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The Ship of Dreams by ladybobcat54
Chapter 6 : Disaster
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Rose and Scorpius walked up onto the ships deck after they ate lunch. They sat on a bench at the stern and just talked for a while. Rose didn’t know why, buy she actually enjoyed Scopius’ company now. She couldn’t understand why she’d been unable to stand him only days ago, but those days seemed to be an age away.

Scorpius was enjoying having Rose around just as much as she was him. He wasn’t sure but it seemed like there was something building between them. Of coarse he didn’t know whether or not this was true seeing as he’d liked her for so long. The only thing that was different was that she seemed to like him back.

When he looked away from her for a moment he saw two figures coming towards them. Scorpius recognized one of them as James and the other as the girl from the kissing incident, whom he knew was Mia. James spotted the two and halted, and Mia did too. They spoke for a minute before walking over to Rose and Scorpius.

Scorpius didn’t know what to do. He could get Rose as far away from her cousin as he could before she noticed him, or face the music and watch her claw his eyes out. Before he could make a decision it was to late, and James was standing next to them hand-in-hand with Mia.

“Hi, Rose,” James said nervously.

“Hi,” Rose replied stiffly.

“Um…Well, Rose this is Mia, and Mia this is my cousin Rose.” He introduced them unable to think of anything else to do.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Mia said.

“You too,” Rose said in an unreadable tone.

“Oh, and Mia this is my friend Scorpius.” James added.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Scorpius said.

“And also you.” Mia responded.

They stood there for a very long time waiting for someone to speak.

“Well, I guess it was nice seeing you.” James said breaking the silence.

He took Mia’s hand and led her away from the other two. She waved as they left. Rose simply lifted her hand in farewell.

Rose and Scorpius left after a little while and went to go look for the others. They found everyone, minus James, in the second class cabin. If Rose didn’t know her family better she would have thought that they were waiting for her to tell them something.

“Hey, Rosie,” Many people yell as she entered.

“Hi everyone,” Rose greeted them, “listen we were on the deck a few minutes ago, and we met Mia.”

“Really?” Roxanne asked.

“Yeah, she was with James,” Scorpius explained, “he seemed extremely nervous.”

“Well, with how Rose tried to kill him when she saw them kissing I can imagine why.” Hugo chimed in, “Although I would’ve done the same thing if I were Rose.”

“So, what was she like?” Louis asked, “James doesn’t tell us anything.”

“She seemed sweet,” Rose said, “but we only met her briefly, and it wasn’t long enough to make any good judgments.”

“Well, how sweet can she be if she’s the reason James is putting our lives at stake?” Albus asked angrily.

“I don’t know,” Rose said, “but honestly I think she’s to good for him.”


James and Mia were still walking around the deck. James was quieter since they’d seen Rose and Scorpius. When Mia asked him why this was he took his time answering.

“I guess Rose is just mad at me still.” He finally said, “I suppose I just don’t like having siblings or cousins angry with me like that.”

“Like what?” Mia asked.

“What I mean is that I don’t like long term anger.” He explained, “If they’re mad and staying mad I can’t stand it.”

“Do you know why she’s mad?”

“No,” He lied. James knew exactly why she was mad. Why they were all mad.


Lily and Roxanne left the second class cabin to go get lunch in the early afternoon. They were on their way up when an idea struck Lily.

“Hey, didn’t Rose say that they saw James and Mia on the deck?” She asked.

“Yeah, what about it?” Roxanne asked.

“And they’ve been spending tons of time up there?” Lily said and Roxanne looked confused, but nodded all the same. Lily clarified, “So there’s a really good chance they’ll still up there!”

Roxanne knew where Lily was going at last. So instead of going to lunch they went up on the deck. They’d taken two laps around the deck and were just about to give up when they saw James at long last. They walked as fast as they could (which wasn’t very fast considering at this point their legs felt like Jell-O) towards James.

He saw them coming and looked like he was considering running away. Lily and Roxanne were finally up next to him and the girl. She smiled, but it vanished quickly when she saw the look on James face at the sight of the two.

“Hi James.” Lily and Roxanne said together.

“Hi,” He said trying not to let the fear of them chewing him out in front of Mia show in his voice.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us to your friend?” Lily asked gesturing to Mia.

“Um, yeah. This Mia, and Mia this is my sister Lily and my cousin Roxanne.” James introduced them, gesturing to each girl in turn.

“Nice to meet you.” Mia said smiling.

“You too,” Lily said quickly before turning back to her brother, “have you bothered to introduce her to anyone else?”

“Rose and Scorpius have met her, but other than them, no.” James explained.


Rose and Scorpius left the second class cabin. Lily and Roxanne had left not to long before to get lunch. Rose led Scorpius up to the deck, where they began doing laps around the edge of the ship. Rose ran her hand along the railing as they walked.

Once they’d made it around once and began a second lap still deep in conversation, Scorpius reached his hand out very slowly and took hers in it. Rose looked up at his face, but he was relieved to see that she was smiling.

“I’m sorry,” Rose said after a pause.

“About what?” He asked confused.

“Sorry I never gave you a chance before this whole thing.” She explained.

“Different things bring different people together.” Scorpius said.

“Yeah,” Rose said smiling, “some people come together at random, some people come together on blind dates, and some people come together after a moron makes them go back in time to the Titanic and they could die because of said stupid move.”

They kept walking unable to keep track of time, and little did they know it had been hours. The only thing that made them realize that a lot of time had passed was that it had gotten dark, but they still didn’t notice this until the sky was dotted with many stars, and the watch that they didn’t have read 11:38.

“Wow,” Scorpius said looking up at the sky, “the day left.”

“You’re right,” Rose said just noticing herself, “I suppose we should go back to our cabins.”

Without thinking Rose flung herself at him and hugged him tightly. Scorpius hugged her back. After a minute Rose turned her head so that she could see Scorpius’ face. She gazed into his grey eyes the same way he did her brown. Very slowly Rose brought her face closer to his until their mouths met.

Neither of them knew what was going on until there was a loud crash and the entire ship shook. They broke apart and looked around, unable to believe what they were seeing.

“Oh, shit.” They said in unison.

A/N: How is so far? I know, cliffhanger. *evil laugh* What an evil person I am! Things are going to get interesting.

Now, do you see that grey box at the bottom of the screen? Type in it and hit submit!

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