’t want to commit to anyone. It’s easier to just be with someone for a day, instead of actually staying with someone.”

Sirius was so honest with me that it was hard to stay upset with him. I could see exactly why he did what he did. And, I was crappy at trying to hold grudges.

“I guess I see why, not that I still like it.”

“So, are you still disappointed in me?” He looked at me with puppy-dog eyes.

“How can I resist those eyes? Fine, I’m not upset anymore.” Sirius smiled happily at me and pulled me up to the school.

“Ah, you must be Anastasia Nichols. I am Professor McGonagall, follow me.” A tall, tight-lipped woman greeted me at the front of the school.

“OK,” I looked at Sirius for assistance, but he just indicated for me to follow her.
I did as he wanted and followed Professor McGonagall into the largest room I had ever seen. Four long tables stood in separate lines facing the staff table. Sirius sat down at the Gryffindor table while I kept going up the line.

“Put the hat on your head, it will sort you.” McGonagall pointed to a hat on a stool in front of me.

Sirius and James had told me what the hat did, but I was still nervous as I put the hat on my head.

“Ah, I have been waiting for you to come. Your father would have wanted you to come sooner, but I see that your mother had always had other plans.” The voice surprised me, for it came from the hat.

“Yes,” I answered in my head. “But dad should be glad that I’m here now.”

“Oh, he is. Now, where to place you… Your father did well in Gryffindor, but your mother favoured Slytherin.” This was news to me, never once had they mentioned in their stories of Hogwarts that they were from enemy houses.

“You though, like your mother says as she locks you in your room, you have much more of your father in you. GRYFFINDOR!”

I sighed in relief as I went to sit down next to Sirius.

The meal was quite interesting. After the first years had been sorted, food appeared on golden platters. All of the students chatted happily with their fellows, catching up after having a summer apart.

I chatted slightly with the four Marauders, but mostly stayed silent.

“What’s wrong?” Only Sirius seemed to realise I was being quieter than usual.

“Nothing, just something the Sorting Hat said.” Sirius did not press, though I assumed this was because of what the Sorting Hat was sure to have said to him.

“Come on Ana, we’re going up to Gryffindor tower.” Sirius helped me up, but I leaned on him the whole way, I was exhausted.

The walk up to the tower would have been more amazing if I had been awake. At one point, Sirius picked me up bridal-style and carried me because I was so tired. I made the walk up to the girl’s dormitory on my own after a hurried good night to the Marauders.

The end is a bit unsatisfactory, but whatever!! hope you all liked it! my favourite story at the moment is.... Contrast by OvergrownEden9!! it's a fun sirius/oc!  but remember to review!!

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