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A Red, Red Rose by American Ginny
Chapter 1 : A Red, Red Rose
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A Red, Red Rose


A lone girl walked in the cold snow and fought against the wind as her cape flapped wildly behind her. She started to stagger until the numbness of her feet and the force of the wind caused her to fall to her knees. She hugged her cape around her. Her hood covered her face so that no one could see her identity.


Her head looked towards the snow on the ground. She saw a speck of red in a crack of the white snow. She began to brush the snow away.


A red, red rose lay there under the snow. It was still like new. But it is the middle of winter!?


The wind blew harder, but it was as if she couldn’t feel it. She looked at the rose. She hated but loved the red rose. It had been the one thing to always make her smile, but now it caused her to smile but then just wipe it away.


Why did I do it? Out of all the stupid reasons to, why couldn’t I just try to believe it? I knew it was not right, but yet I still went through with it. Why though? It was the only thing that had made me fully happy, and I threw it away. Why did I? What was there to fear? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!


She picked it up. It looked like nothing had happened to it. Almost as if there was a spell on it that preserved it against everything, but that can’t be possible because she was in the middle of a muggle area.


She felt the rose pelts. They felt like she remembered like velvet. She pushed more snow away from the area the rose had been in. She looked for any sign of life but found none.


This cannot have possibly gotten here by its self especially when it is winter, and there is no possible way for a rose to survive. HMMMMM…Who could have possibly dropped this here. I wish I knew.


She looked at the spot and thought, but soon decided she would never know. She looked at the rose and said, “What did I do?”


The girl got up and walked away with the rose held under her cloak against her heart. She soon was out of sight.




A boy sat there and watched a girl walk up and fall to her knees. He felt the urge to run out there and help her up, but he knew it would be wise to do otherwise. So he sat there and watched from a far as she sat in the cold, cold snow.


He watched as she found something lying in the ground. He saw what it was when she cleared the snow away. She had found a rose.


He watched her sit there for 20 minutes without moving a single muscle. The only things that moved was her hair and the trees around them. He couldn’t figure out why she didn’t do anything. She just sat there and looked at the rose.


Finally, he saw her move. She picked up the rose and looked at it as if she was remembering something dreadful. He just watched. He found it painful to see her just sit there as if nothing around her existed except that rose.

She brushed some snow away from the spot the rose had been. She then looked at the spot a little confused as if she was expecting to find something to solve the mysterious rose. Soon he saw her rise from her spot with the rose. He heard her say, “What did I do?” and watched her walk away into the cold dark night.


He came out from his hiding spot as soon as he was out of view from her. He walked to where she had been. He looked at the spot and kneeled down beside it. He started to brush more away from the spot.


Soon, he pulled out a folded up piece of paper. He opened it and just stared at it. (It read:


Dear girl,

I loved you so much, and I still do. I cannot understand why you ended it, and something tells me I never will without your help. I wish I could tell you to come back, but alas I cannot. I don’t know what I did to you to deserve this, but I did something. What did I do? I cannot live without you, but for now I must. I wish you would return to me, but I doubt that you will. Do you even understand how much you hurt me. You broke my heart. I wish I could say it will heal, but I doubt it will. I hope you find this, but maybe someone else will before you. All I can say is that I love you!



                        Harry Potter)


He stood up and looked at the sky, and then he looked back at the place where the girl had disappeared. He released the paper and whispered, “Hermione, I really don’t know what you did!”

 He turned around on the spot and disappeared in an instant. The paper lay on the ground far forgotten. The letter that might have changed a course in their lives, but the one that now lays in the snow forgotten…

A/N: The End 

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A Red, Red Rose: A Red, Red Rose


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