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Looks Like Rain by flyaway
Chapter 5 : Whipped Into Shape
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First of all, i want to thank all who reviewed last time it was updated.  But hey, you've waited long enough for this one...enjoy!

Chapter 5:  Whipped into Shape

Life at Hogwarts was growing increasingly dull.  Lily was drowning under a mountain of essays, books and spells.  Fifth year was turning out to be horrible.  Her detentions with Scorpius were long over, and had followed a similar pattern.  Lily didn’t want to admit it but she rather missed talking to Scorpius.  He was nice to talk to.  

“I miss fourth year.” She groaned, one evening in the common room. 

“So do I Lil,” Elliot said, staring at his textbook. 

“Jeez, why did Flitwick give us two rolls of parchment to do?  Doesn’t he realise we have tons to do without it?” 

“Of course he does, but does that mean he’ll go easy on you?  Not a chance.”  Her cousin Rose said, sitting down on the armchair by the fire. 

“Hello to you too Rosie,” Lily said, throwing her essay to the table. 

“Albus has asked me to tell you that he is planning a prank and needs your help because he’s hopeless and can’t do it on his own.” Rose said.  Lily blinked. 

“C’mon Rosie, no way did Al say that.”

“Well, not those exact words, no, but you know its true anyway.” 

Rose and Lily had been best friends growing up, but once at Hogwarts, Rose had gone a different way.  She’d dropped pulling pranks and taken up studying instead.  She had also done exactly what her father had said on her very first day too: she had made sure to beat Scorpius Malfoy in every test. 

“Ok, what has he got in mind?”

“Lil, I’m Head Girl.  I have more important things to think about.”

“Whatever Rosie,” Lily said “but where is my dear brother?”
“Off somewhere with his mates,” Rose said “but he’ll be back soon.”  Lily leant back in her chair.  If her brother even dared do anything to Scorpius…well, she might accidentally send a bludger his way at Gryffindors next Quidditch practise. 


“Good morning sunshine,”

Rose, being her usual cheery self, sat down opposite Lily at the breakfast table with a huge smile on her face. 

“The earth says hello.” Lily replied.  Rose smiled as she buttered her toast. 

“What the hell are you two on about?” Elliot asked, from the seat next to Lily. 

Rose and Lily shared a glance.  Their favourite muggle movie as children had been ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, shown to them one day at Nana Granger’s house, and had addressed one another in the same way ever since. 

“Y’know what?  I don’t want to know.”

The day started out boring, with double Ancient Runes.  Lily trailed up the marble staircase on her own, because Elliot had been smart enough not to take the stupid subject. 

“All alone Potter?” Lily turned.  Scorpius Malfoy stood two steps below her, a smirk fixed on his face. 

“Yeah, but then again,” she said, grinning, “You’re alone too.”

“Well spotted Potty,” he laughed. 

“It’s Potter actually.  With a ‘ter’ not a ‘tee’ at the end.”  She said, noticing that even though he was standing two steps down, he was the same height as her. 

“Huh.  I’ve been wrong all these years.” 

Lily grinned and carried on up the stairs.  Scorpius fell into step with her. 

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were following me.” She said finally.  He laughed.  They had reached the fourth floor, where Professor Montgomery’s Ancient Runes classroom was “but unfortunately, I’m going to have to leave you there because this is my stop.”

“See you later Potter,”

Lily watched the blonde seventh year stride away from her, and realised that she hoped she would see him later. 

Runes was the one of the only classes without Elliot, and Lily hurried to claim her seat next to a Ravenclaw called Penelope. 

“Hey Pen,” Lily said, sliding into the seat. 

“Morning.” Said Penelope, already getting her textbooks out.  Alastair, whom Lily had met all those years ago on the train, leant back in his chair so he could see past Penelope. 

“Hey Lily, have a good breakfast?” He asked, running a hand through his hair. 

“Meh, it was ok.” Alastair always asked strange questions like that.  He was still the same person she had known as a first year, but now he was more thoughtful and insightful than any of her Gryffindor friends.  Penny and Alastair were a long-standing couple, and had been together more than two years.  Lily was very proud of them, because most of her other friends never managed longer than two or three weeks. 

“I saw you getting pally with Malfoy just there,” Penny said slowly “I bet Al didn’t take that well.”

“What are you on about Pen, Scorpi – Malfoy and I are…acquaintances.  We had a weeks worth of detentions together, so I know him.”  Penny just raised her eyebrows and said nothing. 

Lily spent the rest of the lesson thinking over what Penny had said.  Did people really think she and Scorpius were a couple?  Because if they did, Al was going to find out and owl home, and Uncle Ron was not going to be happy.  She leant forward onto the table and tried to focus on translating some stupid runes. 

The classroom was silent, so no chance of starting a conversation.  Professor Monty had ears like an elephant, so even a whispered ‘muffliato’ wouldn’t work.  She’d hear the incantation. 

Lily glanced up at the giant silver mirror on the wall behind Monty’s desk.  Her hair, which was long and rather wavy, was spread over the table in a flood of ruby red.  Cousin Rosie had the same hair, only much darker. 

Lily’s mind drifter to the conversation she’d had with Rosie the night before, about Al’s plan.  She hadn’t got round to finding her brother, so had no idea what he was up to. 

“Alright everyone, I know that Double Ancient Runes can be a lot to take, so I’ll give you a five minute reprieve.” Monty said, in his authorative voice.  There was a murmur of disbelief. 

“Er, sir?” one of the Slytherins said “are you sure you’re feeling alright?” 

Monty chuckled. 

“My, yes, I’m fine.  I’m just having a good day.”  He said, rubbing his baldhead. 

“Oh Mont- I mean, Professor, did Professor Forte finally ask you on a date?” One of the Gryffindors asked.  The class laughed.  Monty blushed.  There was a gasp. 

“She did!” Lily said “oh congratulations Monty!” 


An hour later, Monty finally released the students from the torture chamber.  Lily trailed out into the hallway to find the tall, thin figure of Albus Potter leaning on the wall outside. 



They stared at each other, immersed in the age-old Potter kid tradition that was ‘the staring contest’.  Lily, never one to be beaten by either of her older brothers, stared at him with unnerving calm.  Albus rolled his eyes. 

“Let’s not get into this again.” He sighed.  Lily rolled her eyes. 

“You lose.” She said “and you’re getting worse at that by the day.”

“Whatever sis,” Al said, laughing at his sister “anyway, Rosie said she’d spoken to you.”

“Yeah.” Lily said, “she did.”

“So, want to help?”

Lily did want to help.  Being in on her brother’s pranks had been tradition since the very first one of her first year.  But then it had been James, who had always been so much better at it than Al.  The walk up to Gryffindor tower was a long, boring one.  Al’s plans were always long winded and had the kind of complexity that even Rosie had trouble understanding. 

“So what you’re saying is that someone, not me before you say, is going to infiltrate the Slytherin common room, using illegally brewed polyjuice potion, and make a scene?”

“Yes, exactly.” Al said, grinning.  As the passed a group of girls, Lily could have sworn she heard a swoon and a gasp of ‘omigodalbuspotter!’ “And actually, it will have to be you.  It was Isla Malfoy’s hair we nicked.”

“Al, no way am I going to pretend to be that stuck up, pretentious bimbo.  Not a chance in hell!”  Lily said “don’t you remember what happened last time?”

Albus did remember.  The last time something like that had happened, the Slytherins had been under no illusions as to who the culprits were, and that had ignited a feud, which was still blazing. 

“You’re the only girl the guys trust to get this done!”

“So?” Lily snapped, “You do it!  Polyjuice works cross-gender.”

“Lily!  You can do it!” Albus said “seriously, you’ll be a legend forever”

“I think I’ll live.” Lily said wryly, before turning her back on him and walking off in the direction of the Great Hall. 




“So, what was that with Malfoy?” Elliot asked accusingly. 

“What?” They were in the common room, and it was getting very late.  Elliot had obviously been waiting for an appropriate time to ask the question that had been visibly bugging him all day. 

“Today, on your way to Runes.” There was something accusing in his eyes, like he felt betrayed.

“Oh, he was just walking with me.  Nothing weird about that.  You walk me to Runes all the time.”  Lily said, realising that she was lying.  There was something very strange about a Malfoy and a Potter being nice to one another. 

“Lily, what the hell is going on?  Are you and Malfoy friends or something?” Elliot looked angry now. 

“Who cares if we are?” Lily snapped defensively. 

“He’s a Malfoy!” Elliot hissed “he’s scum!”

Lily stared at Elliot in silence.  How dare he call Scorpius scum!  All the poor boy was guilty of was being born a Malfoy, and neither she, nor Elliot had any idea what Scorpius was really like.  Granted, Lily had a better idea than her friend but there was so much they didn’t know about him. 


The rain was really bucketing down onto the Quidditch pitch, and it had been the Gryffindor squad’s bad luck that it had been their turn to practise. 

“Guys!  This has to be on the dot perfect!” Albus shouted, circling them on his broom. 

“We know you moron, but my hands are so cold I can’t bloody hold onto my broom!” Elliot bellowed, “How did you think we would manage this?”

“I don’t think it of you, I expect it!” Albus snapped, “You have to do this, because we will lose.  L-O-S-E if you don’t!”

Lily hovered behind Elliot, waiting for the next instruction.  When it came, it was met with a very loud groan from the team.  Flying laps was not anyone’s idea of fun.  As Lily flew, she let her mind wander, as she usually did.  Where was Scorpius?  She hadn’t seen him since Runes, which had been three days before.  As she flew, outstripping everyone else as she sped up, she noticed Elliot looking very angry. 

“Broomstick offended you?” She said, nudging him with her foot.  He grunted, not looking at her.  Elliot continued to stare at his broomstick, obviously avoiding her eye.  He grunted once more, as he swooped below her, leaving Lily staring after him, a hurt expression on his face. 

Al finally ended practise after Lily’s two-hundred-and-forty-fifth lap.  She landed a couple of metres from where he stood on the muddy pitch. 

“Having fun sis?”

Lily gave him the finger in response. 


The girls changing rooms had not changed considerably since her first year on the team.  Of course the posters that hung on the notice board had changed, and the names on the lockers, but other than that, it was still the chilly place it had always been. 

After a shower, Lily changed into her jeans and a scarlet jumper with a golden ‘L’ on it, knitted by her granny two Christmases ago.  She felt instantly comfortable out of her soaking Quidditch things. 

“Lily, will you be alright by yourself?  Only you aren’t ready yet and we’re freezing.” Amelie Hart, one of the chasers, said. 

“Nah, you go ahead,” Lily said.  There were only three girls on the Gryffindor team.  Amelie, who was in her sixth year and Hannah Bennett who was a seventh year.  Lily, who was, much to her annoyance, the youngest member of the team, was something of the baby.  The only new addition to the team after the tryouts had been a fourth year beater by the name of Alfie Adams. 

“Oi Amy!  Wait for me!” Hannah said, dashing out after the other girl, after giving Lily a quick mock salute before she left. 

Lily gathered her things into her kit bag, and walked over to the mirror.  She didn’t look that bad, considering only twenty minutes earlier she’d managed a rather good impression of a drowned rat.  Her red hair, which was every bit as carroty as her mothers, and every bit as untidy as her fathers sat, as usual, all the way down her back. 

Then, pausing to pick up her bag and her broom, she left the changing rooms.  She was pleased to discover that the rain had stopped, and a rainbow had spread out against the newly blue sky.  As she walked, Lily found herself enjoying it.  She smell of rain was still fresh in the air, and the grass was gloriously slippy beneath her feet. 

“What’re you smiling about?”  It was Scorpius.  He was grinning and looked extraordinarily glad to see her. 

“Just how nice it is now the rains gone.” She said.  He laughed.  She rolled her eyes and gave him a shove but lost her balance and had to hang on to Scorpius’ arm to stay upright. 

“Smooth, Lillers.” He said, “smooth.”  She swatted him on the back of the head. 

“So, how’re N.E.W.T.s treating you so far?” she asked as they walked. 

“Ah, not badly at all!  Not everyone’s as happy about it though.  That Thaddeus Pole in Hufflepuff has been to Madam Pomfrey twice from exhaustion.” He said.  Lily snorted.

“Bet you’re coasting along just fine eh?”

“Nah, it’s bloody difficult Lil, I won’t lie.  We’re not all like your cousin Rose y’know.”

Lily laughed and shoved him again. 

“Ever the violent one eh Lil?”  He said, rubbing his bruised arm.  Lily laughed. 

“C’mon.  Let’s go inside.  I’m absolutely dying for some pudding.” 

Thank you for reading!
(If you're wondering, the title is referring to the Quidditch practise).

Soo chapter 5 eh?  i hope you liked it because it took me a rather long time to finish :P
Please review!  I was soo happy to see all those reviews last time.  

so...onward to....

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