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Harry Potter and the World War by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 19 : Final Confrontation: Part Two
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Chapter 19-Final Confrontation: Part Two

Jenny rushed to the front steps and stopped to look and see how they were doing. All around the grounds was fighting. Death Eaters and Inferi versus Aurors from all around the world, the of the Phoenix Order, Dumbledore’s Army and Muggles that also came from around the world. As she made her way down the front steps, she looked over at where the Magazord had fallen. It looked even worse from the outside, for it seemed to have taken the fifth and forth floors with it as it fell. If there was any significant damage to the magazord itself, she couldn’t see it for a giant had also fallen and lay dead on top of it. The Magazord had fallen taking with it the last giant on Voldemort’s side.

Turning away from looking at the castle for the spot on the front steps, Jenny let out a gasp as her eyes fell on two very special Inferi. The corpses were slightly decomposed, having been in the ground for almost two years. She stood frozen, eyes wide in horror behind her helmet on the steps as she stared at the enchanted bodies of her parents.

She couldn’t do anything but stare in shock. She knew Voldemort had been creating Inferi and robbing graves to get the numbers he wanted, but this was something she had not expected. She had gotten over their murders and had vowed to make Voldemort pay, but to actually see their pale and rotting corpses standing before her, eyes glazed over, was something she had not emotionally been prepared for.

They began to move towards her, having been created to do one thing; kill her. Jenny backed up the steps, still in shock. The sword of Gryffindor was nothing but a dead weight in her hand as she stared the two corpses. She started to shake her head back and forth, praying for it all to be merely a bad dream. But it was not. The bodies of her parents raised their hands towards her, intent on choking her around the neck.

As she continued to slowly back up on the stairs, she missed a step and lost her footing. She fell backwards and lay sprawled out on the front steps of the castle staring at her parents, who were drawing steadily closer.

Harry’s sword cut through another Inferi, sending the already dead body to the ground unmoving. He glanced around and saw no more coming directly towards him. He took in his surroundings. He had been pushed back towards the castle and was not far from the front steps. He looked up and saw the damage the fallen magazord and giant had done to the castle and hope that the five people in the giant machines cockpit were alright.

That was when he felt it. Overwhelming shock, fear, and sadness rolled over him. He glanced down at the red friendship ring that had once belonged to Godric Gryffindor before he began to look around for any sign of his sister. He moved forward towards the castle, slicing through any enemy in his way as he was drawn towards the front steps by some unknown force.

After yet another Death Eater fell to the ground dead, Harry caught sight of two Inferi moving towards a figure clad in white that was sprawled on the front steps. He moved forward and from behind, sliced off the heads of the two Inferi. The two corpses dropped to the ground unmoving. Harry moved forward onto the steps as Jenny removed her helmet.

She looked to the two bodies before looking up at Harry. The sadness in her eyes was clear as day. She sat up and Harry immediately embraced her. He heard her swallow a small sob as she clung tightly to him. The two pulled apart and Harry stood back up, offering his hand to help her up. She took his hand without a word and he pulled her up beside him. “Those were your parents, weren’t they?”

She quickly looked away from the bodies and vomited on the front steps behind her, where she had been laying moments before. She wiped her hand on the back of her gloved hand and nodded silently in reply. He laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder as she vomited again. When she stood back up and wiped her mouth once more, the twin brother and sister heard a sinister chuckle from behind them that caused the hair on the back of their necks to stand up on end.

The two slowly turned around. There behind them, stood Lord Voldemort, a sword as dark as night in his white hand. Harry felt Jenny tense beside him as his eyes narrowed at the man, no thing that stood before them. He chuckled again as his red cat slits focused on Jenny. “Did you enjoy my little surprise?”

“Not particularly,” she spat at him. A loud bang erupted from the Forbidden Forest. All those who were able looked in that direction could see the herd of Centaurs burst out of the forest, led by Dumbledore. 

A small smile formed on Harry’s face as Voldemort’s eyes narrowed in fury. “And there is your surprise.”

Voldemort’s face was that of pure rage as he turned back towards the two Potters. He raised his dark sword before him as the two teens began to circle around him, their own swords raised. All three were oblivious to everything else on the front lawns.

With a yell, Harry charged at Voldemort, closely followed by Jenny. Voldemort easily blocked the two swords and pushed them back. Jenny back away to aim a spell as Harry spun around with his sword. Voldemort easily blocked him and pushed him back, just as Jenny sent a white blast of magic at Voldemort. He easily blocked it with a shield spell.

This pattern continued for several minutes. Either Harry or Jenny would clash swords with Voldemort as the other stepped back to aim a spell. Unlike when they had faced him in Apple Valley, the double team tactic was not working. That time, they had simply been a diversion and they had only fought him for a few short minutes. This time, after fighting for several minutes with swords and magic, Voldemort still had the upper hand.

After about ten minutes of continued fighting, Voldemort chuckled as Jenny rushed forward once more with her sword. He blocked her and when he went to push her back, she did not move, but instead fought to keep her ground. Voldemort laughed at this, causing the hairs on the back of Jenny’s neck to stand on end.

“Is that all you’ve got?” he asked as he pushed her back a few feet before casting a spell that sent her flying several feet into the air. She landed on the ground a few feet away with a sickening thud, her morph falling from around her to leave her once more in her S.P.D. uniform. She moved to sit up, but only reach halfway when she let out a yelp of pain and wrapped an arm around her middle. She took a sharp breath. She had to have at least one broken rip.

Voldemort laughed at her pain, unaware that Harry was charging at him until just a moment too late, at least for him. He turned to face Harry just as Harry raised his sword. With no time to block, the sword swiftly cut into his chest and went clean through to protrude out of his back. Harry smiled as Voldemort looked down at the sword in his chest in shock. A few feet away, Jenny smiled from where she lay on the ground. “You did it, Harry.”

Neither one of the twins’ smiles lasted for very long. Just as Harry pulled his sword from his chest, Voldemort raised his sword and plunged it straight into Harry’s upper abdomen. Harry let out a gasp as the cold, dark steel deeply penetrated his body. Voldemort’s look of shock was gone when Harry looked up at him. Instead, his was grinning evilly down at the sword in Harry’s stomach, his red eyes narrowing in on the blood beginning to pool around the blade. “I will be remembered as the one who killed the famous Harry Potter.”

Harry backed away as Voldemort fell dead to the ground, his sword still in Harry’s stomach. Harry placed his hand on the hilt of the sword and with a strangled yell, pulled it out. Harry’s legs gave out beneath him and he fell to the ground. His vision began to blur and her was drawing short, painful breaths. He clutched his stomach. If he had been able to see, he would have been sick at the amount of blood. He was vaguely aware of Jenny kneeling beside him as the world went silent and blackness engulfed him.

Her eyes went wide in horror when Voldemort plunged his sword into Harry’s stomach as his last dying wish. She sat up, numb to the pain, and screamed, “HARRY!”

No matter the pain, Jenny pushed herself off the ground and quickly walked over to where Harry lay, his hand clutched to the deep wound in his stomach. She reached him in a few moments and dropped down onto the ground beside him, taking the hand that was not clutching his stomach in hers. She looked down at his face. “Harry, look at me. Look at me!”

She began to shake her head, panic arising within her as his eyes began to droop, his breathing labored. Still clutching his hand, tears began to freely fall out of her eyes and stream down her face. “Harry! No! NO! Don’t you die! Don’t you dare die on me!”

She bit her lip, biting back a sob when he didn’t respond to her pleading. She took his hand within both of hers and closed her eyes tightly, though tears still escaped them. She prayed for him to live and willed every fiber of her being for him to survive. She screamed as pain ripped through her body. It felt as though the blood in her veins were on fire and she was going to burn from the inside out. She willed for it to be over but the pain continued until she was hoarse from screaming and panting painfully for breath.

Then suddenly it stopped. The pain ceased and was instead replaced with an exhaustion and weakness she had never felt before. Her vision blurred and the world spun around her until it also went black and silent for her, and she collapsed over her brother’s body.

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